It's true... I wanted to get myself another duck (as explained way back here). And I thought with only a little over six miles to go, I could do that in one run. And I'm sure that I could have today. But when I got within site of the folks' house after five miles, I just couldn't see going another whole mile.

It was a gorgeous day. Spectacular. Deep blue skies, sunshine, warm. I was lovin' it. I had run the fourth mile and had some hills. Finished that mile off and had to walk. Was breathin' heavy and thought, "That's it. I'm done runnin' for today. I've had it. And within about fifty yards of walking, I'm listening to Petty just jammin' along to Free Falling and I'm running again! So it was one of those kind of days. I felt great out there. And I still felt so good when I got done that I was dancing around in my folks' house. I think Dad thought I was goofy. Petty does that to me. I feel so healthy right now. Better than I have in years. I feel like I'm regaining my youth - aging backwards or something. But six miles? Nahhh. Leave that for the kids. :)

Today's miles: 5.3
Total so far: 198.47
Still to go for goal: 301.53

Thanks for all the great ideas for writing Ken! Actually, I haven't really read them yet, I only opened the comments up and noticed that you put a bunch of them out there... cool! I didn't read them because we like to go with them cold and not having thought about them in advance. I especially don't want to have any time ahead of Ms. Marge to think about them. But THANK YOU! I'd love to see more from others out there, too... Mom, you were asking me some questions when I was at your house yesterday, and those would make good writing topics, why don't you put those in the comments. At least that first one you asked me. Do you remember it? You know, the one I couldn't/wouldn't answer at the time?

Gotta hit the showers. I stink/stank/stunk. And Kel is due outta field show practice soon. The old hometown band is doing their field show practice right now, too. It's kinda sad really. I told Kel that my old high school band is practicing for their field show, too. Her response??? "Booo!" I'm raising my daughter in our rival high school! What have I done??? Know what else? I wouldn't go back to being 16 years old for anything.

How about you?

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