A good run... For Matt K...

This one was for my dear Diva friend KathyC's Uncle Matt. And it was a great run!

The sun was bright and there was a nice breeze (thank goodness). I'd had a couple of cups of coffee so I was slightly worried about dehydration from the caffeine so I did have a bit of water at the folks' before I took off on my determined route. Still, when I got out to the furthest point, and was on that black pavement, and seemed to be totally surrounded by tall weeds, trees, a few houses, just enough high stuff that the wind wasn't reaching me... I was HOT. And parched. Not titched, Jena, just parched - inside joke... :)

There is a hill early in the route - a large hill (going up toward JL's housing development from our class, his parents still live there - Hutch) and while I've been running all the way up it, I've been nearly dying at the top and soon after, having to walk for a few steps once I get up there until I catch my breath. Yesterday, a great Petty song came on half a mile before the hill (quarter mile maybe) and made me smile like a dope. I've increased my pace because I really wanted to push myself on this one and I asked myself "Why the heck are you smiling?" Oh yeah, I'm crazy like that - talking to myself in my head all the time while I'm running. I'm goofy like Hutch said.

Better yet, I answered myself. "I'm smiling because it is a gorgeous day out here and I've got kicka$$ music playing in my ears and because I'm healthy enough to be doing this. And I'm smiling because I'm about to run all the way up that damn hill. And I'm going to smile all the way up. In fact, I'm going to smile all the way through the rest of this run. People driving by me are going to think I'm nuts."

I kicked butt on that hill. I ran up it with ease.

Okay. That's an exaggeration. But I did run up it with a smile on my face. And it was a genuine smile. And I didn't walk at the top. I kept running. I ran nearly the entire 5.5 miles. Except the usual warmup. Which I think I walk too much of because if I walked less of that I'd probably be stronger for the run. And I walked a decent cool down, too. Because I just really enjoy that walking/practically strutting back to the house when I'm done. Grinning like an idiot.

Is this what they mean when they talk about a runner's high? I've never really experienced that. I don't think. Unless this is it. This weird talking to myself and grinning like a dope. And enjoying the music and the day. Whatever it is, I'll just keep on doing it. Because I'm still having fun. I'll stop when it isn't fun anymore.

Today's miles: 5.5
Total so far: 206.97
Still to go for goal: 293.03

Don't know if I'll get a run in today. But maybe I should, as Lisa put it, get some miles on that new swimsuit. She's right about summer being nearly over. Maybe Kel and friend would like to go up to the folks' and go swimming for a bit today.

Looks like rain right now, though. Only a short blip on the radar. One can hope.

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