It's true...

I haven't gotten a single mile in all this week while Keith has been in the hospital.

But tomorrow? - or rather later today? I'm going to get some distance in. I'm having one of those nights. So I may not be getting sleep tonight, but I will be putting some distance on the mileage meter during the daylight hours later.

Kel and I watched 13 Going on 30 earlier. Cute movie. It has Mark Ruffalo as a male lead... He's from Wisconsin don'tcha know... He had a brain tumor, too. And he's hot. :)

Getting hotel reservations made for the field show overnights coming up in October. Well, actually Mom got those reservations made... Thanks mom! My favorite month approacheth! I love this time of year! Later this afternoon, the band will be on the field showing us what they have been knocking themselves out to learn over the past two weeks, unveiling the show they are all so excited about this year.

Going to pick Keith up at the hospital in a few hours. Glad that's over with and I know he is too. He did finally get to watch Ferris Beuller's Day Off all of the way through, though! He joins the ranks of all the rest of the real world! :) Now he'll know what she's talking about when Kel starts quoting random pieces of it (as she is likely to do frequently, but it always fits the situation perfectly!).

Guess I'll go fold some laundry and check my to do list. I'm sure there is something else I could get done before the sun rises.

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