Weekend Recap...

Phantom was most fabulous! Even though we forgot our opera glasses...

Dinner at the folks' afterwards was quite fun, too. Much of the family was there, though SIL Bonnie had to leave because she was in need of sleep before the midnight shift and so David and Jenn left with her. Cory was off working hard again.

Keith brought home more MST3K DVD's for us to enjoy, so enjoy we did. He and I watched The Atomic Brain Saturday night while Kel was off at the County Fair with her friends. He even made his famous malts!

Then Sunday night he was off to prepare for the hospital stay. Kel and I rented some movies that night and watched House of Sand and Fog together.

Another movie rented that I finally got to see last night, was Return of the King... It was so great! I'm so happy that I finally got to watch it. So Lisa, WHAT SAY YOU?!!!! :)

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