I finally got Blogger working again so I could cut this down in order to just splice out my favorites.

I'm sure you've all done this already or seen it done a kabillion times, but I had to do it. I thought some of them were funny...

Googlism for: keri

keri is the greatest
keri is awesome

keri is the mast4r
keri is a nature girl who loves to spend her time hiking
keri is so very
keri is very disappointed
keri is always happy
keri is downright scary *HA!*
keri is not very "emotional"
keri is the perfect drunken party girl
keri is strained
keri is very peaceful
keri is crazy
keri is very peaceful
keri is more stringent than a metzora

keri is back and looking like a young michelle pfeiffer *snort*

keri is wicked nice and has more friends then these other ppl will ever have

keri is on the far right
keri is the one on the left

keri is a stones fan
keri is my baby; and yet sometimes she is my rock
keri is of medium height and build
keri is one of the roughest girls
keri is the method of pulling your toe to knee than kicking up
keri is so very
keri is truly an enchantress
keri is now an alcoholic and takes alot of pills out of fear for michael
keri is having a dream in which she and the professor...
keri is an absolute sushi freak?
keri is currently touring with pretty boy floyd for the second time?
keri is having a showdown with her brother
keri is?

keri is developing her own cable show based on her "living the life" mantra which will feature her lifestyle tips interjected with her own

keri is certified as a pilates matwork instructor through joan germain pilates studio
keri is an adjunct faculty member of the evergreen state college

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