For Sam C...

Woot! Even on no sleep I put in the mileage that I was afraid I wouldn't get to. Today's miles are for my dear friend KathyK's Grandpa Sam...

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 210.47
Still to go for goal: 289.53

While I ran, Kel went and did some practice driving in a parking lot with her Grandma. This was a good thing. I am totally stressing over this whole thing. Everytime she gets behind the wheel with me, I flip out. I just can't handle it. Grandma? Didn't stress out. They got along much better. Phew. Thank doG. And where was this parking lot? The local Catholic church. Yep. I think Grandma knows what she's doing.

Prior to the running/driving we had the event at the school where we saw the field show as it stands at this point and had some eats afterward. Kel's solo went well (nope, she isn't on a box yet - have I mentioned this?) and they've learned an incredible amount in ten days. Grandma and Grandpa, eldest brother's wife and daughter, joined Keith and I in the audience. Kel's best friend was in attendance along with her sister and dad. Other friends of hers were there to watch. Lots of parents and grandparents were in the crowd. It was a great turnout, and a great show.

Grandpa got a close up of Kel in the midst of the whole band before the show kicked off. As you can see, nobody is holding any band instruments. That's because every one of them is going to be starting out with a flag at the beginning of the show. They aren't practicing with the finished product yet, so you see them with flag poles right now, and section leaders have flags on their poles... The kids just learned this part of the drill two days ago... and only put it to music today. Posted by Hello

Here are the Mellophones moving across the front of the field at one point in the show. The two experienced marchers are facing front like the majority of the marchers behind them... The two newbies are looking back. This was the first thing Kel said when she saw it. I told her that at least she and the girl next to her were on the same foot at this point. :) They hadn't been for much of the show.  Posted by Hello

The food? Amazing. We didn't eat any brats (Wisconsinites always have brats at a cookout) being vegetarians so I can't speak to these, my sis-in-law and neice skipped the burgers, so I guess those weren't so hot, but the corn-on-the-cob was the best I think I've ever eaten. It was amazing. And the baked potatoes were fabulous, too. Good eats. I think my folks ate the brats and didn't complain, so I suppose that is good. I'm waiting on an e-mail from my dad with a couple of photos of Kel out in the field. We had bad positions in the crowd for him to take pix, but he did get a couple. I'll add them to the post once they arrive.

Now bring on the competitions. Okay, give them several weeks more practice, which they won't have - they'll only have a couple of weeks of school practice before the very first, so that one will be... interesting. Probably not a great score unless he is planning on scheduling some more rehearsals before then outside of what is set up already. Time will tell. In the meantime, their band director heads to Korea for a karate' competition (he's a black belt and is off to break some bricks... :) )!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to sleep tonight. Yep. At least an hour or two. ;)

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