Ducky day... Prayers requested...

First order of business... your prayers are requested: Please pay a visit to VJ and see what's happening with her mom, one of my inspirations. She could use your prayers or good thoughts.

Today's miles: 2
Total so far: 301.34
Still to go for goal: 198.66

I took a quick walk tonight as either allergies or a good cold were kicking me in the butt. Then I stopped at my favorite coffee shop and sat writing for a goodly bit. I love that place more in the evening after dark than any other time.

Earned me a duck tonight while I was out. That's what kept me moving even though I felt like crapola. Now I'm doing a little skinning... Back in a bit. Woot!

Dogdamn duck was temperamental. I might actually get to go to bed by - oh, say 4:30. If I'm up at 6 to get the kid off to school that's a whole 90 minutes of sleep! Yahoo!


So we had this little discussion in Ms. Howe's comments the other day about buying pants and how difficult it is to get them the right length no matter what your leg length is. And I'm wondering if it's because the manufacturers are just lazy and don't know how to make them to fit us or if it's just that the stores don't have enough room to carry them in all the sizes they really need for the many sizes of women there are!

I know that my favorite jeans don't come in the right size for me at the store that carries them, so I decided after this discussion to look online and see if they were even made in another size. Low and behold, they are! I found them at a place called Denim Express. I ordered them just a couple of nights ago, and last night when I got home from my run in the old hometown, they were waiting for me on my doorstep! No shipping charged because I ordered two pairs which totalled more than $50, (still cheaper than I was paying for them at the store), no sales tax charged (which I was paying at the store), and I didn't have to drive anyplace to get them. Plus, they fit! I'm not stepping on them and my kid can't pull them off me! Hurray!

So I'm here to plug this place. They should give me a free pair for all this publicity, but of course, that won't happen. But I just wanted to let you know about it in case jeans were something you were looking for, those of you complaining about the length issue on pants shopping. Maybe you can find something there. It made me happy.


Question (for Hutch and everyone else who wants to play)...

From the Book of Stupid Questions (I just HAVE to preface this one with that tonight so you don't think I came up with it on my own...):

Which Brady Bunch family member would you most like to be?

And she's back in the game!

I do believe that run woke me out of my slumber...

Wednesday night Haiku...

lone runner thinking
kajillion thoughts passing by

Today's miles: 5.2
Total so far: 299.34
Still to go for goal: 200.66

won't you join me??? (for the haiku, I mean... you don't have to run!)

Parents' computer
speeds along - DSL!
What a lovely breeze...

Today's long distance
inspired by VJ's Mom
Hope she's better soon!


Pink is Back... and Safe!

An incredible bit of writing on one family's experience of the Florida storms.

Hugs, Dana. Glad you are safe.

Tuesday is Chooseday...

tuesday is chooseday

either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

    Would you rather:
  1. be forced to listen to nothing but barry manilow tunes for 36 hours OR metallica?
  2. Because you know... he "wrote the songs that make the whole world sing. He wrote the songs of love and special things. He wrote the songs that make the young girls cry. He wrote the songs, he wrote the songs."
  3. french kiss richard simmons OR gene simmons (lead singer of kiss)?
  4. Okay, you know what? This is just wrong. But if I had to take my pick, I'd pick Richard because you just know that Gene has been kissing far too many people with that tongue of his and who knows where it's been. I doubt poor Richard has kissed much of anything, so the chances of disease are much lower.
  5. wear a pink tutu everywhere you go for a week OR a big "cat-in-the-hat" hat?
  6. I'm down with the Cat-in-the-hat...
  7. uncontrollably kick people in the shins when you first meet them OR pinch their hiney?
  8. and then I'd yell "Goose!" so they'd think I was completely nuts.

Just in Time...

The Wisconsin field show competitions are upon us this weekend and just in time for long hours on the metal bleachers in the evening air, the cold weather is moving in.

They're talking lows in the low 40's this weekend. We'll be wearing our long john's and wrapping up in blankies, Grandma! Break out the thermos of coffee and make sure and bring your boots, Gramps!

The worst part is that while we spectators are usually pretty prepared for these things, the kids are often too cool or else just not thinking in terms of how cold it's going to get out there on the bleachers while they are sitting around waiting for the awards to be handed out many hours later.


It's coming...

Will you be ready?

Will you be participating?

Come on.

Are you in this year?

Join me.


I don't wanna do it alone, for Dog's sake!!!

Sign up begins only days from now...

You can do it here.

This year's schedule can be found here.

Learn all about it by reading what it is right here.

And then come back here and tell me that you too, will NaNoWriMo.


Of COURSE I still love the Packers! I'm a true blue fan... :) They don't call us cheeseheads for nuthin' up here...

Green Bay - 31
Indianapolis - 45

Minnesota - 27
Da Bears - 22

And as cheeseheads, we drive nothin' but the best!

cheesevan Posted by Hello

Things you may not know...

Kathy posted this great list of things you may not know about her and her friend (a fellow blogger) today.

I thought I would make an attempt at the same with my friend, Hutch - to give her a little chuckle. She isn't a fellow blogger that anyone else knows, but you've seen her around here commenting if you've been reading along any length of time. Especially on days I post Questions for Hutch...

So here goes. Hopefully if I mess things up as memory will do once in a while ('specially my memory so I've been told), she'll be sure and jump in and let me know. Maybe I'll update it in the interest of accuracy of reporting. Maybe I won't because I like my version better. heh.

Let's also hope I don't divulge too much information. It will probably take me all day to get it written, which means her kids will be in bed before she comes out and reads it and they won't see it before she does so if there is anything they don't already know, she can tell me to take it down, or else she'll know not to let them read it before it rolls off the page next week. :)

  1. We met at age 9 in 4th grade when partnered up to work on a find-a-word puzzle (read busy-work) in Mrs. Gavin's class.

  2. We were pretty much inseperable for the next several years.

  3. We spent a couple of weeks the following summer hanging out at the playground cursing like sailors.

  4. We had a wild hair and did four-hundred yards (this can't be right - Hutch, please verify this number!) of cartwheels back and forth across the football field nonstop one afternoon.

  5. She wanted to be a magician and had a very cool magic kit with which she awed and amazed me on at least one occasion.

  6. We were in love with the music of David Soul.

  7. We not only watched Starsky and Hutch obsessively we played that we were Starsky and Hutch (I know we are female - that makes no difference - we were bada$$ crime fightin' dudes!)... and we fought all sorts of criminals. Including wasps and bumblebees that buzzed us at my swimming pool! They were wicked!

  8. We tomatoed a neighbor's house once. Kids will be kids. I think we were 20 then. Just kidding. I can't remember the justification.

  9. She watched me go through obsession after obsession, boy after boy, with only minimal eye-rolling. She kept my feet on the ground.

  10. She had a few obsessions of her own, but if/when she ever creates her own blog, she'll have to discuss those there. (hint hint)

  11. There was a time we went to the park near her house for a picnic or just to shoot the breeze and we were sitting up on an out of the way swing when we heard a little kid coming up the hill through the trees. He got to the top of the hill, unzipped his fly, relieved himself while we sat there in shock and then went on his merry way back down the hill to rejoin his friends. We burst into fits of laughter off and on for the rest of the day remembering this. At that age, we didn't see something like that every day ('cuz you know, we do now!).

  12. We spent New Year's Eves together watching Dick Clark, listening to music count downs, eating junk food and making resolutions like: "I will do 100 situps every night." And we would do sit ups together to greet the new year.

  13. We saw Rick Springfield together live in concert at the Minnesota State Fair because we were the most awesomely cool high school chicks evah! I screamed myself horse. He was so cute! Like, Oh m'God!

  14. We had a great trip to Florida with our marching band when we were juniors in high school (before our band director ran off with one of our fellow students). We had so much fun that we promised each other we'd go back again the summer after graduation, just the two of us, and enjoy doing our own thing.

  15. She played trumpet. She was good.

  16. I spun a rifle. I was cute. :) We had cooler uniforms and by that I mean, we were in Florida - We had vests on, could rip the sleeves off our long sleeved shirts beneath our jackets and had all cotton on besides. We were wearing short pants with our little boots. The band had full blown uniforms on and hot hats. We were marching in Orlando in about 102 degree heat and total humidity. And yes, I also mean we were just totally cool, too. ;)

  17. I broke that promise. Me. We didn't get back to Florida together.

  18. Because I also met my first husband on that trip and he and I became inseperable after that. What a dope.

  19. But I did write about that senior trip that never happened last year during NaNoWriMo.

  20. Only it turned out that four of us went instead of just the two of us.

  21. And we had a terrific time down there. A couple of guys from our class joined us to share in the expenses and drive. It was just a friend thing, of course. They did their thing and we did ours.

