For Olga and Dorothy...

Today's run was for Olga and Dorothy. They were requests coming from a business acquaintance of my parents who generously gave to the team when she heard about it shortly before the Relay in June. The kindness of strangers... Thank you, Lynn.

Today's miles: 3.5 (It's muggy right now, what can I say?)
Total so far: 193.17
Still to go for goal: 306.83

I feel like I'm never going to make 200 at this pace and get that next duck but it has been so hot and muggy when I've gone out the past couple of days. 6.83 miles isn't an impossible goal for tomorrow, unless it is again really hot and muggy. Maybe I can finish it off then. We'll see.

Today I went out with a tummy full of cappuccino, too. That was a mistake. Blech. Won't do that again.

Finally got a call back from my classmate about The Box. Onward. She had a surprise of her own to tell me. She's going to have a baby for her fortieth! Woot! There but for the grace...

We had quite a storm rip through here this morning. Bad enough that I left the comfort of my own bed and moved to the basement. It was a scary sounding thing. I bet as it moved off across the state, it made a few other friends of mine slightly nervous as well...

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