So, you prefer the multiple choice questions... okay, I'll come up with something easier tonight. Although I did just give you the easiest question ever the other day, if you'll recall... Ooooh! I found a multiple choice question the MINUTE SECOND I opened up The Little Book of Stupid Questions! It must be fate because there aren't very many multiple choice questions in there! :) I guess it was meant for you.

And anyone else who wants to answer, please feel free. That was pretty fun yesterday! Especially since you all knew just who I was talking 'bout! You had me in stitches. Okay, here we go...

Given the choice between the following occupations, which would you select, assuming they all received the same level of compensation:

  • a highly successful professional magician

  • a highly successful professional ice skater

  • a highly successful professional clown

  • a highly successful professional exercise guru

  • (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

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