  22. But the story didn't have a happy ending.

  23. Only one of the four lived to tell the story, I'm afraid. And it wasn't either of us!

  24. So, for Hutch's wedding gift, I wanted to give her something really special because I hadn't seen her often enough and hadn't been in contact with her enough and I wanted her to know how much her friendship still meant to me...

  25. So I came up with the idea that I would make her something. I bought a magazine with all of these patterns for afghans to crochet, which I didn't know how to do, and I found a fisherman's pattern with all of these really cool and complex stitches and said, "That's the one!" The pattern said, "Advanced - Difficult" but I didn't care. Because this was for Hutch.

  26. And I bought the yarn and the hook that it required, and I read the instructions on "How to Crochet" and I set to work crocheting by the pool of my first apartment in Colorado. And I taught myself to crochet and made that afghan over the summer and learned something else very important: I loved to crochet!

  27. And she's remarried now but she still has that afghan.

  28. And I'm in Wisconsin now, also remarried and I still love to crochet but usually not afghans anymore. I go for the smaller projects.

  29. She and I don't go out carousing and drinking and dancing and have wild woman stories to tell.

  30. We did go out for lunch a while back in a bar and grill in Durand where we had Grilled Cheese sammiches, though! It was pretty dicey there. We were pretty lucky(?) that the swingin' guys hanging out at the bar didn't try to pick us up!

  31. In case you missed it, we now have matching sweaters. Photo still to come. Because we are sistahs. No, really. We are. Love ya, Hutch.

I'm sure there is something critical that I've missed here, girl. Refresh my memory...

War Bloggers

I read a really interesting article on Iraq war bloggers this morning. I've been reading some Iraqi blogs on occasion to see how things are going from their perspective, but hadn't known of the army blogs existence.

If I'd thought about it, I would have realized some of them would have been out there blogging, of course. I'm sure many of them are not pretty, but the tone of this article talked of these bloggers being pretty up front with details of that other side of the war that we don't hear about back home.

Link in case you are interested.


Boys stink.

Hurricane "Dana"???

Dana is posting hurricane updates, images, etc. Of course, she did just hear her first transformer blow, so she may not have power much longer and that means no more posting...

Hugs to that honey and prayers to all of the Florida coast.

I'm going to bed.



Tonight is the local homecoming dance. The actual game isn't until next Friday night, and the dance was supposed to take place next weekend, but because of a big field show competition next Saturday night, the school was gracious enough to change the date of the dance so our band kids would be able to attend. I took some shots of her getting ready tonight.

My daughter has always, always been a truly magnificent kid. Since day one she has been the most unique girl I've ever met and I mean that in the most positive way. When she goes out, she goes out in style and never looking like a cookie cutter. Sometimes it gets quite the looks from others, sometimes it gets comments that would make other kids run crying and never color outside the lines or step out of the box again, but Kel has always marched to her own drummer and set an example for me (which I'm still most often afraid to follow).

Here she is getting ready for the dance earlier tonight.

"Like my tights? Nothing I'm wearing matches. It makes me laugh!"

With a butterfly in her hair and faerie wings...

And a bit of faerie dust making her face all aglow.

And she's ready to go, as long as she slows down long enough to stop for one last shot with mum!

Now I've gotta go watch MST3K before it gets too late but I'll be back because my sleep schedule is so outta whack I know I won't be ready for that yet...

Not so dumb...

Kel got up this morning and said she'd watched all of the movies but one. Four of them. Four. And she only skipped watching Love Story because she's seen it before. Last night she'd been disappointed that I'd gotten a bunch of OLD movies. Blah. Boring. I told her that they weren't old, they were classics. Big difference.

But today? She thought they were pretty good. Especially The Graduate. She wants to own it. Says it is one of the best movies she's ever seen. Maybe even likes it more than Harold and Maude. Says Dustin Hoffman was hot back then. Really hot. I haven't even seen The Graduate yet. Now I'm really looking forward to it.


I did it! I finished Kel's blog! After spending forever going through a bunch of blogskins in existence to choose one for her (she's into fairies) and not liking much of what was out there, I started with the basic framework of one that was mostly what I wanted (giving total credit to its maker), and remade it into something more fitting of Keli!

I wish I could share it, but she'd kill me. Someday I'll use it to skin my own, maybe. If I can figure out how to pull it back out of her blog... I should do it now just to get it extracted before it gets to enmeshed. But it is 3:30 again. Think I'll get some sleep instead. Might be a good idea. *yawn*

Hutch, when are you going to start a blog? And the DivaKathys? How about you? I think ya'll should have one!


Goin' Shopping...

I have no idea how to grocery shop like a normal mom anymore. There is nothing in this house to feed these girls for breakfast. It's 8:40 in the evening and I have to go to the store. What kind of a mother am I?

I need a home economics class.


I'm feeling so much better today. No headache. It was gone when I got up this morning... when I got up to take Kel to school and get ready to go write with Marge. In her new house!

It rocks. Like my daughter's rock hard muscles. From her body shop class at school. I want rock hard muscles. I need a personal trainer. Free. I'm such a cheapo.

Her best friend is coming over now. They'll probably watch movies. We got several even though the big five for five promo is over... Love Story, America's Sweethearts, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Graduate, and Lovely and Amazing.

Well, I suppose I should get back to my cleaning now. And then I'll get Kel's blog updated with the new skin she wants. And then I'll go read some of your blogs. I can take my time because it's Friday night and people are light updaters on the weekend.

Hope everybody has a great one. And I hope Jeanne is a fluke and leaves Florida alone. Dana and everyone else down there is really tired of it all. Really tired. And I know that's a ridiculous understatement.

Confession -

I *heart* Oral-B Brush-Ups...

There's a little obsessive compulsive in all of us!


Migraines and gratitudes.

It's been a day. I'm migraining. I haven't had many of these lately. I could count on one hand. Thank Dog. There are lots of things which could be contributing. So many, in fact, I could bulletize...

  • Weather - Warm front smashed into a cold front here today. Temp dropped twenty degrees in less than an hour. Massive wall cloud met blue sky... blackness in the west, blueness in the east - quite awesomely beautiful. This occurred just after my lunch, right around the time I was heading into...

  • Bath & Body Works - Sensory overload smelling all those various scented bath gels. Still like sweet pea the best (super sale ends today $5 for the big bottle - normally $9.99) now that toasted hazelnut is a thing of the past. Did pick up some kind of vanilla stuff, though. It smells interesting. And this took place after my...

  • Lunch at Duc's - which was fabulous as always. I had the egg roll (vegetarian) salad with rice noodles, cucumber, lettuce, carrots and a little bit of peanuts. Yummy. I met a friend/former co-worker there. He and I were there for probably 90 minutes at the most, but anytime I meet up with someone I don't see very often (this was only the second time in about 8 years) it can be a higher stress for an introvert like me than a normal day. When this comes right on the heels of...

  • Lack of sleep - first there was Tuesday night when Bear and I were up until 4 because he was sick and then last night when it was just me being my typical insomniac self. Or it could be just the fact that it's...

  • That time of the month when I used to get a migraine every month. Yep. I got them along with my regular monthly cycle in the past (as if it wasn't bad enough!). It doesn't happen anymore, but it's possible that this month it is popping in to remind me of that old dance schedule we once had.

  • I'm not really sure why I've got one tonight.

    But I do know this: I'm grateful that I don't have them like this regularly anymore. And I'm glad to know that it won't last for several days like they used to. And I'm happy to know that I'll be getting up tomorrow morning going to meet Marge for writing anyway. And I'm grateful that my parents are back safe and sound from their road trip. And I'm grateful that I was able to enjoy today and share it with people even with the headache, which was often something I couldn't do in the past.

    Takeout anyone?

    I'm heading to lunch and I.Am.Hungry. I've been saving up room for this lunch since I found out I was heading to Duc's. My favorite Vietnamese joint. Yum.

    Can I bring anybody back some takeout?

    Enid says...

    There may be wonder in money, but, dear God, there is money in wonder.

    Enid Bagnold

    I hope she's right.

    So I'm fickle, what can I say?

    Hey, it's way cheaper than redecorating my house! And a lot more fun and easy, too...


    and finally...

    Don't question the validity of what you hear or how you hear it if the truth resonates within. You might be reading a story, watching a video, or chatting casually with a friendly grocery clerk. Don't cut yourself off from sources of inspiration.

