Went to see Broadway Bound, a Neal Simon play put on at our local theater last night. It was really great. There is a local boy who we admire greatly when we get to see him and he has played Eugene in Brighton Beach Memoirs already at this same theater a few years back. I thought he was delightful then and was really looking forward to his portrayal here, too. We had a lot of fun. Kel thought this was the best play we'd seen there.

This week I'll have to get her to My Fair Lady at the University. Her friend Bren is playing in that.

And next weekend we're off to see Phantom of the Opera. I've been saying for a long time that if it came back to the Twin Cities I would have to take Kel. It was the first big production I ever saw back when Keith and I were first dating and I really loved it. Well, it's here again. It isn't at the Ordway, where I'd really prefer to see it, but I want to get Kel to it before she heads off to college and it too far away to join me. Hope she can stay awake through it with all of her marching this week!

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