Tuesday is Chooseday... (well, it WAS!)

tuesday is chooseday

either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

    Would you rather:
  1. not know how to do any math OR be a math genius, but unable to speak?
  2. Billy says, "Keri is a real math wiz!!"

  3. have the power to make plants grow at ten times their normal rate OR hair at ten times its normal rate?
  4. Keith just told me that "some" people don't appreciate houseplants enough because of all the things they do for us so he would recommend plants and I guess I'd have to agree. I hate getting my hair cut and I like to wear it short. And who wants to shave that often? Shaving is a pain in the arse. And I suppose the hair would be growing everywhere, not just where you'd want it to, eh?

  5. be able to change the color of your skin at will OR lift three times your weight?
  6. Huh. I don't really notice skin color much. With me or with anybody else. Except with the odd green on the Wicked Witch. But that lifting thing would certainly come in handy. Often. Make me hulkus so I could do incredible feats of lifting, please.

  7. be the world's foremost expert on micro-circuitry OR sex?
  8. Well, I don't like to brag, but... teach me about micro-circuitry and I'll know everything else already! :) Who comes up with these things?

I hope I am able to publish soon. It's been hours now. I'm tired of this.

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