    Trust your experiences and impulses; you've had them for a reason. Real Life has a steep learning curve, but once you respond from personal knowledge instead of by rote, it's easier than you might have thought. What's more, Real Life actually becomes fun.

    Sarah Ban Breathnach

    Today's miles...

    Today I ran for two women. I ran for Marn because of this (if you haven't go read about it, what are you waiting for?), and for Stacey, because of this. They were my inspiration for doing this second half of 1000 miles in a year. They, and alllllll of those people in that list you see along the side of this blog. That's a lot of people. Too many people. A heart breaking list of people.

    Moms, Dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives. They were/are all, each and every one of them loved by somebody. And they had to go through fear and perhaps pain and perhaps some or even a lot of illness due to the cancer itself or the treatment methods used in getting well.

    A few muscle aches aren't much to bitch about when I come out here and look at that list every day.

    Marn and Stacey? I'm sorry for what each of you had to go through. You are both heroes in my book. Marn, don't be saying one is any tougher than any other. Because they all cause a fear that goes right to the marrow and take you down to the basic elements... You heroes, you astonish me with your strength and bravery. Every one of you.

    Today's miles: 3.6
    Total so far: 294.14
    Still to go for goal: 205.86

    Ohhh... So close to that next hundred. I can taste it... duck! Okay, I can't really taste it... Mock Duck I can taste!

    Question (for Hutch and everyone else who wants to play)...

    If you had to describe your worse medical exprience, what would it be?

    Small College Town - 8 pm... (just babbling)

    I must be getting old. It makes no sense to me. I sit here waiting for my daughter who is at the theater tonight with her marching band section (and some other friends) for a movie, and I watch the college kids pass up and down the streets from one bar to the next, trolling, I guess.

    They cross this street and then the median and then the other lane of traffic, laughing loudly, shouting to another group that's going into the bar on the next block. I just don't get it.

    Wander from one bar to the next, having to pay the cover charge in each, and for what? Just to see if the babes or guys at this one are any better than those at the last? When in all likelihood, this group is just the group from your Psych class and the last group was from Ag Science, and you're going to see all of them tomorrow at Brandy's when you drop for open mic night.

    Movie is over. No more waiting around in my little college town tonight.

    Marn's Big Adventure Just Got Bigger...

    One of the late night projects upon which I was working last night was a spiffying up of this place. As you can see, I didn't get that finished. I was trying to apply a new blogskin.

    Had I known I was going to be entertaining an influx of visitors from the lovely Marn's place, I'd have stayed up after Bear's eventual fading off to sleep and I would have finished the tidying up. I would have put together a few links to the story of how things got started around here.

    I would have included a link to my hubby's story, complete with photo, perhaps.

    I would have included a link to the photo journal of the latest Relay for Life we participated in last June when this site together with a lot of snail mail letters and then a lot of great people responding to the call, resulted in our team raising over $5000 this year.

    I didn't get that finished, since I didn't know.

    She Got Me Running...

    My 500 Miles inspiration, the impetus, the brains behind the 500 Miles to Nowhere blog since I was running to get in shape so why not turn it into running for the Relay... Marn, had to undergo surgery to remove skin cancer from her nose last week and she has her story and a post-surgerical photo up on her site. She has an important message to share with everyone.

    Please, go visit my Marn and give her some lovin'. She's such a giving person who is always looking out for others and helping out whenever and wherever she can. Generous and kindhearted - that's her. And she's got a green thumb like you wouldn't believe. The woman's got hostas coming outta her ears!

    She wouldn't want me to tell you this, but she's also seeking donations for her upcoming Run for the Cure (or as she likes to call it - Jog for the Jugs) in Montreal. Consider a donation if you will. Large or small, she'll take 'em all. ;)

    Prayers and gentle hugs for a speedy recovery Marn. Thanks for the inspiration and the laughter you provide on the daily journey!

    Cats in the Air...

    Well, this news is likely to send Kel and I off to watch Harold and Maude tonight.

    Don't know much about his religion. Love his music.

    Poor Bear...

    It started out as one of those nights where I was just working on a project and it got late so there I was up late again.

    But the longer I sat there, the louder my puppy's tummy got as he sat there beside me and I thought, "It's gonna be a long night." It was one of those gurgly noises. The kind you get when you've eaten a really spicy meal and you aren't used to it?

    Around 2:15 or so, I got the Pepto and tried to give him a little squirt. He wasn't hearing of it.

    At 2:45 he needed to get outside. I went with him but he just wandered around a while. I came back in. After a while he did too. About five minutes later I heard a strange noise and when it dawned on me what it was, I started running trying to find him. He was at the back door wanting to go back out. That was the last place I looked. It's now 3:10. I think we're in for another couple of hours of fun.

    He's still on his bland food. But I think I may have fed him a little too much today. This is a tough illness to manage. It's a hard line to walk because the veterinarian said the main thing to watch for is anorexia. Well, when you are starting out with a 16 pound dog, it doesn't take much to lose too much. He's just a little guy. And he was so hungry today. Frequent small meals is the key. I guess his meals were bigger than they should have been.

    I'll do better tomorrow. And for the rest of tonight, I'll be sleeping out on the floor by the door with him again. But first I'm going to see if I can't get this Pepto down him. Wish me luck. And sleep...

    At least his tummy has quieted down now.



    has begun. Scarf-making has begun with a vengeance bang screaming meamy hissy fit? temper tantrum (all of the above, in addition to...) let'sseehowmanytimesIcanripoutthisdogdamnwholescarf power house! I found some yarn that kicks last year's yarns' butts. All that long lashy yarned stuff from last year will be a thing of the past when people get a load of these gorgeous scarves.

    If I manage to make them.

    Getting back to it now. Before I break the keys off the keyboard out of frustration.

    (I can't even begin to describe the color I'm currently making because the beauty is truly indescribable.)

    Question (for Hutch and everyone else who wants to play)...

    If you could go back in time just long enough to tell the founding fathers of America one thing, what would you warn them of?

    Moonlighting anyone?

    Who wouldn't love to see this?

    Shepherd is in Britain to promote her one-woman cabaret show, "Cybill Disobedience," which opens in London next week.

    The actress said she hoped to make a film version of "Moonlighting," the hit 80s TV show in which she starred opposite Bruce Willis.

    The pair fell out while filming the TV show but Shepherd said they are now friends.

    "When people get a tremendous amount of success, especially for the first time, it doesn't necessarily bring out the best in them," she said. "We get on fine now. I adore Bruce and we're dying to do a Moonlighting movie."

    was one of my favorite 80s TV shows. I'd dig a remake movie. I certainly hope they bring Agnes D'pesto along for the ride. She was a great character.

    Warrior Princess...

    Stacey's Journal, Part II is now online and can be found here. Stacey is one of my fantastic running inspirations and if you didn't read the first part of her journal, you might want to start with that.

    I'll be running tonight for Stacey. For the journey she has taken and for sharing her story.

    Show of Hands...

    Who wrote their gratitudes down last night? Anybody? Several of you agreed that it was a good idea. How many of you actually put it into action? If not, why not?

    If you did and you didn't notice any change of attitude today, give it time. I didn't notice it right away. But when it did hit me, it was big. Suddenly I found myself looking throughout the day for things that I could put down. I was seeking out things to be thankful for. That really makes an understandable change in your whole outlook on life.

    By the way, I didn't do it. *sheepish grin* I was sitting here at my computer until late into the night and then I decided to do some writing in my journal and while that could have included doing the gratitude work, and actually I had planned on doing that, I wrote other stuff for too long until I was falling asleep on the sofa and couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and finally went and climbed over the dog and the kid and into the bed.

    Why is it that the dog always has what appears to be an allergy attack right when I'm trying to sneak quietly into the bed? He really had a loud one last night and woke Kel up. She got completely torked. She's not a happy person when awakened. Neither am I for that matter. Another story. Another day.

    It's Tuesday!

    tuesday is chooseday

    either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

      Would you rather:
    1. be given $3 million to spend on charities with philosophical beliefs completely different than yours OR be forced to spend $5000 of your own money on whatever charities you want?
    2. Being forced to do anything isn't usually high on my list of favorites, but let me put my own money on something I prefer than having to toss a cool $3 mil, even YOUR cool $3 mil on charities that may be hurting a lot of other people or causing genocide or something.

    3. be wrongly accused of being a terrorist OR be rightly accused of being a murderer?
    4. Of course, these days, I'd probably get off with a lighter sentence as a murderer - with a little slap on the wrist than if I were wrongly accused of being a terrorist!

    5. have a complete stranger stab you in the thigh with a very large butcher knife OR stab someone you love in the hand with a swiss army knife?
    6. The someone I love isn't already dead or anything, are they? heh...

