Last Chance!

Get those writing ideas in quick! Ms. Marvelous Magical Marge and I are meeting at 8 am and if I'm going to get them printed and take them along with us, I'll need your writing topics ASAP!

I've gotten some ideas from Ken and from Ziggy (aka my mom) so far, but I'd love even more! I slapped together a quick blog this afternoon that we can put the stuff we dash off out on if Mystical Miraculous Marge agrees to it and we decide to share the fun.

Keeping in mind this is just our "what we toss together in ten minutes" based on whatever topic we turn up. Throw out a topic and say "Go"... write for ten minutes keeping our pens moving and letting whatever come bubbling up from that topic flow out of the pen... You never know what you're going to get. And it is totally unedited... I'll keep you posted on that.

If you have a word, phrase or idea for us to write about at our favorite writing haunt, please comment NOW!

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