Today we're on a tour of the barns! We're in the poultry barn and you're lagging behind the tour group checking out the chickens in all their clucking glory. Aren't there some fascinating beauties, by the way? I'm always amazed by the variety of chickens - some of them so fancy! Which one of your classmate's names are you stunned to find attached to that prize-winning rooster over there against the far wall strutting his stuff for the hens?

(Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!) Although, anyone who wants to join in is welcome... 'specially when ya'll know so many of our classmates! heh...

Hutch - if my dog has recovered enough to feel we can get to the fair tomorrow and don't need to make a trip to the veterinarian instead, perhaps we'll see you there. Kel and I are meeting a couple of other friends there in the morning. Good eatin'!!!

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