    7. die old having accomplished nothing OR die young and famous? Give me a nice long life with love around me rather than a short famous life. Who needs famous? thanks genuine



    Chicago: 21
    Green Bay:

    I love 'em anyway...

    This made the Green Bay loss a little more tolerable...
    Philly: 27
    ViQueens: 16

    Internet perks...

    NFL.com's Gamecenter/live is cool. I'd link to it, but it changes with each game. It's practically like having the game on television except better. You don't have to actually watch the game or listen to the sportscasters. You don't have to watch or listen to any commercials. You get to sit at your computer and play. And you get to stay current on the happenings of the game as it happens.

    For example, I'm sitting here surfing around looking at charms for Kel's and my new charm bracelets, reading my online buds' blogs, posting this, and witnessing the Viqueens get their butts kicked by Philadelphia (*sigh* I love it when that happens - especially after a Packer loss - it makes the border battles between me and my Minnesota pals so much less painful) all from the comfort of my office chair and without noise or commercials. Sweet! And in the time it took me to write and post this, Philly just drove and passed down the field to score another TD! Woohoo!

    Correction: When I went back for a peek at the game, they were just cutting to a 10 second commercial break. Tiny, but there. It was short and I was able to turn the speakers down even more so I didn't have to hear a thing, though.

    Question (for Hutch and everyone else who wants to play)...

    What do you wear to sleep in at night?

    Okay, bizarre question maybe. Sometimes these just pop into my head and I figure I'll run with them. I don't want to always rely on one of my question books and if one actually comes to me without an outside aide, I want to use it, strange or not.

    Nothin' Stopping Me Now!

    It was another beautiful night for a run. So I did. Run. And I got to do it in the old hometown. Got up there after dropping Kel off at play practice and I zipped into my running clothes. Tomorrow night if I do this again, I'm going to change before I go. The sun is setting too fast to waste time changing. I need to save all the time I can. By next week I'll have to be running during the day and not in the evening during play practice. That back two miles was just getting too dark and there are no street lights on it at all. Plus it's in the country along a road that's in the woods partially. If people aren't watching, they won't notice the lone runner along the side of the road until they are on top of me. Thud thud. Literally.

    Going to have to change my style and do my blogging while she is gone. That won't be so bad.

    I did have a fright at one point and it stopped me mid stride. I got through the whole new area that didn't exist when I was growing up there. I got all the way to the railroad tracks by the cabinet making shop. That's when I heard it... Squealing tires. Lots of them. They lasted forever. It was coming from behind me. It sounded like a couple of drag racers or something. I couldn't figure it out. Was it a car that was just totally out of control and spinning along the road? A couple of kids racing? No clue. And were they coming toward me?

    All I knew was that I didn't want to be anywhere near the road if they came along behind me. So I got up on the grass and stood there looking back. Waiting. Watching for them to come around the curve. And I kept hearing the squealing. And it never seemed to get closer (or further away for that matter). But it kept on going. On and on. :) Finally I just turned and kept running. I thought I'd just jump up onto the grass if I did hear it get louder but eventually the sound stopped altogether. It was very strange. Don't know what it was. I had this vision of being wiped out by a very fast moving car and being thrown so far that nobody would ever find me. Yeah. Pleasant vision.

    So here are the stats...

    Today's miles: 5.2
    Total so far: 290.54
    Still to go for goal: 209.46

    I'm really getting there! Down to almost only 200 miles! And still over three months to finish the year! Good thing for what a slacker I've been. I hoped to be done by the time the snow came in and ruined my outdoor running. That will never happen, of course. Which is a good thing. I have S&H Season two to watch as I lurch along on Lurch now. And Gilmore Girls Season One is available, you know.

    But there are scarves to crochet. :)

    Heading out for the hometown...

    Will I have everything I need for my run? If so, will I get there and climb out of the car, only to turn my ankle? Will I arrive just in time for a sudden deluge or tornado to arrive? What will transpire this evening to jinx my run around the loop?

    I'm betting absolutely nothing. I'm thinking positive. It's going to be a beautiful night for a run through the old hometown.

    Here I go!

    KathyC - did you get my e-mail giving you the location of the Cowgirl t-shirt?

    Scarf length photo...

    Okay - this photo shows the length a little better. It shows that I can do the wraparound thing... I need them that long personally. I wouldn't be making them that long for sale for the Relay unless requested and that length would cost more, obviously. I'm still on the lookout for the best deal for the yarn. It is beautiful, soft, fun to work with, and 'spensive.  Posted by Hello

    Well, I'm finally getting photos up of the infamous muppety scarf. Here's a closeup with a tad bit of sunshine on it. This photo just doesn't do it justice, though. The colors are so much more vibrant than even the digital could capture. Posted by Hello


    Thanks to Cassie-B for reminding me of something important in my life that has slipped away (why when something is so important do we allow it to slide?). A few years back, while reading Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance, I started doing her suggested Gratitude Journal.

    In a blank book, I write down five things that I could be grateful about the day, every night before I went to bed.

    This simple little thing transformed my life from one of negativity to one where I had such a positive outlook that I was telling everybody I knew about it and suggesting that they all start one themselves. I was a gratitude journal crusader!

    I haven't written in it now for many months. I'm still in a pretty positive place in life. I think that's because once you get on that postitive path, you don't necessarily have to be writing them down to be thinking that way, but it does help. So I'll pull it out and start again.

    You might want to try it too, if you've never done it before. Or maybe you just want to do it in your blog if you have one. Because there is enough negative thinking, speaking, and acting in the world. It's time we all put a little bit of happiness out there into the universe...


    Important Movie Notes...

    With all of the big movies being released now and the big holiday movie season coming up, I think it's important we start to discuss things to remember when going to the movies...

    When going to a movie, one needs popcorn, something cold and wet for drinking (I prefer icy cold water), and something sweet. Sugar Babies are the pick of '04. Dots are old news. ;) Posted by Hello

     Posted by Hello

    Be sure to shut off your cell phones and pagers please.

    Remember that you aren't sitting in your living room, so conversations aren't appreciated by those around you. If you have to talk, do it at a whisper, not out loud. You might think you are witty and cute, but we don't really care what you have to say.

    Edited to add: When in the cinema, refrain from smooching with your boyfriend/girlfriend too loudly or too often. Some of us want to enjoy the movie, not gag watching you eat each other. (thanks Lisa!)

    When you're eating that crunchy popcorn, do it with your mouth closed so everyone around you doesn't have to listen.

    Don't chew your ice! (I have a loved one with this horrible habit and she doesn't realize how loud and horrifying it is to those around her in a quiet theater).

    Leave your 10-gallon hat at home. :)

    Speaking of nostalgic candy, did you have a favorite candy as a kid?

    Conspiracy Theory

    Something is conspiring against me about running in the old hometown. Yesterday Keith and I headed over there to do some errands and I planned to run the loop while I was there. I took my running clothes with me. We took his car (don't ask why we had this option).

    I have to unlearn an old habit of mine. I have to stop hooking my sunglasses in the top of my shirt as I walk in to a store or restaurant from outside. I wear sunglasses all of the time because my eyes are sensitive to sunlight (or cloudy days or whatever conditions are happening basically - I wear my sunglasses as night, so I can so I can, keep track of visions in my mind...). So yesterday we got to Fleet Farm and I had to use the ladies room (you can see where this is going already, can't you?).

    I went in and did my bidniz, I turned to flush and I must have leaned just slightly when I did this because all of a sudden, my glasses are splooshing into the toilet. Well, I buy me some cheap sunglasses. They aren't attractive, but they take care of my eyes and I don't grumble much when I pull stunts like this one. Not wanting to watch the water pouring down around my feet, I grabbed the earpiece that didn't end up submerged and pulled them out, gave them a little shake over the bowl and put them in the feminine products disposal bin that was hanging on the stall wall before I got out of there. Since they were cheap, I had no compunctions tossing them, see? I lose them or break them frequently. First thing conspiring against my run that day. Dogdamnit.

    When we got to the folks' house and I got everything out to get ready to run, it dawned on me that we had his car and my running shoes are always in my car because that's what I drive to the folks' car when I go there to do my run. Always. So no running shoes. I put on my mom's exercise shoes planning to use her health strider but I don't use a health strider like a normal person and was rubbing the carpet with my overly exuberant stride. I quickly disembarked, removed her shoes, and grumblingly got back into his car for the ride back to our house where I ran on Lurch (grumble grumble). Second conspiracy problem...

