Shopping... (spending - sorry dear)

Here's to power shopping. Where did this little shopaholic come from? I proclaim that I officially quit buying clothes right now. Well, as soon as I get a couple more tanks and bras from Target. But when that's done, I quit. And I'm returning a sweater from today so that will help cover those tanks and bras. Well, except that Mom bought the sweater... but... hmm.

You would have bought the suit if you'd seen it. Really. It was awesome. And my new favorite designer. The same guy who brought you the little black dress. Well, brought me the little black dress - the dressy one - the one I wore to Phantom. This suit is so hot... I can't describe it - these awesome little skinny black pants and jacket with snaps. Snappy! And this cool collar thing - like a dog collar... heh. Got ya thinking with that one. Dominatrix? heh. Rrrriiiiiiiight. That describes it perfectly. :) Designer? Gene Meyer. My favorite.

You'd have gotten the sweaters, too. A red one with a little white blouse collar at the top. It goes with the little plaid skirt I was wearing today. When I came out of the dressing room to show mom, the sales clerk standing nearby said, "I used to dress juse like that for high school." I think she meant it as a compliment. I'm betting she went to parochial school. :o/ And the red and black and white striped one? Horizontal stripes. Suppose anyone will have choice words for me over that, Kathy? It's pretty! Especially with the new black slacks I got in the same department. I probably don't need them, but they looked so good with the sweater. And with the other sweater that I'm taking back. And with the two I got from the Lands End Inlet a couple of weeks ago (on sale!).

As for the shoes? They were on sale. And I needed something to go with that parochial school outfit because you can only get away with wearing your daughter's shoes so many times and there are times you need to wear them only to find out she has them on herself or that she left them in her locker (for three weeks). Besides, I nearly kicked them off everytime I took a step. They looked really good with it, too. So I went to Old Navy and got a pair just like them in a size smaller. :) She was livid, as suspected. I'd have gotten black if they had them! They didn't. So I got the gray tweed... so sue me!

I really did need some new things for my wardrobe. My old clothes don't fit so well since I started this run for the fund raiser. I'm done now. Pretty much. I need another fund raiser to raise funds to pay for my new clothes I think. ;)

Today's miles: 5.2
Total so far: 271.14
Still to go for goal: 228.86

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