Running and Dancing and Eating... Oh My...

Woot! Packing on the miles now! Headed in to the old home town (again - of course) and ran the loop, the whole loop this time. It's such a bummer running alone again after getting used to having my running buddy, but now that Keli is back in school and has a PE class this term, I don't think I'll see her running with me again until next spring probably.

I have some fun new running duds, which makes me feel like a true jock (heh), so I can't just walk the miles at all. ;) Now I really have to run hard and fast so I don't look like I'm just dressing the part.

Today's miles: 5.2
Total so far: 265.94
Still to go for goal: 234.06

We've got some new music around here to listen to, also. Keli finally brought home the cd's her director made of the good stuff their bands made last year. Plus, I picked up the soundtracks for The Original London Cast of Les Mis (surprise Keith!), and Chicago (the movie, not the broadway cast), a cd of "The Greatest Movie Themes of All Times" (Keith and I have been discussing who it is that gets to decide these things... I think this person did okay on some but missed the boat on others), and I got another Four Seasons cd. (Does anyone not love Vivaldi's Four Seasons? This one has some interesting variations after the straight forward run through and some great musicians on it.)

Now I'm starving, and I'm sure Kel is too. She's been at school all day, followed by play tryouts. I went to pick her up and she asked if she could go to her friend B's house to help eat up the extra food his Dad was pushing. So she did that but when I picked her up there, she hadn't eaten anything. Oh fickle teenage girls... So we must eat.

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