My skin hurts...

and my family is sick of hearing me whine about it. So now all of you get to hear it. But only this once. One little six square inch patch in the center of my back hurts like when you get a fever. I just put some bacitracin on it. Maybe that will help (except that the stuff expired about five years ago, so meh?)... Don't know why it hurts. Doesn't look any different than any of the rest of the skin on my body according to everyone I've made look at it (about four people now). So I'm sure it's nothing and will go away on its own eventually.

We're heading out to the field show performance in just a bit. Or at least I am. Keith may not. We'll see.

Dad was here when I returned with Keith from the hospital at around 10:30 this morning. He was on the tractor mowing. I changed into my work duds (complete with straw cowboy hat) and grabbed the push mower to finish the hand mowing around the house, in the dog kennel and in the impossible to tractor-mow areas. We finished up close to the same time.

He then grabbed the new mailbox I purchased early this week and he and Keith drove out to the road and replaced our smashed-in one. Someone decided to beat up our box over the weekend. Looks like they took a tire iron or crowbar to it. They managed to puncture the top of it four or five times. The box is attached to a wooden frame with two other boxes and ours was the only one hit. Did I write about this already? I think it was deliberate against us. I sound paranoid, I know. It's a silly way to take out anger against a teenager. Especially when the teenager doesn't have to deal with the results and it's just a mom home dealing with the broken box and the rain and the door that doesn't shut and a dad who is in the hospital all week. It sucked, to put it mildly. But it's fixed now. Let's hope it lasts. Thanks Dad.

So the yard looks great and I'm clean and still awake and almost ready to go off to the field show. Guess I'll go finish up for that.

Glad it warmed up around here today. It's a beautiful day! Beautiful enough for a run if I can get up the energy after the show. There is excitement going on in the old hometown... a flasher wearing a pillowcase over his head with holes cut out for his eyes has been spotted in the early morning exposing himself to women out on their jogs. Why does this remind me of the Unknown Comic of the Gong Show days??? :D Makes me want to start running with a clapper that I could use to hit the gong with if he makes an appearance! heh... okay. I'm going...

Hope everyone is having a great day. Enjoy the weekend. Stop by. Maybe I'll actually get a chance to blog once in a while and can post some mileage.

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