Dog Days...

Well, Bear is at the veterinarian's office. He's being poked and prodded having samples taken. Poor baby. I had to hold him while the vet administered the knock-out drug. Poor me. I hate when the animal goes limp in your arms like that. It's too reminiscent of putting them to sleep forever. I get to go pick him up in a couple of hours. Hopefully they'll be able to tell from the blood work and x-rays and such exactly what is wrong with him. *crossing fingers*

I was supposed to go back to the fair today with my old gray street girl friend. It's too dang hot. I'm going to stay inside with the air conditioning and clean my house instead. I like to do that on Thursdays anyway. We're talking about potentially going on Saturday. I hate going to the fair on Saturday. Do you know how crowded it gets on the weekend? Horribly crowded. Plus there will be some free shows there that day that will draw even more people than normal. Plus Kel will be going there with her baby sister and my ex and his whole family, not that this will have any impact on my going - I'll never see them there as it will be so crowded.

After all, it wasn't that crowded on Monday last and I didn't see Hutch at all *crying* and I was watching for her and hoping to run into her. Of course, she was probably watching for me, too (and ducking out of the way whenever she saw me).

Well, back to work. Just thought I'd mention my poor pooch and tell you all to send him some good thoughts today.

My kids... from a few years ago, but neither of them have changed that much. Posted by Hello

I may have to run on Lurch today because of the heat. Have I mentioned how hot it is? Why does summer have to return just in time for the kids to go back to school? How fair is that?

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