We did it! For Eric...

Keli and I ran to Alva's house! And it was a hot and muggy day for it. Of course, we had to run at the worst time for it - right around 2 pm when the sun seems at it's blisteringly worst on the pavement. But I had that dentist appointment this morning, and didn't get back to the old hometown until nearly 1.

So we ran up and visited Alva, which was fun because she was there this time. And she gave us cold water, which we desperately needed. And we laughed and chatted with her. Then we ran back to the folks' house.

Now I'm tired enough for a nap. I think I just might take one.

Today's run was for Eric, the honorary co-chair of this year's Relay for Life. He had just received the devastating news on the day of the Relay that there was nothing more they could do for his leukemia and he and his young wife knew that he had literally weeks at the most left to live because he stopped all treatments at that time. He came to the opening ceremonies that night and gave a beautifully moving and uplifting speech just the same. He died only days later. It's people like Eric who make me keep running and asking all of you to keep opening your hearts and your wallets to the American Cancer Society. I don't even care if you give it through me and my Relay for Life efforts. Just keep giving until they find a cure. Because I know that they will... and won't it be cool to know that you were one of the people who helped them do that?!

But I'd appreciate it muchly if you donate it through my Relay team! You can do that through the paypal button on this site! :)

Today's miles: 5.0
Total so far: 225.37
Still to go for goal: 274.63

Okay. First a shower, then that nap.

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