Looking for IDEAS!

Marge and I are meeting early on Friday for our writing date. And we want to write like the wind! (does that trigger any lyrics for you Ken? for me it brought up Bob Seeger, but I guess that's Against the Wind and not exactly what we're going for here... heh). Anyway, we are looking for writing topics on which to expound, elucidate, extemporate, and expatiate for ten-minute periods of time (minimally) and we want your fabulous (and even your lousy) ideas!

Please pop on out to the comments section, leave a word or a phrase or even a sentence with which to kick us off on our rants. If I can convince Ms. Marvelous Marge of the beneficence of the idea, I may kick off a whole new blog in which we post the results of these resplendent pieces of literary genius... *cough*

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