Who Says You Can't Go Back?

Kel had a great day yesterday. She went back in time to her very childhood. My Gray Street buddy and I had daughters about the same age and when they were little, we had them in daycare together when we were working, prior to the girls going to school. Every so often, Carolyn and her daughter Mel, stop by to visit their "daycare teacher" (she was so much more than a babysitter after having been a Montesori teacher prior to opening up her daycare). When they do, they all talk about getting Kel and Mel and another of her girls from their time, Claire, together for a reunion.

It finally happened yesterday. Carolyn and I dropped Kel and Mel off around 9 in the morning to spend the day with their Margie. We stuck around for just a bit and reminisced about rules of the daycare and the different personalities of the kids who were there when our girls were. And about our girls personalities at the time. Margie hadn't changed a bit. Things were still the same around the house.

Then Carolyn and I set out for our own day. We headed out for Starbucks and had a little sustenance for breakfast to get ourselves rolling and from there we were off to the megamall. She needed to do some shopping for Mel's Sweet 16 birthday. When lunchtime rolled around, we were off to The Cheesecake Factory at Southdale. We were really good, though. We only had lunch. By the time we finished our main course, we had no room for dessert. Then we thought we'd have a peek around that mall just to see what they had. We ended up staying there a couple more hours because they had such great stores there, too.

We got stuck in rainstorms and traffic on the way back to Margie's to pick the girls back up so we were a little late, but they had made us a new craft to hang on our refrigerator alongside countless others from the years gone by and they'd had many laughs and much fun. E-mail addresses were exchanged and promises to do it again much sooner. Claire had only gotten to stay a short while, so they'll do it sometime when she can be there longer.

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