Friday Night Fever...

Checking in to say I'm starting to catch up. Got some writing done today. The craft show is this week so then the scarf production can die down (unless there is a big run on scarves through the internet - hint hint). I decided to get a Christmas stocking or two made for the sale to raffle off. Photo posted as soon as I've finished it (them?). I'll personalize it for the winner(s) once their name(s) is drawn, if I do this.

Tomorrow I'm taking Keli to have her hair done. She's having the works - perm, color, cut. Should be fun. I'll have to do before and after photos. She's excited. I should be able to get lots of crocheting done while I'm sitting there watching that action!

Keith has finished nearly all of the family Christmas shopping. Well, his side of the family anyway. I still have my side to complete. But that was a job well done. Now if I can get so organized.

There is a big Captain's Kickoff meeting for the Relay on Tuesday night. Too bad I'm not organized enough to have met with the members of my team to know who is planning on attending so I can't even register us for the Relay yet. I'M SO DISORGANIZED RIGHT NOW! I need a KathyHowe in my life.

Okay. I'm off. I have a stocking to crochet. And a movie to watch perhaps. Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday, Kathy!

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