Pup Update...

Well, the verdict/diagnosis is in...

The angelic little pupster has pancreatitus (sp?). Which of all of the things the doc told me were possible based upon the x-rays we looked at together yesterday, I guess it could have been much worse (lymphoma, acute kidney failure, etc.). So he's got some funky looking internal stuff, but much of it was because of the fact that he has this pancreatitus going on.

For now we are treating him with antibiotics and a very bland diet, continued use of the animal form of pedialite (he started turning up his nose at the kids' version), plus pepcid for pups. If he tolerates it... HURRAY! He'll eventually be weaned off the bland stuff and back to his own strict heart diet (only stricter now with no additional treats that might kick off another bout of this nasty beast because it only gets worse if it recurs) from there.

If he doesn't tolerate the home treatment plan, he'll have to be hospitalized and fed by IV. Cross your fingers and send him good digestive thoughts please! This pooch will not handle IV feedings well... But really, so far - so good. He's doing great thus far. He is the perkiest he has been all week and has had three tiny servings (he gets very frequent and very tiny servings today) of the new stuff plus his meds today and hasn't been sick. And the treatments started nearly six hours ago. I'm taking this as the best of signs.

Thanks for the good thoughts and e-mails!

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