    That's why you were treated to What Was Keri Watching!? a little earlier in the season than planned.

    Today, the three of us piled into both of our cars (don't ask why we had both of our cars) and headed to the old hometown for dinner at Barkers (only the best bar and grill in the Twin Cities metro area). I ate light knowing that immediately after, I was heading over to the folks' to change into the clothes I packed for running (including shoes).

    We had fabbo food, went back to the folks', I opened the door to the back seats for the bag of running clothes, low and behold, no bag. I left it at home. Crappola. We bid Keith farewell, sent him on his way (don't ask), and Kel and I left for home where I then changed over to the running duds and had to run around my own country block, which I don't enjoy nearly as much.

    Tonight was light of traffic, however. It was a wonderful night for a country run.

    As I ran west into the sunset, I looked up at Sam's writing studio (yes, Shepard - some of us appreciate the sensibilities and wiseness of a more mature, handsome star and aren't always drooling over the much-younger ones... sorry, I digress) and wondered if he was standing there, experiencing some little bit of writer's block, steaming mug of coffee in his hand, staring out at the lone woman running down the road in the sunset. Would I give him some spark of an idea? heh...

    Here are the stats for tonight's run...

    Today's miles: 4.75
    Total so far: 285.34
    Still to go for goal: 214.66

    Question (for Hutch and everyone else who wants to play)...

    If you could have the world's largest collection of one thing, what would it be?

    Speak like a Pirate, Matey!

    If ye be commentin' here today, ye better be speakin' like a true Pirate, because it's International Speak Like a Pirate Day! Of course, this'll mean my posts'll be few and far between because it'll take me hours to get them written halfway correctly.

    Me family and I be goin' t' get some what crawled out o' t' bung hole tonight. Afterwards, Cap'n Finn Fancypants (that's the hubby's pirate name) will drive himself aft t' his apartment and Ann Marie t' Malformed (Kel) and I will run in t' old hometown.

    Aye, t' captain drove himself home this weekend. I got a call from him while I was at t' football game on friday night tellin' me not t' come over t' get him because he was already halfway aft. It was quite a surprise.

    He's soakin' his head in t' whirpool now. And Ann Marie be still asleep in her bed down below deck. Well, I have some e-mails t' compose. Best get t' it. More later perhaps.

    This post made infinitely more possible with t' English-to-Pirate translater found here and the Pirate Name Generator.

    Visit the original Talk Like a Pirate Day website!

    confessions of a shopaholic (most recent purchases)

  • 50# bag of black oil sunflower seeds for birds (and squirrels and raccoons)

  • little white t-shirt that says Cowgirls (written in tiny red jewels) and below that in black script A Better Looking Cowboy With Brains.

  • pair of favorite jeans in the right size

  • sweater in lovely fall colors (and shoulder pads have now been removed - phew!)
  • mug buddy

  • not yet purchased, but those of you from the eighties will remember duck shoes/boots and I found a really cute pair of those the other day (are they still around or back?) that were only $20, lined with thinsulate, really cute, higher than the old ones and might have to go home with me because they were almost exactly like mine from back then and would be perfect for sitting at field shows since my snowmobile boots are way too much boot for that.
  • 9.18.2004

    Anticipation... anticipation is making me wait!

    Anticipation is a sweet thing, isn't it?

    I wrote on and on about this topic and then I scrapped it. Suffice it to say, I hope you enjoy the anticipation you feel waiting for me to write about it some day...

    Or, I hope you enjoy the feelings you get giving the topic some consideration of your own. Go ahead, think about it. What are you anticipating right now? If it's a good thing, isn't this moment of waiting even better than how you'll feel after it arrives?

    So I ran tonight. On the treadmill because I forgot my running shoes in my car and we took the other car to the old hometown when we went there this afternoon.

    Here are the stats...

    Today's miles: 4.25
    Total so far: 280.59
    Still to go for goal: 219.41

    Now I'm going to see how the photos turned out and if I got anything that works, stay tuned for "What Was Keri Watching!?" The fabulous gameshow that I know you've all been waiting months to see return!

    As if to prove a point... (anticipation really is better than the prize!)

    This one is too easy. I only took one photo because I know you are going to get it on the first go-round. Sorry for the shadowy effect, but I was running at night so I had to take it with a night flash on. Posted by Hello

    (click on the photo to embiggen)

    Hello???? ello??? lo?? o??

    Could it be any quieter in here?

    I hate the blogosphere on the weekend.

    Too quiet!

    Q4H - Pirates! Happy Birthday, Busy Mom!

    In honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day" on Sunday (mark your calendars and don't forget!), Busy Mom suggested "Talk Like a Pirate Weekend" and posted the link to the Pirate Name Generator on her blog.

    By the way, it is now officially Busy Mom's birthday (her 40th!), so please go wish her a happy one. Even if you aren't a regular reader there, go tell her. Tell her I sent you. She knows me. ;) She loves me. No, really she does. Her mom is on my inspiration list! Go tell her happy birthday now. NOW! What are you waiting for? Then come back here. I'll wait...

    Okay. Go get your pirate name, too. My own Pirate name (once I added my middle name as it was boring without it, I thought), is Pirate Carolyn the Staggering Drunk! I'm rather fond of it. Especially in light of the fact that I don't drink because of the prescription meds I take to avoid the migraines.

    So what's your pirate name?


    Baby Bear...

    Thought I'd show you our precious Bear as a little pup.

    Not at all the Devil Dog he is today, but a sweet little guy... so innocent and kind.

    Actually, I'm kidding. Even back then, we should have known that we were in trouble with this one.

    He may look all sweet and innocent, but the teeth behind that cute little look were razor sharp. When we'd walk across the floor, he'd pounce on us and sink those little teeth into our ankles and feet causing immense pain.

    You can just see the devil in his eyes, can't you? I sure can.

    Finally Friday...

    Time for writing with Mysterious Marvelous Marge! And mocha java scones... I hope.

    My allergies have gone berzerk. Right after last night's run I started sneezing and my nose began to run. I haven't been able to catch up with it since. It's been almost 24-hours since my last Claritin-D. I wonder what just popped in nature to cause it? Or is it the mold from all of the rain of late? Whatever it is, I hope it is helped by the next doseage because I'm going nuts.

    Doggy has had his meds and bland food again this morning. It was obvious he was in pain when we got up this morning, but he still had his appetite, which was the important thing. Now he can sleep for a few hours.

    Kel has a field show performance at the football game tonight. And then I'm off to pick up Keith from his apartment for the weekend.

    Will I get to see Sky Captain like everybody else is doing? Doubtful. But I'll probably get to see another episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000! That's cool!

    Breakin' Up is Hard to Do...

    Patrick m'dear...

    I'm afraid I've got to end our engagement. I know it was short, but it just wasn't meant to be. You're already hitched, I'm already hitched... And if something changed for either of us, I don't think jumping right back in the saddle would be the best plan.

    I need this time in my life for footloose and fancy freedom on the net. I don't want to be tied down anymore than you do. Let's just be friends, Pat. I'm sure you'd agree this is the best plan for us both! Ever since I agreed to a long engagement I've just felt all tied up and tangled in confusion. *sigh*

    Smooches, darlin'. If you're ever ridin' your hog along the 494 corridor during Friday or Sunday evenings and see a 4-Runner with its windows open and a gal singing away as she drives along, give a wave as you fly by evading the state patrol!


    Happy Birthday, Colleen!

    I'm a little late in posting this, but I want to have it show up on the right day for you, Colleen... Happiest of birthdays Diva Sistah! Love you! Posted by Hello


    Well, if you were anywhere near Culvers in the little town of Menomonie, Wisconsin, today you would have witnessed the reunion of Starsky and Hutch.

    We gathered for a delicious lunch of Potato Augratin soup. Hutch also had a diet soda, which didn't trip her trigger, and I had coffee, which I enjoyed very much. We were there for about two hours, catching up on old times. I did wear my cowboy hat there but I caused no comotions on the highway. You see, people in Wisconsin don't find cowgirls unusual. It's only in Minnesota that strange things occur for girls in cowboy hats.

    Obviously, Culvers has to keep their restaurant very cold so that the custard doesn't melt. So at the end of our meal, we decided to head out to some other exciting place where we could warm up. After wondering about all of the exciting things to do in Menomonie, we selected Fleet Farm. There we would be able to continue talking and shopping. What more could a gal ask?

    Obviously, Fleet Farm has to keep their store warm so the tires stay pliable and the animal feed stays, um... whatever it might need to stay while it's warm because they had the heat on, I swear. I was about to pass out before we checked out there. When we got there, Hutch made some comment about being interested in seeing my shopaholism in action. I hope I didn't let her down.

