Friendly Target Practice...

Ran in to another old friend today. She and I go back to... let's see... summer after my sophomore year of high school. We met on a trip out west that we were both involved with for a youth group. The group split into four or five different groups for a week of hiking in the mountains of Montana and a mutual friend convinced me to go in his group so I would get to know this girl better and would be able to hang out with them. I don't remember his logic, but I'm glad that I did. She and I became best friends on that trip and were inseperable after that. For a long time anyway.

Today as mom and I were going through the checkout line at Target I saw her enter the store and disappear. I handed mom the bag of stuff and told her that I'd meet her back at her house in a bit and that I was going to go try and find P if I could first and I headed in the direction I had last seen her. I circled the entire store before I finally found her. I snuck up behind her with, "Do you feel like you are being hunted? I've been circling this store looking for you ever since you walked in while I was checking out..."

She gave me a huge hug and said she was really glad that I had found her. We stood there talking for probably an hour before she finally had to leave to get her kids from their swimming lessons. We're meeting on Friday during her lunch. I'm really glad I saw her. I was just thinking this morning how it would be great to have a reunion of that youth group, too. I wonder if that will ever happen?

I suppose it's doubtful.

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