(See bulleted list at bottom for condensed version of this post!) Because we aim to please! :)

Well, my shoes are, as yet, still wet. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to run by the end of the weekend. Today you still have a walker on your hands. I hope nobody has a problem with that. I not only walked but push mowed some of the lawn today. Tomorrow I'll try the towels in the shoes and the shoes in the dryer trick from Zippy...

And dad rode (you know it's been a long day when it takes you five minutes to spell the word rode) the tractor. He had no problems with the mower blades stopping. I swear that man is magic.

But before I got around to the mowing, I met Mystic Marge at our Postal place for a writing session. I promise to get those things posted to the new site this next week. I will take time for that when Keli is settled in school and after I get my fix of the State Fair and after Keith's follow-up doc appointment and ... soon. Promise. And Marge will get trained in too. But she's moving into her new digs ya know. She's quite busy. Soon.

So we wrote. And it was good. Because it had been a couple of weeks. And we drank coffee and ate danishes (that was for Kel and if she ever read my blog, I would have made her laugh, but she doesn't - woe is me).

But even before I met Maniacal Marge, I had Keli drive me to the old hometown because she is practicing her driving! And she is doing very well at it. Kudos to her.

So after writing, we went to Tarzhay where we got a couple of things, and then to a couple of home improvement stores where I had to get a couple of things and return a couple of things. And then the kiddo drove us home where Dad and I worked on the mowing, as I said. And there was much walking and rejoicing.

Then Kel drove me back to the old hometown again where I had a lovely massage.

And then it became my special in-between birthdays birthday or something because I got one of these! Yes indeedy-do! I'm set for miles and miles of bad weather running now boys and girls... Season two good to go... I'm so spoiled (and excited!).

Then Kel drove back to our neck of the woods and a party she was attending. It's the last weekend of summer break for her so her friends are having a bonfire tonight. That's where she is spending her last hurrah.

So I headed off to the cities movin and groovin to some of my favorite tunes (I find Michael Buble is always a fun sing along with the windows down on the freeway - fellow twin citians be watching for me on Friday and Sunday nights) to pick up my honey and now I'm off to dream land right after I post a late-night question for the Hutchster...

Today's miles: 4.17
Total so far: 244.14
Still to go for goal: 255.86

Today in condensed version... for you skimmers :)

  • Rode

  • Wrote

  • Shopped

  • Rode

  • Mowed

  • Walkin' & Rejoicin'

  • Rode some more

  • Rubbed

  • Received and thus rejoiced

  • Rode

  • Moved and Grooved along the 494 corridor

  • Blogged - like duh
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