On the Road... for Real!

Tonight's run was for Paul C... He was a dear friend of Keith and his family. After his death from cancer a couple of years ago, Keith dreamed that he saw Paul out in our field just beyond the woods flying a kite. When Keith and his brothers were younger, Paul would fly kites with them... In the dream, Keith knew that Paul had died and so he went to him and asked him how it was for him now after death and if he was happy and comfortable wherever he was now. If I remember the dream okay, Paul looked at him and smiled peacefully and kept on flying the kite, giving Keith the greatest feeling of serenity and comfort.

Today's miles: 5.0
Total so far: 220.37
Still to go for goal: 279.63

I had a fun run tonight. I went to the old hometown again so Kel could drive with grandma as I said. Then grandma dropped her off at the movie theater where she met some friends for Alien vs. Predator... her review - a total boys movie and not something she would have chosen had her friends not been going.

My dad had a class reunion meeting (his 55th reunion) scheduled for 7. I assumed (heh) I knew where the meeting was being held since it wasn't at their house and decided it would be fun to drop in on them during my run. So I headed that direction. I thought I'd just run to Alva's house, knock on the door, request a drink of water and say hello to the reunion committee, getting pats on the back for my hard work (cuz I knew they'd be impressed thinking it was such a long way for me to run - it wasn't really), then I'd turn around and run back to the folks' house. So I put on the headphones and headed out. I was jamming along to Petty and smiling at my cleverness all the way there.

So I get to Alva's house and it's deserted. There isn't a car in the driveway, the garage door is shut tight and I can tell I've got the wrong location for the meeting. So I turn around and start the return journey anyway.

It was still a really fun run. I had a dog nearly give me a heart attack in its absolute exuberance and overwhelming joy to see me coming down its street. I've never seen a dog so happy to see a person. A larger dog. Unleashed and unfenced. Yep. It jumped up on me after running straight at me full speed. I didn't notice until after it jumped that its tail was wagging wildly and it was actually grinning, not barring its teeth to attack.

Then we watched some great olympic coverage of swimming and gymnastics, both of which I love. I'd love it more to see more all around world coverage, though, rather than American-centered coverage. I understand it, but I still prefer to see more of all of the nations covered.

On the drive home, Kel convinced me to let her drive on the road for the last couple of miles. It was late and there weren't any other cars on the road. She has to get on the road for some practice soon, so there she goes. It went well. She was slow and careful and in her lane and I didn't freak out. That was important.

Tomorrow I'm off to the dentist for a cleaning in the morning. I'm hoping to get her out of bed on time to head back to the hometown then, too. Maybe for some more practice. Our time is running out. According to the driving school contract, (did I write this already? deja vu) she has to sign up for the behind the wheel by next week. Ack.

And she wants to run that 5 mile course with me tomorrow, too. She wants to run to Alva's with me. :)

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