    We walked in the door and the first thing I spotted was a rack of videos. What jumped out and bit me on the nose? FAME! Yes, the very same movie that Keli's fall musical is based on! And they only wanted $4.99 for it. Can you believe the luck? What a deal! I grabbed it up and said, "Gotta have this!" Then I looked around at the plethora of goods around me and added, "I think I'm gonna need a basket."

    I was good, though. Well, relatively. (No, really Keith. I wasn't bad at all. Did you go online tonight and already see the charge? It wasn't that bad, eh? heh...) We got some shopping done for her, too. She had Sunday School stuff to take care of (she's so organized!) and got that finished.

    Toward the end of our little excursion we ended up in clothing for us. I showed her my favorite jeans and explained why they were the bestest jeans in the world (since they are also the most expensive jeans in the store, I think). Then we wandered through the sweaters, jackets and shirts and found stuff we liked.

    At the last rack we were on opposite sides and I started oohing and aahing over a sweater that I liked. "And it's only $19.99 and all cotton! Great colors. Isn't it pretty?" I picked it up and brought it around the rack just as she was picking something up off her side of the rack to show me... same sweater!

    She's a smart shopper who has to think about things for a little while. So she's thinking about it and plans to go back for it tomorrow maybe. If she does, she said I have to go back and get it, too. (Did you hear that, hubby? I've got my orders. I must obey.) That way we'll have matching sweaters to wear for our next lunch. We might go bowling in them too. We'll have bowling sweaters. We plan to talk about Mom and Dad and pretend we're sisters. It'll be keen. :)

    Poor Spawn of Satan!

    Yes, my darling little Bear has taken a turn for the worse with his pancreatitus. He's back on his fully bland diet and off his special heart chow. Turns out that was twice as high in fat as the bland diet, so we'll keep him on this for a couple of months at least until his pancreas is well healed.

    He's also on a new antibiotic to help heal him up. And more pepcid to help aid his digestion and keep the acid to a minimum... or whatever pepcid does for him. Poor baby. He's also on a pain killer because this is a painful beast, which is how I found out he was sick again in the first place. We caught it before he started actually being sick this time (phew!).

    He's got such great veterinarians! We love them! Even if Bear does hate to go see them. They make him feel better in the end... or in the long run (that sounds better - LOL).

    Moving again...

    I have come to the conclusion that weather really has a strong impact on how well I run. Okay, weather and a few days off. Tonight's run was awesome. I took off from the folks' house at 6:40 pm. With Autumn quickly approaching, the sun is setting earlier and I knew that I didn't have a lot of time before it would be getting dark and I was going to want to get back from this one. So I pushed myself.

    It was a cool evening. In fact, right now it's down to 46 degrees already, so I bet it had dropped to the low sixties by the time I started out in my shorts and running top. Humidity was low to practically non-existant. There was the slightest breeze. If I could recreate these conditions in my basement on the treadmill for the winter, things would be perfect! :) The run was the easiest I've ever had. I don't know if it was because of the weather or the fact that it was the first run in a week. But I cruised through the first four miles without skipping a beat (of course, I've reached a point now where I feel like I can't get up out of this chair so I may just sit here posting and reading blogs all night). Then I walked a couple of steps and then picked right back up again figuring I'd just jog lightly but got right back in the groove.

    The last mile is a killer with an almost constant uphill climb and I was telling myself that I would know I was in good shape when I could do that mile without having to stop and walk during it and that was almost all I needed for encouragement to keep going. I didn't run the whole hill, but most of it. And my legs were dying at the end. A good kind of dying. I got back to the folks' house and decided to treat myself to a therapeutic whirlpool rather than just a shower before heading home to deal with my pooch.

    Here's the stats...

    Today's miles: 5.2
    Total so far: 276.34
    Still to go for goal: 223.66

    I can't be more pleased with the day. Hours spent with my buddy, Hutch (even got some shopping in!)... A really great run... A whirlpool... Nice chat with the hubby while I soaked... Life is good.

    Last spam/meme of the week... (promise)

    Shiza! I almost forgot to link back to where I got this! Go on over and give 'em some lovin'! It's a great site!

    Are You More

    But I had to do it, when I saw number 7... ya know? (see you at 11 at Culvers Hutch!)

    Are you more...

    01) Paper napkin or cloth napkin? Paper napkin. I think that's pretty obvious around here. We'll pull out the cloth once in a while when company are here, but I usually have to grab them back up again before I've even got them laid out on the table because I'll see that somebody used them and stuffed them back in the drawer without washing them! LOL...

    02) Family photos at work or keep your work and home lives separate? When I was working, I had photos and Keli's artwork plastered all over my cube. There was never any room for people to come have meetings in my area and hang diagrams or draw notes on my whiteboard because there were always little love notes and drawings from the last time she had been in playing after daycare or on the weekend when I'd had some project to work on and needed to bring her in with me.

    03) The irrational number e (the natural logarithm, 2.71828...) or the irrational number pi (the ratio of a circle's circumference to it's diameter, 3.14159...)? Me? Rational? Mwa hahahahaha...

    04) The movie Airplane or the movie Airplane II: The Sequel? Sequels almost always suck. There are rare exceptions (Oh Aragorn!)...

    05) Giving as good as you get or getting as good as you deserve? Who deserves more than me? ;)

    06) Apt to see a Vin Diesel film or a Woody Allen film? Vin who? Kidding. I do love his sexy voice (for about five minutes).

    07) Starsky or Hutch? I dig Starsky's bowed legs and tight jeans but give me Hutch's sensitivity.

    08) Laying the smack down or opening up a big-ass can of pain? Sock wrestling on the bed.

    09) Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck? Daffy, but only until Elmer pulls out that damn duck-hunting gun and blows holes in his beak. Then I'm liable to hork.

    10) City slicker or country bumpkin? I'm a cheddar head. I like to act all city girl when I'm in the city, but I ride a tractor with a cowboy hat during my off hours.


    Daughter of the 70's...

    I'm all about nostalgia, thievery and spams/memes this week. I got this one from Krush. And it fits right in with all of the talk about the tv shows, commercials and music that's been going around the blogosphere this week. I'm italicizing those that fit especially well for me.


    1. You wore a rainbow shirt that was half-sleeves, and the rainbow went up one sleeve, across your chest, and down the other.

    2. You made baby chocolate cakes in your Easy Bake Oven and washed them down with snow cones from your Snoopy Snow Cone Machine. (How many times have I blamed my cooking disasters on the fact that I never had an Easy Bake Oven???)

    3. You had that Fisher Price Doctor's Kit with a stethoscope that actually worked. (Nope, but somebody in the neighborhood had one of these because I distinctly remember playing doctor in the playhouse that we all shared as kids!)

    4. You owned a bicycle with a banana seat and a basket. I sure did - blue. I got it for Christmas one year from my folks after my dad gave it a new paint job when he reworked it from my brother having it first.

    5. You even owned roller skates with metal wheels. (and I still remember the Christmas morning that I came down the steps and saw them waiting for me!)

    6. You thought Gopher from Love Boat was cute (Admit it!).

    7. You had nightmares after watching Fantasy Island. No, I didn't have nightmares. I watched Fantasy Island right after Love Boat every Saturday night. "Da plane, da plane!"

    8. You had rubber boots for rainy/snowy days - remember Moon boots (you then advanced to Duck Shoes in the 80's).

    9. You had either a "bowl cut" or "pixie," not to mention the Dorothy Hamill because your Mom was sick of braiding your hair. How traumatic when people thought you were a boy. Totally!

    10. Your Holly Hobbie sleeping bag was your most prized possession. Not a Holly Hobbie sleeping bag dummy. I had a far out groovy sleeping bag that had all these mod and hip expressions on them and peace symbols and stuff!

    11. You wore a poncho, gauchos, and knickers. I did NOT wear knickers. Trust me on this one.

    12. You begged Santa for the electronic game, Simon. Yearly.

    13. You had the Donnie and Marie dolls with those pink and purple shredded BR outfits. No, but I watched their variety show religiously and I had Donny's 8-track tapes worn out and all of his music memorized along with the Osmond Brothers' music!

    14. You spent hours out back on your metal swing set with the trapeze.

    15. You had homemade ribbon barrettes in every imaginable color.

    16. You even had a pair of Doctor Scholl's sandals (the ones with hard sole & the buckle). And cursed silently everytime I kicked one slightly off and came down with it partway off my heel on that wood! Ouch!

