Number One with a Bullet...

  • Why does it sound like a war zone around here tonight? I suppose someone must be setting off fireworks or something. It's loud. And it isn't anywhere close to the fourth of July anymore. hmmm.

  • My daughter wasn't able to go see Bren's play tonight. It was sold out when I called at 6 pm to listen to info about tickets. Maybe tomorrow night. So she went to a party at another one of her ex-boyfriend's house instead. Have I mentioned lately that I wouldn't be 16 again for nuttin'? I don't care how social her life is. It sucks to be a teenager. I had a steady boyfriend all through high school. My life was relatively calm. And I still wouldn't go back and do it all again. Yuck.

  • I cleaned my house today. It's a Thursday thing to do. It's a good thing for a Thursday because on Friday the hubby comes home for the weekend and the house starts out in a kind of nice state this way. Doesn't stay that way for long with bringing his suitcase and a cooler and boxes and such in the door and him living out of those things for the weekend and stuff coming here from the apartment and then stuff going there from here that it's been discovered that he needed and vice-versa. But come Sunday night after I load him up and take him back over there, I can usually put things in their place relatively easily before heading to bed and start the week off in a pretty calm state. After two and a half years of this, I've almost got a routine down. Geeze, it took me long enough!

  • Kel has ended up with a really ripe sunburn after all her work in the afternoons on the field show this week (with an spf50 sunblock on). Only six more days of it before they get to perform what they've got so far for all us parents and we have the big cookout. The kids knock themselves out for two weeks learning as much of the show as they can and then show their stuff. Then when school starts they work on it some more during a class on marching an hour a day during the fall quarter. They'll have one competition in September about mid-month. That will be the first. Then nearly every weekend in October they'll travel around the state doing other competitions. It's my favorite month of the year. I love following them around, videotaping and predicting scores and winners. The show promises to be a good one this year. And Kel is a nervous wreck because she has a solo and will be front and has to stand up on a box to perform it and that's much more "in your face" than the little two note show opener solo she did last year.

  • Mom treated me to a new swimsuit the other day. And I get to test it out in the pool tomorrow when I meet up with Pooh (not poo, Pooh!) at the folks' and go swimming with her during her lunch break from work.

  • Russell Stover S'mores are da bomb! (and very dangerous - eat with caution... buy them singles if you can or have someone else buy them and dole them out to you if possible).

  • Kel and I watched Stand By Me last night. We laughed a lot. It's a good old movie. I had remembered this from back in the mid 80's when I saw it in the theater, of course. Kel was skeptical in looking at the dvd packaging. I told her I was going to watch it and asked if she wanted to watch it with me. "Is that the one about the boys?" But she did join me and she did enjoy it. Most enjoyable? The music. Halfway through after loving everything heard so far she finally turned to me and said, "We have got to get this soundtrack." Yep, I raised a kid with well-rounded musical tastes... She's an eclectic one. And she's loading it all on her iPod.

  • Heard today that Ralph Fiennes, one of my favorite actors (well he's certainly not hard to look at!) will be playing Lord Voldemort in the next Harry Potter! I thought it sounded like a great match... He's played a couple of evil guys already (in Schindler's List and Red Dragon).

  • Well, that's enough of the random bullets for tonight. Stay tuned for Q4H. Then I'm gonna go do some of my own writing before I have to go get Kel from the party. I didn't make her find her own ride tonight. I should have. I'm sure someone could have gotten her home. I didn't like the immediate options available, however.

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