I made it!

I survived multiple movies and a total junk food fest with my girls. We partied hard... There were grilled cheese sandwiches and orange pops, cheetos, potato chips with sour cream, chocolate chip ice cream, and puppy chow. And that was just last night! In the middle of the night there was a midnight making of pizza rolls because somebody had a craving... okay, that was me. This morning there was a lot of junky cereal and some healthy 100% juice. There were great movies, like Elf, Raising Helen, Weekend at Bernie's, The Breakfast Club (hey, my 80's girls Keli and Jena HAD to watch at least one 80's flick so they did when the other two were falling over from exhaustion last night), and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Here they are in the kitchen last night. Jena is finishing up the grilled cheese sammiches I started, Keli is eating hers while it is still hot, and Caitlin and Erin are hard at work making the puppy chow for the movie watching snack before we head down to watch the first movies of the evening...

Finally, at about 3:30 this afternoon we went to Grandma and Grandpa's to work on the crafts for a while and they were on their way home from there a couple of hours later.

Keith is on his way home now for the long weekend. I'm going to dash in and spend an hour writing for the first time in days.

And would you believe nearly a year has past since the last tube-ride (MRI)? Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again. The annual check-up in search of recurrence is upon us. Too bad it didn't take place last Monday so that he could have his clean bill of health already and we could be giving thanks for that tomorrow, too. Send your good thoughts this way on Monday morning, please... NO BRAIN TUMORS ALLOWED!

May you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and bless yourselves with a thankful heart every day.

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