    17. You wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder really bad; you wore that Little House on the Prairie-inspired plaid, ruffle shirt with the high neck in at least one school picture; and you despised Nellie Olson!

    18. You wanted your first kiss to be at the roller rink. And wished for a pair of those really cool HUGE pompons with the jingle bells to wear on the roller skates when I went to the roller rink. They were cool!

    19. Your hairstyle was described as having "wings" and you kept it "pretty" with the comb you kept in your back pocket. And I had several of those combs - with the big a$$ handles in multiple swirl colors to contrast nicely with the various colored outfits I wore.

    20. You know who Strawberry Shortcake is, as well as her friends, Blueberry Muffin and Huckleberry Pie. I do know who Strawberry Shortcake is, but I avoided and ignored her as much as possible. I do NOT know who the other two are.

    21. You carried a Muppets lunch box to school. Wrong - Sad Eye puppy on denim color...

    22. You and your girlfriends would fight over which of the Dukes of Hazard was your boyfriend. Wrong - Starsky and Hutch all the way. And who fought - she was Hutch because I let her. I took Starsky by default. Everybody knew Hutch was the coolest, most sensitive, etc...

    23. Every now and then "It's a Hard Knock Life" from the movie "Annie" will pop into your brain and you can't stop singing it the whole day.

    24. YOU had Star Wars action figures, too.

    25. It was a big event in your household each year when the "Wizard of Oz" would come on TV. Your Mom would break out the popcorn and sleeping bags!

    26. You even asked your Magic-8 ball the question: "Who will I marry: Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett, or Rick Springfield?" HA! Probably. They all hung on the wall of my bedroom after being ripped out of Tiger Beat! Wasn't my Magic-8 ball, though.

    27. You completely wore out your Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Fame soundtrack albums.

    28. You tried to do lots of arts and crafts, like yarn and Popsicle-stick God's eyes and those weird potholders made on a plastic loom. And the crosses made of burned matchsticks...

    29. Shrinky-Dinks!

    30. You used to tape record songs off the radio by holding your portable tape player up to the speaker.

    31. You couldn't wait to get the free animal poster that came when you ordered books from the Weekly Reader book club.

    32. You learned everything you needed to know about girl issues from Judy Blume books ("Are you there God, It's me, Margaret").

    33. You thought Olivia Newton John's song "Physical" was about aerobics.

    34. You wore friendship pins on your tennis shoes, or shoelaces with heart or rainbow designs.

    35. You wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer.

    36. You had a Big Wheel with a brake on the side, and a Sit-n-Spin.

    37. You had subscriptions to Dynamite and Tiger Beat.

    Question (for Hutch and everyone else who wants to play)...

    If you could have any view from your home, of what would it be?

    Wasn't this a repeat for you?

    New question...

    If you were given a yacht today, what would you name it?

    It's finished!

    And it is so gorgeous! The colors in it are bright and cheerful and spunky. It definitely won't go with my hat, so I'll have to wear it on different days from when I'm in the cowgirl mood, but it is a great looking scarf.

    As soon as I figure out how to get a decent phot of it I will because it deserves to be blogged. It needs sunghine on it to show off the brightness of its hue.

    Dogdamn it's awesomely bright. It's a keeper. I just thought of what it reminds me of...


    the muppets! :)

    Small World...

    I was sitting here commenting back to Kathy about her dad, Peppermint Patrick as he's titled his blog and had a memory come slamming back to me from Junior High. A bunch of my friends that year were nicknamed after various cartoon and fictional story characters. One of the really popular leaders of the group deemed himself worthy to bestow the names upon the rest of us. For a while we had names from the Peanuts gang and at another point in time we had names from The Hobbit.

    It just dawned on me that during a semester of seventh grade, all during Mr. Hotujec's math class I had people calling me Peppermint Patty... How's that for coinky-dink?

    (This is where the chorus of little doll voices starts singing "It's a small world, after all... It's a small world, after all... It's a small world, after all... It's a small, small world! And you are all stuck with earworms for the rest of the day)

    Edited to add: It may have worked to give you the ear worm. It may not. But I have an ear worm. Mine is this: Simon and Garfunkel's Sparrow

    Who will love a little Sparrow?
    Who's traveled far and cries for rest?
    "Not I," said the Oak Tree,
    "I won't share my branches with no sparrow's nest,
    And my blanket of leaves won't warm her cold breast."

    Who will love a little Sparrow
    And who will speak a kindly word?
    "Not I," said the Swan,
    "The entire idea is utterly absurd,
    I'd be laughed at and scorned if the other Swans heard."

    Who will take pity in his heart,
    And who will feed a starving sparrow?
    "Not I," said the Golden Wheat,
    "I would if I could but I cannot I know,
    I need all my grain to prosper and grow."

    Who will love a little Sparrow?
    Will no one write her eulogy?
    "I will," said the Earth,
    "For all I've created returns unto me,
    From dust were ye made and dust ye shall be."

    I'm stealing from Kathy again...

    I've only gone pink in the last couple of years. If I'd answered this back when Keli was little, I don't think I'd have had the same answer. And we all know how ACCURATE these quizzes are!

    Girly Mama 2
    You're a girl power mommy! You love to be girly,
    but you're no pushover. Your kids are learning
    that gender differences don't have to mean
    gender inequality. You've taken back pink, and
    you don't care who knows it!

    What kind of a freaky mother are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Who is who?

    I gave you the answers when I first posted them. If you are a big Petty fan, it will be easy to see which ones are him and which ones are Keith. (Well, that and file names will give it away - LOL). Can you pass the test? Who are they?

    1)  Posted by Hello

    2)  Posted by Hello

    3)  Posted by Hello

    4)  Posted by Hello

    5)  Posted by Hello

    6)  Posted by Hello

    7)  Posted by Hello


    Finally, my first love didn't have quite the same strong facial features, but I'd say there were a few similarities nonetheless... Posted by Hello

    It's That Time Again??? wtf?

    My daughter got her yearbook yesterday. For school you know? Last year's yearbook. Uh huh. Last year's. Is this normal? Is this a trend that is happening all over the country now that I didn't know about? I mean, this is the third year for her that she's gotten her previous year's yearbook at the start of the next year and it just floors me and I rant and rave about it in my own little way like this and now I have this blog to rant on so here I am.

    I can understand that on the one hand, if they have the entire year to complete the yearbook, they can put the photos from prom in and all of the sports photos and isn't that just wonderful. But what happened to the great old tradition of getting the book at the end of the school year and wandering around to classmates and having them write farewell messages and phone numbers and stuff in them?

    When I look back at my old annuals, some of the best stuff is what's written in the margins and the inside front and back covers by teachers and students alike! I look at my daughters books with sadness because she hasn't ever had them signed by any of her friends or upper classmen at all. And by the time they get their books the following school year, the kids who were seniors in the book have all graduated and gone off to college maybe. If not, they certainly aren't hanging around the high school waiting to sign yearbooks (well, we hope not, but for the most part they aren't)! What gives? Is this the norm? What's happening in the schools where you are?



    I have a lunch date on Thursday with Hutch. You heard it here first... Starsky and Hutch together again - this week...

    More bullets (don't get hurt)...

    • There's a pleasant bit of news that I'm sure everyone is posting.

    • The scarf is looking so cute! I hope it will sell. I was working on it this afternoon (it is really flying along; I've only worked on it for tiny bits of time and I'm half finished) and said to Keli, "I really think this yarn is pretty." Her response, "Well, at least someone does." Harumph.

    • Who sent that southern hurricane weather north? That's what I wanna know.

    • I'm sitting at my folks' computer. They're on their trip. I'm lovin' me some DSL. I think I'll just live here for the next couple of weeks. Do you think they'd notice the hair of the Hound of Hell when they got back if we all moved up here for a little bit? I'm SURE my brothers wouldn't bust me. If any of you get any comments on your blogs over the next couple of weeks from someone named Zippy and you're wondering who the hell that is, it's probably just me and I forgot to change my mother's nickname on the comment thingy. Heh. :o)

    • I'm feeling blue that nobody else fought for my cyber affections with Pat. I thought he might have some competition after this. I must have scared him off, though. Or I wasn't young enough or blonde enough... *sniffle* Thought things might get a little interesting around here. But it'll just be you and me, Pat. No third parties interferin' in our cyberlove. Unless my husband puts his foot down and calls off this engagement of ours. Or your daughter decides she doesn't like the arrangement. You never know.

    I suppose it's time for me to stop posting and start running. Not in the rain, though. I'll use one of my folks' exercise machines and their cable to watch a movie. There has to be something on tonight.

    Best of Me...

