Duck Day! (well, FINALLY!)... for Joel...

and it actually happened on Saturday at the fair when Carolyn and I ran around for hours from one end of the Great Minnesota Get Together to the other over and over again. We had to in order to burn off the calories and fat and cholesterol. Actually we didn't do that badly. We shared one bag of mini-donuts and one serving of cheese curds. We also shared one helping of the potato skins which neither of us had tried before and went with the cheese and ranch dressing on the side (it's a huge serving, so definitely a must be shared item and we still couldn't eat them all). Then I had a small container of choco/mint dipping dots of my own while she went for a rootbeer float from the dots stand and we each had our own ear of corn. (YUM! Best corn I've had all year. I actually considered a second one.) Was that it? She had some of the all-you-can-drink milk. I passed on the fried rice on a stick when I found the stand and saw that it was chicken fried rice (vegetarian woman here), so I'm still not sure how they did it, sorry to report.

I did okay from a shopping perspective, too. I found some new sandals, a hat, some jewelry I couldn't live without... yes, I have now fallen victim to the Italian charm bracelet fad, but I couldn't help it when this little stand had them at such a deal and had my high school logo on a charm. Plus being the geeky band mom that I am, I got Kel's HS logo to put next to my own to show what a great band mom I am. She was properly appalled. I had already gotten her a bracelet a few weeks back with specific special things on hers and was really interested in one for myself thinking the charms would make easy gifts that Kel and Keith could get me. I got some cool rings, too. Love them.

In other words, we had mucho fun. I turned into a girly shopper for the day and walked my socks off through some serious crowds. It was so hot and sultry out there. Plus we got to see Keri Noble perform her big hit Talk To Me. (Well, it's big around here because she's a local girl, you may or may not have heard it. Plus she's got that cool name going for her so she's going to be a big star.)

These miles are for Joel. He's big brother to my Gray Street friend Holly. I just found out at the fair that he has cancer. Holly lost both her parents already and now Joel isn't doing so well according to Cari. He is in need of a second stem cell transplant but the insurance company is fighting it. Hugs to Joel and Holly and the rest of the family for the battle they are going through.

Saturday's miles: 5.5
Total so far: 254.84
Still to go for goal: 245.16

Gotta go add another duck! Being halfway I should have something fancier than a duck (a dancing chicken comes to mind), but I'm not in the mood to figure it out today; perhaps I'll make modifications later, perhaps not.

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