Our little house is mourning the loss of Joe.

Yes, we awakened yesterday to find that he was gone. We knew that he was ill. In fact, just the night before, we stopped by a booth at the MOA to ask a young man what his opinion was of the life expectancy of a Betta fish. Because you see, Joe was our (Keli's) Betta.

In his younger days, Joe was a beautiful little blue Betta. But recently, he'd gotten a little, um, off... color that is. Kind of like
this, maybe? With some blue still around the edges. It was a sad thing. Then a few days ago when I tried to feed him, Joe didn't want to eat anymore. That's when we asked the young man at the mall who was selling Bettas in tiny little vases with bamboo plants how long they typically lived.

He looked at us rather sadly, like he knew why we were asking. He pointed to the Bettas in the really small vases and said, "Well, the ones in the tiny vase will live on average one to two years. But the ones in the larger vase tend to live less than a year. I don't know why, but they seem to do better the smaller the container they are in... As sad as they look and as that seems."

"Wow. That's interesting. Thanks a lot..."

We wandered away and I looked at Kel. She looked at me and our eyes got wide. The vase that our Joe was in was about twenty times bigger than the bigger sized one he pointed to!

"We should move him!" she said to me.

"We'll find him something smaller this weekend." I said to her.

We finished our shopping and went to get Keith. When I got up in the morning yesterday and went in the kitchen, I checked on Joe like I always do when I'm at the sink and I couldn't find him. I thought perhaps she had gotten up in the middle of the night and moved him herself. After moving the plant around in the jar searching among the roots, I finally spotted him lying at the bottom, blending with the glass beads, looking quite blue again. Poor Joe. Poor Kel.

We don't know how old he was when he came to live with us, but he lived here for ten months and we knew nothing about Bettas prior to his arrival after our winning him in the silent auction at her school. It was a tricky ride home that night, too! And first he went to a party at her friend's house - he's lucky he made it home alive!

He was loved. Wish we had a photo of him. RIP Joe!

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