    Part one - Stolen back in June or July from Kathy Howe

    Best curse word: shitdamnfuck

    Best movie line: "Don't blow smoke up my ass, it will ruin my autopsy." Meet Joe Black

    Best sentence from a book: "As the English patient completes one of his long exhalations he snips the wire of his hearing aid with the cutters and drops them back into the satchel." The English Patient

    Best poem: Lemon Pie by Bill Holm

    Best dessert: chocolate

    Best restaurant: Duc’s Vietnamese in Oakdale – yummmmm.

    Best beach: sand in my clothes and shoes isn’t my favorite. Give me a nice clean private pool – for some lap swimming and a deep end for diving. I like to see the bottom and a goodly lack of mucky stuff and critters and biting things.

    Best piece of furniture to own: Nothing that I have. Looking for a really well made Prairie style settle like this. Well, it's a small picture, but you get the idea.

    Best sheets: Lands End flannel in the winter and a really cool cotton in the summer.

    Best mascara: Makeup? Ugh. Is someone asking about makeup here? I do wear lipstick on occasion. But that about does it. I’ll have to try the Mary Kay mascara sometime since it comes highly recommended.

    Best jewel: My diamond from my sweetie. The man who swore he would never ever get married. Then shocked me with that little box from the jeweler for Christmas one year, nestled in with the surge protector/power strip for my computer. Isn’t he romantic?

    Best meal: Cheese and fruit plate or basket with bread/crackers and beverages. Finger food to be eaten anywhere and anytime.

    Best composer: Mozart

    Best wood: I go back and forth on this. Light, dark… I like it all I guess. Currently in our home we have the lightest maple on our floors and all of the trim is painted white. I love that. But I could be convinced that dark trim – that really old antique stuff is gorgeous. Or if it is for burning, something that burns slow and hot, or fragrant.

    Best flowering tree: Plum trees, lilacs, catalpas, put ‘em all in bloom! I love the flowers!

    Best perennial: Perennial… does that mean they flower without replanting? I am so garden stupid. Again – just let ‘em bloom. I’m a little anti-yellow, except for these really easy-peasy daylilies I’ve got blooming right now that I don’t do anything to, but aside from that, give me the flowers that bloom without work. ALL of them!

    Best rose: Running to put in Bed of Roses because it’s been too long… Sterling! Kind of lavender gray and lacking in thorns. Not a huge rose fan, but I like this one because of the movie! But I hate the smell of 'em.

    Best nail polish color: French manicures...

    Best toenail polish color: anything on tan feet, well groomed.

    Best sweater: Denim colored plain old cotton sweater from probably 1980 that my mom bought my dad during a trip to ??? Florida maybe? It stretches out beyond belief between washings and is fraying and falling apart at the ends of the sleeves and various other places, but I wouldn’t part with it for anything. It is totally comfortable and I wear it year round when the weather is chilly. It looks good with everything (no really!). And now I like lots of other sweaters even more because that one is getting really ugly because it is way too big. I have some new ones from Lands End, cotton with snug turtle necks, the lavendar one is beautiful.

    Best shoes: Shoes! Kel and I have a shoe fetish. NOT LIKE THAT! We just love shoes. We like to buy them. A.Lot! So every time we have a garage sale we sell a lot of shoes. And now that her feet are just a bit bigger than mine I get to wear all of her shoes and she gets to wear only some of mine. It’s fun. But best shoes? Crap. How to choose. I guess my Birkenstock sandals. They are really comfortable. But those are actually hers. Next would be my New Balance 587 running shoes. And Kel's other sandals. The ones just like Kazoofus posted a photo of after she hurt her feet in the Diva sandals during the summer.

    Best china: Snort! I have some real dishes my MIL gave us, but what we really love are the pottery pieces that Keith’s grandma picked up by a Japanese potter. There are only four plates and then we have a few mismatched pottery bowls from various artists and different pieces his grandmother has made, things we threw on the wheel when we spent an afternoon with her, things we’ve picked up at summer art shows, etc. Whatever we can find to utilize!

    Best design era: *cough* I don’t even know what this means. I guess our house design or what we were hoping to go for was Arts & Crafts or Mission/Prairie… We ended up a little more eclectic than that, a little more modern with our high ceilings and such.

    Best drink: Now that I’ve lost all taste for anything carbonated, I guess I prefer the Arnold Palmer that I’ve grown to love… An Arnold Palmer consists of ½ Lemonade and ½ Iced Tea. It’s yummy.

    Best soft drink: In my soft drink drinking days, I was a Pepsi girl. Unless I was eating at Barkers in downtown Hudson, Wisconsin. If you ever get there, have a plate of Red Pepper Poppers and wash it down with some 1919 Rootbeer. YumMAY.

    Best salad: Duc’s Egg Roll Salad (with vegetarian egg roll).

    Best pizza place: Papa Murphy’s for the Gourmet Vegetarian without the onions.

    Best baseball team: Twins (even a Cheesehead knows this!)

    Best gift: My daddy’s second shot at life with his open heart surgery in 1990 and my hubby’s successful brain tumor removal in 2001.


    I'm trying to figure out how to break it to my husband that another man has proposed to me...

    I need advice.

    He's such a romantic, too.

    Here's how the cyber conversation has been going:

    Pat said -
    (9/6)keri: will you marry me?
    (9/6)keri: I am waiting-----------patiently. Damn it.
    (9/6)keri: you hoo!!!!!!
    (9/6)Keri Honey: .... edited out for small children and pets ....

    Then Erica joined in the next day with this assistance -
    Keri, I have some onions for you.

    He's so fickle, though. He's been flirting with at least three other women, just in the time I've been reading through finding all of the comments about the proposal, including Erica! I don't think I could trust him. He seems to be quite the ladies man.

    I didn't even realize all of this was going on, because I hadn't stopped back in on that particular comment log after I posted a comment there. Poor Patrick. For those of you who don't know him, he's a new blogger but he's been around the block a few times ;o) as he's Kathy Howe's (Kazoofus!) papa. As I told him, I'd have to consult my husband and that at the very most, we'd have to stick with a long engagement. I haven't heard back from him since.

    Question (for Hutch and everyone else who wants to play)...

    Today we have a question from The Little Book of Stupid Questions...

    What famous person do other people tell you you most resemble?

    Tuesday is Chooseday...

    tuesday is chooseday

    either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

      Would you rather:
    1. watch a known mob hitman kill your friend, turn them in, and have to go into the witness protection program OR keep your mouth shut?
    2. Huh. I think I'd keep my mouth shut.

    3. kick an old man in the groin OR burn an old lady's only wig?
    4. I'll burn the wig. Wigs are replaceable.

    5. eat grape-nuts cereal with live roaches in it OR ice cream with earthworms?
    6. Ice cream. Doesn't say the worms are alive. No wigling and crunching. Blech.

    7. be united states ambassador to afghanistan OR iraq?
    8. Both frightening choices but at this point? Give me Afghanistan.

    Dribs and drabs...

    Here are a few bullets to ruminate upon (but don't hurt yourself, please).

    • I am making (crochet) the most gorgeous scarf tonight from the cutest yarn. The color is absolutely spunky. If it turns out as sweet as I think it is going to, it will be my next fund-raiser for Relay for Life. I'll sell them for cost of materials (and postage) only. When I've finished I'll take a photo and post it and see if I can generate some interest around here.

    • Any other fellow insomniacs still up?

    • The dogdamn wind finally blew in some real weather. I think that's what this multi-day headache has been all about. Now maybe I'll get some relief. Thunder!!!

    • All the talk about the 70's TV shows had me googling earlier today (I didn't remember Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Ben - but I do now!). I found some crazy sites out there complete with sound bites from a lot of great stuff. Amazing what you can find on the web (including people's personal history that absolutely nobody would think is important other than themselves - get the popcorn, heh! On and on they go...)

    • The folks head out in the morning for a little vacation. Dad tried his luck at the casino had breakfast this morning with his friend Jerry. As always when he goes to the casino breakfast, he came home a little fatter than he left. Way to go, Dad!;o)

    • My brother liked my new hat when he saw it today. He was even a little jealous of it because he saw a hat at the fair that he wanted but was unable to buy it due to belt tightening. I didn't have anyone with me restricting my spending that day (as was obvious to anyone watching me during my spree, but I didn't buy everything I wanted!), so I wasn't as frugal as he was. Dad made me tell him my highway story about the hat, too.

    • Speaking of said hat, now that you can see an actual photo of it you can answer confidently whether you think the highway incident was the cyclist trying to make fun of a hick country girl or not.

    Well, I suppose I'll try and get some sleep before the alarm goes off.