The play opened tonight with great success! Standing ovation from the crowd and the kids were really energized. As Kel said, "It was a great audience." There was a lot of laughter in the right places, applause when they appreciated things... It was nice.

She came home exhausted. She's coming down with something - probably a bad cold. And she was too tired for homework. Hope she can get it finished tomorrow during lunch or focus. Because she planned to do it in bed but was asleep before anything was accomplished. Tonight an aunt was in attendance. She's a graduate of the 80's and appreciated the clothing and music - all authentic stuff. I especially liked Schlomo's zoobah's in the last acts, with his aqua blazer and pink shirt... he looked hot! ;)

Tomorrow night Grandma and a couple of cousins will be there. Perhaps Grandpa? Her aunt said she may be back and bring her kids, too.

Saturday night Dad will be there. And there are friends there every night. She received several flowers tonight from various people.

Anyway, congratulations to all of the kids for a show well done! High energy and lots of talent going into it.

Photos to come!

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