Mileage update...

because every little bit is important!

I actually drove the loop Kel and I ran yesterday and had guessed at the miles on when I wrote the post last night. Well, I shorted us a few tenths of a mile so I am updating here to correct that slight underage. Would I have corrected it had I been over with the guess? You bet. But probably within the original post and without announcing it. I just wanted to let you know why my mileage had suddenly jumped up a bit, in case anyone were that observant (as if anyone pays that close of attention!).

Today's miles: +.4
Total so far: 230.57
Still to go for goal: 269.43

Did a lot of running around today... Went to the old hometown and the favorite coffee shop there, drove yesterday's running route, stopped at the folks' house where we visited with Dad for a bit, he had a phone call from mom who happened to be at the big event of the weekend for the area - Pepper Festival.

This festival boasts things such as a hot pepper eating contest, spaghetti eating contest, talent contest, street dances, foot races, carnival, a king and queen are chosen along with princesses who then ride around in parades where they are known to dance the macarena among other things on a float bearing a giant pepper. Gallons of spaghetti and meatball and hot dago sandwiches and raviolli and other delectible Italian dishes are served up over the course of the three day event to hundreds of people who claim to be Italian for the duration of the festival...

Anyway, mom wanted dad to come up and join her for lunch there, and since we were visiting with him, he asked if we'd give him a ride so he wouldn't have to find a place to park. He could just ride home with her. So we did that next, then hit the Bullseye store, then the grocery store before finally heading home. I love small town celebrations! :)

Now I'm going to make a non-meat meat pie for dinner...

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