Peaceful Slumber

I slept! Some glorious several hours! Until Kel woke me up to say she was going to be going for coffee with some friends if that was okay with me. But that was around 9 and after several wonderful hours. It is a beautiful morning and I wouldn't have wanted to sleep any later than that anyway. So I tossed on some jeans and a t-shirt and went out into the garden to do some more weeding (it's neverending, but a nice therapeutic thing to do - specially early in the morning) so I would be a parental presence when friends arrived.

I don't know too many from this group and wanted to meet more of them if anyone was with Brit. I have met her a few times. Kel came out and chatted with me while I worked. After a while the neighbors' dog began to bark and Kel asked if that was Brit coming. We can't see anyone coming down the road through the forest, but I could hear her car... definitely. :) "Sounds like it." She laughed. She emerged through the trees a minute later.

I then came in and asked Keith if he was going to get his lazy butt (heh) ready so we could go get our usual Saturday morning coffee soon too. That's what he's doing now. We'll head a different direction than the kids probably did. Kel didn't know which coffee house they were going to, but I doubt they were on the way to my old hometown. I'll take him that way.

So I've been thinking about adding Google Adserve to the site. I know I don't get a whole lot of traffic with my loyal three readers, but if those three loyal readers clicked on the ads or used the new Google search function here often enough and went to the ads THAT brought up, it could generate a little money that I could then apply toward the Relay (paying taxes on that money first, of course grumble grumble)... but just one more thought I had about how to raise funds for the EXCELLENT cause that is the Relay for Life. THOUGHTS?

Okay. Keith is ready to roll. We're off for mochas. Hope people are enjoying their weekends. I'm not the only one actually posting on a Saturday!

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