My poor puppy...

I've been so bizzzeeeeee!

And my puppy isn't much better. I'm waiting on another call from the veterinarian. Unfortunately, my usual vet has the nerve to take the day off today. How dare he? When my little angel is sick? Anyway, his current diet consists of pedialite and water. I'm sure this will take off any excess weight he's been carrying around.

While I wait impatiently for the doc to call, I'll fill in my busy days. I sent Kel off for her first day of school today. She was not a happy camper. The summer went too fast for her. She says that it just got started. I tell her to get used to it. That's how life goes as we get older - faster and faster. The more she takes the time to enjoy every moment as she is in it, the more it will slow down for her. So the past few days ahve been spent enjoying what was left of that summer. Let's see... what was the last post made here?

Ah yes... Sunday. We cleaned up after Bear Sunday morning, made a call to the doc, took a run to the store for pedialite and pepto and got Bear settled comfortably for the evening so we could run Keith back to his apartment. On the way home Kel and I stopped for a few movies. A cover that caught her eye was Cocktail with Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown. I think I've mentioned her interest in all things 80's... This didn't disappoint.

Monday it was off to the fair to meet up with friends. We met up at the Stock Dog Trials where we watched trios of sheep being herded through little obstacles by some well-trained dogs (and some not-so well-trained) and their handlers. Interesting! We watched about six or so before moving on to the next thing (aka food items) but I found it really fascinating.

So here is what the assembled party sampled during our trip to the fair before we had to get home to check on the angelic little sick pupster...

  • Tom Thumb mini donuts (the best ones there)

  • deep fried candy bar on a stick (not sure what flavor they had)

  • crepes (our friends had theirs filled with potatoes, cheese and sour cream if I remember right; we went the healthy route and shared one filled with nutella and marshmallows)

  • deep fried cheese curds

  • chocolate shakes (from the dairy building with the butter carved heads!)

  • I didn't get my fried rice on a stick, so obviously I'll have to get back over there (for corn on the cob, too).

    We ran through the cow barn, we saw the horses and pigs, we saw the Canadian Mounted Police, we watched a great band (Keli and I have a new favorite local band to keep our eyes and ears on now, I guess) called Root City. We dashed through the Fine Arts building and observed a new attraction called Fair Dos on many young heads. We shopped and saw another band we enjoy called Café Accordion Orchestra. And even with all of this, there was much we missed out on. I must return. And I hope to do just that.

    But that will all depend on the outcome of tomorrow's appointment with Bear's doctor.

    Yesterday Grandma Zippy decided it was the day to take the granddaughters on a last fling shopping and movie watching before school begins. So it was off to the malls. And then to see Napoleon Dynamite.

    Now I've got to dash to get the kid from school so she can dash to a party with her little sister who is in town for a few days.

    First, here's the quickie recap...

    * Kid to school
    * Poor pup puking - pedialite and pepto called for
    * Cocktail by Cruise
    * Monday ate Fair Food musically
    * Tuesday shopped Napoleon style
    * Running tonight - oh yes I am!

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