For Hilary...

Today I ran for Hilary. Hilary was one of Dana's beautiful Sistahs and she gracefully passed away on August 8.

Today's miles: 4.8
Total so far: 230.17
Still to go for goal: 269.83

We did the loop in the old hometown today but we did it backwards. I told Kel that we wouldn't have the big hill to worry about if we did it that way. Unfortunately, I forgot about three other considerable hills that we did have to worry about instead. Funny how the downhills don't stick in the memory the way the uphills do... until they become uphills, that is.

I suppose things will be quiet in blogland again during the weekend. We'll be off to the big city in the morning. We'll go to the co-op and the coffee shop. We'll wander around a bit. We're just hoping we don't wake up to frost. Our hot tub is still on the blink and waiting for the electrician's arrival late this week; a frozen night could mean a few split hoses in the works and that would be a bad thing...

It's after midnight and technically Saturday already, I'm going to back the time up a little so this will show as a Friday post, then I'm going to post Saturday's Question for Hutch in case I'm a busy girl tomorrow...

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