Running in the Rain... for Delores

Today I ran for my mom's cousin Delores who passed away earlier this summer after battling cancer.

Keli ran with me again this evening and we again did the loop in the old hometown because it is Kel's favorite route. It started out hot and humid. We ran east and away from the sun in the late afternoon. But as we turned north and then began coming around to the west, we saw some dark clouds and I began to wonder if we wouldn't get rained on.

Coming down the hill past the housing development that housed some of my classmates back in the day (JL, JR, BR if you are following along, Hutch - and to name the few that I know about, all guys), it got even darker. Half a mile further along and there was a rumble in the sky. "Thunder!" Kel said.

"Nah, airplanes..." I disagreed. She argued with me, but there were indeed a couple of planes in the sky at the time and I stuck with my argument, even though I doubted it myself.

A quarter of a mile further up the road, the first sploppy drops of rain began to fall.

"It's raining!" she said.

"Nah, it's a figment of your imagination!" I cried...

"WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME?" she shouted as I continued down the road and she stopped dead in her tracks looking at me slack-jawed.

I began to laugh, "I was just joking!" I had to stop so she could hear me. "How can I not believe you when the proof is falling on my head?"

"How could you not believe me when the proof was rumbling up in the sky?"

We began to run again and within minutes the individual sploppy drops had become and absolute deluge. We were soaked within seconds of this downpour. We ran another three quarters of a mile up a couple of great hills when we saw my dad coming towards us in his little car. He stopped to see if we wanted a ride, but we were so wet by then, and only another quarter or half mile from there place, so we continued on.

It actually felt great to be cooled off by the rain. And it had been so warm that the rain only took the temperature down a slight bit. Just enough really. It was a wonderful run. That reminds me. I must go get our running stuff out of the car to get it washed out and the shoes out to dry so they are ready for tomorrow. I only have six days left to get to my self-imposed goal of 300 miles. I can definitely make it, but I'd like dry shoes to do it in.

Today's miles: 5.2
Total so far: 235.77
Still to go for goal: 264.23

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