Rushed Run...

Today's run found me in a hurry. I got a later start on my drive to the old hometown than I wanted to and it didn't dawn on me as I was tootling along in the car looking at the clock and thinking "Crap, I'm not getting out of here as early as I wanted to..." that perhaps my watch was running behind (again).

Got up to the folks' house, pulled on the running shoes, poked my head in the door to let mom know I was there and to give her some tomatoes that I couldn't use up and said I'd be back from the loop as quick as possible so I could get back down to town to get Kel from school in time. I grabbed my car keys (for reasons unknown) and my cellphone and dashed back out the door.

I started out walking to warm up the muscles and when I got a certain distance, I tried sticking the annoying keys into the little key pocket in my new running shorts. Thought I had them in there fine, tried to tuck the pocket back into the shorts and quickly learned they were not in the pocket sufficiently when the keys continued tucking as the pocket stopped in its place. They continued tucking until they couldn't slide anymore, right down to the bottom of the shorts. Between my legs.

So I'm laughing at myself as I'm continuing to walk down this very busy street and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get the dogdamn keys out of my shorts and into the pocket where they belong so that I can actually start running and I'm wondering if they will just drop out eventually or am I going to have to remove them instead and where will I be able to get out of traffic and neighborhoods enough to do that and good grief this is quite a long run-on sentence isn't it?

So another block or so down the road and the traffic slows up so I stop to do some calf stretching because shin-splints are my biggest problem and mostly I'm trying to figure out what to do. Unfortunately the keys aren't falling out of my shorts. What a dilemma. I don't think there was a stretch I could have done that would have worked as these were my new lined shorts that I bought specifically because they were lined. I moved a little further down the street where the retaining wall was high enough to block the view of houses on one side and the traffic completely cleared and I adjusted my shorts quickly.

I laughed and told Keli about my problem when I picked her up and she said, "Geez Mom, you always make things more complicated than they have to be. I wouldn't have cared, I just would have gotten the damn keys out of my shorts right away. What's the big deal?" She's right. Of course.

So I took off running and pushed my pace today because I knew I was short on time. I wasn't allowing myself any walking breaks and was really curious about the school buses and why they were showing up so early but I just kept chugging along. Then for some reason, when I got about halfway (not quite) around the loop, I thought about looking at the clock on my cell phone and comparing it to my watch. Nearly fifteen minutes difference. I was much later than I had thought.

Now Kel has often left me waiting for her, and it wouldn't hurt her to wait for me, of course, but I knew that she would be going back to the school from 6-9 tonight for a meeting about the fall musical (for which she has been asked to act as the Assistant Director as well as the Stage Manager) and might need to get home to finish homework first. So I ran as late as I felt I could, then called the folks' house and asked them to come and pick me up so I could get back there quicker. That means less miles for today since I didn't finish the loop. :( But at least I'm moving again.

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 260.74
Still to go for goal: 239.26

I ran today for Paul N. I haven't heard lately how he's doing, but I'm hopeful that things are going okay for him and that he's comfortable.

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