Mad City...

Missed out on Thursday's posting adventures because Keli and I made a mad dash to Mad City (Madison). While I was gone, I missed out on Mark's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Mark!

ALL of her friends (yes EVERYBODY who's ANYBODY I tell you!) got to go to Indianapolis for GenCon (The Best Four Days in Gaming) and her cold, heartless, cruel mother would not let her go! (Wow - if you clicked on that link, you might have seen their exciting guests of honor - David Carradine from Kung Fu; Walter Koenig from the original Star Trek series, he was one of my favorite characters; Gil Gerard, Mr. Buck Rogers himself! Erin Gray, also from Buck Rogers; Marc Singer, Beast Master - remember him? Heck I should have taken her to this thing! Woohoo!!! Tanya Roberts from Beastmaster and Charlie's Angels; Herbert Jefferson Jr. From Battlestar Gallactica; Richard Hatch, also from Battlestar Gallactica; Linda Blair from the Exorcist! and more!)

Okay... she asked me on the phone from Colorado in the middle of her month-long stay... if she could get in a car with four or however many other teenagers and drive to Indianapolis and stay in a hotel for a gaming convention of which I knew nothing and truly, at that time, she really knew nothing either, other than her friends were going. She isn't really much of a gamer, she just wanted to go... so sue me. Madison was our way of getting out and having a little fun together away from home since we had no vacation as a family this year. Madison is one of our favorite places.

We drove the four hours down there, did some shopping on State Street, ate dinner at our favorite Tutto Pasta, and drove the four hours back. We had a lot of laughs in the time it took us to do all of that. And I was only a little clumsy. What was up with that? I guess I was so busy looking around at all of the sights (people watching can be fun on State Street and there was a lot of construction going on, so I had to be looking up a lot), that I wasn't looking at the ground enough. I stepped on the edge of the sidewalk and turned my ankle nearly falling into a spot in the sidewalk where they had a tree planted... I fell of a curb and into the street, causing my daughter to hold me like an old woman and us both to laugh like silly people every time we crossed the street after that... I stumbled down a six inch ramp in the parking garage and stumbled back up it again when I ran to the car to get the parking ticket to do the prepay thing... It was one of those days. She blames the shoes I was wearing.

I was disappointed to find that my (our?) favorite ice cream parlor was gone (Chocolate Coyote ~ correct me on the name those of you who know better - I know it ended with Coyote)! Replaced by an upscale but stupid women's fashion store. We walked into it and then turned and walked back out again when we saw just how stupid.

State Street has undergone a lot of changes since our last visit. We were quite shocked. Gone were the fountains that we frequently saw little kids climbing in (and not so frequently, people in need of a wash-up). It was too chilly of a day to head over to Menona Terrace, but we wanted to.

We considered it a successful trip since Keli found a white skirt and she's wanted one and looked for one on every trip down there that we've ever made. At first she saw the price of it and balked, but then I saw the sign that everything on that rack was 50% off and she became happy. It was in an Indian designs store where they had some beautiful things. She also went to Urban Outfitters hoping to find the bracelet she had seen a few days earlier at their Mall of America store when she had no money to purchase it, but they didn't have it in the color she wanted. We will probably head that direction today when we pick Keith up from his place for the weekend.

So that was our excitement yesterday! I didn't get a run in. But that will come today before the next big thrill... And now for Hutch's make up question of the day. Stay tuned... I should have saved the state fair questions for next week when the fair is actually going on, but I'm on a roll... They may last through the entire ten days then and still carry me through now, too.

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