Bulletizing the Weekend...

  • So I woke up at about 5 this morning from a dream that contained a whole new NaNo idea. Don't know what I'm going to do with that one. Does it become another dream sequence in the original? Or does it become the main idea with the other fitting into it somehow? Or does it become the one and only with the other one just getting tossed out the way I ended up doing last year with the first five or six or ten I started? Who knows? But I know that when the muse visits in your sleep, you don't just ignore it! At least I don't think I should.

  • Tonight is the indoor marching band concert and auction. And Keith is heading back to his apartment early because he has to work tomorrow. He took Friday off and was home on Thursday night, though, because he knew that was coming.

  • It is a gorgeous day out there today. We had a lot of errands to run and every time we got back in the car from doing one of them we brought one or two more of these stupid things with us. Blech.

  • One of those errands was to hit the post office and put KathyC's scarf in the mail (It's on it's way, Kath!). I also stopped and sold Jodi hers. I need to e-mail Dana to talk address and pricing because she missed that discussion. Kimby, yours should be there soon as it's been flying through the mail for days now! I'm going to put some new photos up of new colors, too. Bill, have patience. I'm still working diligently on yours. I want perfection...

  • Have to leave in a bit to pick up Kel from play practice. The former boyfriend was particularly nasty during their last parting of the ways and he made it really easy for her to see why she didn't need that kind of pain in her life (thank Dog) anymore. She got over him much more quickly this time (hurray!). I think I'll see if she wants to see The Incredibles with me tomorrow maybe. Does this not look like the best movie Pixar has put out ever? I've been looking forward to it since the first time I saw a preview (I think that was over a year ago!).

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