This one is for Murphy...

Well, since my shoes are soaked and Hutch says No More Excuses, I suppose ya'll are going to have to let me get my mileage some other way besides running. And since you are such kind and wonderful people, you'll allow that, huh?

So today I strapped on walking shoes and got my miles by walking - every where I could.

Today's miles: 4.2
Total so far: 239.97
Still to go for goal: 260.03

And I'm devoting the miles to Murphy today. And here's why...

  • The day was a good one. I got several things accomplished. I did some errand running. I stopped at a home improvement store because I'm doing some things to improve the home. While at home on another day I made a count of cabinet doors because I'm putting new knobs on them and had written down just how many knobs I needed to buy. So when I got to the store I went to pull out the list and guess what? No list. So I sat there in the parking lot and drew a little diagram. I've lived in this house for eight years, you'd think I could remember how many cabinets there are. Got home and I'd missed one. One knob short of a full deck. :)

  • The electrician came today. He had several projects to work on. Went to put in the new lights. I bought a couple different kinds. Two to be exact. Two kinds of lights by the same manufacturer. I read the box... light bulb included. He went to install them, and only one type came with the bulb, not both. Ack. :)

  • Tomorrow morning the garbage truck comes to pick up the trash. I missed it last week and the trash can is now very heavy and full because of it. So tonight I emptied garbages around the house, strapped a bungie on the lid of the can, loaded it into the trailer my dad gave us for the tractor, and hitched it on up. It had gotten dark by the time I did all of this, but that's okay, the tractor has a light! Besides, it was raining earlier in the evening and that wouldn't have made for a very fun ride. I got the recycling box wedged into the trailer beside the trashcan and started off down the road.

    It was a beautiful night... There was still a bit of red off on the western horizon. Looking straight above me there was a circular opening in the clouds - a clearing through which you could see the heavenly bodies. The humidity was lower, the temperature had dropped, the bugs were gone. Like I said, it was a beautiful night. I was about two-thirds of the way to the end of the road where I leave the trash when it happened. Yep. I ran out of gas. The tractor died. The lights went out. Silence. Murphy said it was time to put some more mileage on that pedometer. Even if I was wearing my hiking boots. Dognabbit. So I began to walk. That's when it started to rain. Not a lot. Just a couple of drops. Just so Murphy could remind me who was in charge. Again. For the umteempth time today.

    I put the mostly full gas can in the back of the car, got the kid off the phone and computer and loaded into the car with me and we drove out to the tractor. I filled the tank, turned the car around and sent Kel and the car back to the house so I could continue on my way.

  • I finished my task without any more incidents. And so far, I've had no further incidents the rest of the evening. But I'm knocking on wood. Because knowing Murphy, he isn't finished with me yet.

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