Zipping with Zippy...

After a very busy day again today, I only had time for a very quick walk in the dark tonight after returning from dropping Keith at his apartment so I stopped off at the folks' house and let them know I was parking there and going for a walk (I hadn't brought running clothes along with me to change into and I was still too full from dinner to do any running anyway). Well, Zippy asked where I was going and if I'd be walking quickly and a few other questions and decided she'd join me.

So we put on our zipping shoes and headed out. She wore her pedometer and we trekked down toward town and did a loop of the old part of town. We didn't see the unknown streaker, Mr. Blue Pillowcase, but he's out in the early morning hours, so that makes sense.

Then I got home in time to unload the car of some errands I'd run during the drive and got the pooch fed before Kel called for a ride home. She'd been over to the State Fair (yes, again!). This time she was there with a group of friends who went to hear one of their favorite groups Tonic Sol Fa perform a free concert. If you haven't ever heard this fabbo acapella (sp?) group and ever have the opportunity, do so. They are about to break out nationally, so some of you at a distance from our area will maybe have an opportunity soon, too. They are wonderful.

Today's miles: 2.4
Total so far: 257.24
Still to go for goal: 242.76

Now I'm going to wrap it up and head to bed because last night I pulled another of my all-nighters. I get to have them once a month regularly now! I can tell I'm going to sleep soundly tonight. Hope you all do, too!

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