There was a kid at our grade school waaaaaaaaaay back in the day... I don't remember if he continued on to Middle School or if he moved before then or not. He lived up in a house just below the water tower if I remember right - on the same street as you, only much closer to the cemetery. Do you remember him? Blonde, I think. Quiet guy. Nice. I ran past his house the other day and thought about him.

Reminded me of another child from our class who moved away in grade school, too. Lisa? Red hair... said very funny things... Talked Valley Girl way before Valley Girl was a thing. I think. Or am I remembering that wrong? Gag me with a spoon...

(Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

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