For Grandpa Howard... and She's Home!!!

Keith's Grandpa was today's inspiration! Keith will comment tomorrow maybe and talk about him. He was such a cool man. I wish I had known him longer. I can still hear his voice telling us stories of when he was a young boy on the reservation. I loved to hear his stories.

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 189.67
Still to go for goal: 310.33

I walked quickly tonight. Just a brief walk in the darkening skies. Mosquitoes were out but they couldn't catch me.

Kel's home! She had a great trip and she's full of tales from the west. When we can catch her at home and she isn't busy chatting online with her friends. She's been off to the Mall of America and IKEA today... tonight they're out swimming and tommorow she begins intensive field show training for the competitive marching band season is nearly upon us again... Has it been a year already?

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