It's a beautiful day to clean the trees!

Okay, so we went to the Auction and Indoor Marching Band concert. It rocked the school. Literally. Ever hear a marching band perform inside a gymnasium? Yeah. It's loud. And they performed their whole routine which is usually done marching around a big football stadium on a basketball court. Little.Tiny.Movements. Awesome. I forgot my video camera. Oh well. Heidi had hers along. She said she'd make me a DVD.

It was pretty low turnout. Things on the silent auction went really cheap. It was sad. This is their BIG FUND RAISER for the year for all of the bands. But they aren't planning a trip or anything this year or even next year. So they aren't pushing hard to make money and the parents aren't working toward a specific goal, so nobody is thinking about the long run. The $35 value coffee package the I put together as a donation from Keith's business (each student has to collect one auction item from a local business and one item from their own family, thus the blanket we made) had an $8 bid on it the last time I walked past. I should have bid myself, but that would have been like paying for it twice and that just seemed silly to me. So I didn't.

The blanket was held out of the silent auction and put on the regular auction. I was really glad it was. There were a LOT of fleece blankets there this year. Ours was the only one that had the poke through ties, though, so it was unique. It was also the only one with a snowman theme. There were a lot there with school colors this year (a trend we started a couple of years ago) and a lot there with a music theme. They pulled ours up for auction first (another plus for us, I thought) and it went for $40! Hurray! The majority of them went for around the same price. The only one that beat it was one that went for $65, and I can't figure out why. Looking back, I saw so many fleece ones last night, I don't even remember which one that was. Oh well.

There was a gorgeous denim quilt - very large and heavy - beautifully made, that went for $110. I think I would have been ill had I made it. A lot of work went into it for so little money.

The only purchase I made, because all of my silent auction items were overbid, was a really cool auction item that made Kel really happy to hear about. There is a woman here in town who does parties for kids and costume rental and other things. She had three different party options you could choose from and one of them was a henna party for up to five people. Kel has actually worked for her helping at her henna booths at fairs and the Relay for Life, etc. before. Well, now she can have her own henna party for five people (a $90 value), and I won it at auction for $20. She was really excited.

So after the concert she went to a friend's house for a couple of hours and I came home. I was planning on working on my NaNo for that time since it was really quiet here. But of course, I surfed instead and talked on the phone. Then Kel called and I had to go get her. So I drove out of the garage and as I drove down the driveway and the headlights burst through the forest they lit upon this magical sight! Dancing along the sides of the driveway in the breeze? Was it faeries? Nymphs? Sprites? NO! Toilet paper! At some point during the marching year, students can be tp'd. In all her years it has never happened to the Kel-meister. We attributed it to living Way.Out.Here. Well, somebody got her last night. And they got her good. All along the driveway. Every tree. Really well. And the pines at the bottom of the driveway? The really big pines? Yeah. Those too. I just laughed and laughed all the way to Lauren's.

Photos to follow.

I went to her friend's and picked her up keeping my mouth shut. I got her down our road almost to our house and hit the lights so just the parking lights were on as she was admiring the stars and talking on the phone with her Grandma about them. Then as we turned the corner into our drive, I hit the highbeams and turned the lights back on and she said into the phone, "Ooooh, we got tp'd... and they got us good."

If anyone knows the significance of rice in a tp job, please let me know. I don't know if this is an inside joke or if it is a common phenom, but there was a box left with the job and there was always a box included with the tp kits made up and sold in the auctions in years past.

Okay. I'm going to go get dressed and head down with the camera while the sun is shining brightly on it.

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