More Bullets...

  • Kind of a gloomy day here. Not posting frequently, but I hope my three readers will stick around anyway. I'm just so bizzee with wanting to keep up on my NaNoWriMo so I'm not writing the vast majority of it in the final week like last year, and getting more scarves crocheted so I fill all of my orders and mailed out to satisfy all of my customers (sorry, Bill - I finished one, but I swear, it isn't right for you so I'm making you another) and get ready for the craft fair on December first and second.

  • Still have a few(!) miles to go to finish the 500 Mile Return From Nowhere, too! Don't worry. I haven't forgotten as you can see by the miles put in just yesterday. I will prevail!

  • Got a haircut this morning. Hurray! I hate that itchy feeling of hair down the shirt when you walk around all day afterward without showering after a haircut, though. I'll be glad when I have taken care of that little detail. Since it was an early morning appointment I went straightaway to Cafe' la Poste for some writing time on the NaNo. Got a goodly amount done (and a mocha java scone!), plus the added benefit of a yummy salad for lunch.

  • Last night was videotaping night of Fame! (the high school musical Keli is involved in) and their big final dress-rehearsal. Tonight they have fix-it night as a result of that final rehearsal and tomorrow is opening night. It went well for them. Kel makes a great stage manager/assistant director/lighting person! I got talked into doing refreshments at one of the nights - working a table, dishing them up and handing them out as people purchase them. We're to dress up in black and white - classy event, dontcha know... They had a great mix of eighties music playing both before the play and during the intermission. I asked Kel who put them together. The director put the mix prior to the play together and Kel herself put the intermission mix together. My little eighties wondergirl. :)

  • I'm still picking up toilet paper from the weekend. There were several pieces way up in the trees (these kids really got it up there! The tall pines were the most difficult to get it out of) that we neglected to get cleaned and with the gale-force northern winds that have been blowing winter into town, they've been coming down and landing beside the driveway with regularity. Each time I drive in or out the past few days, I stop and pick a few more pieces up. At least I'm getting things cleaned up eventually! Kel found out who the culprits were. It was the trumpet section, planned by her former boyfriend from last year (a really nice kid she dated for nearly a year). He was one of my lead suspects as there are so few who know where we live. Funny. We just laugh.

Well, I guess I'll get going. It's girls' night at the folks' house. Unfortunately Kel can't make it tonight because fix-it night interferes, but Jena and I will be there!

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