For Ed S number 2!

Yesterday's run was for KathyK's Grandpa Ed. It is the second Ed S on my list (after Krush's Ed S at the end of July...).

Fast entry this morning to report on yesterday’s run before Dad arrives. Have a few irons in the fire around here before then, too.

He’s on his way to work on a few projects (no, Hutch you can’t have him – he only has time to be MY dad… heh… My brothers are lucky they get to share time). We finally bought replacement faucets for the kitchen and the master bath. Remember the death watch?

We also picked up replacement fan parts for the fan in the screened porch. I took a ladder out there one day in the summer of 2003 (maybe even 2002!) while it was running and tangled with it, bending one of the support brackets holding a blade on. While I bent it back into shape pretty well, we never dared run the fan on more than low speed or the thing wobbled scarily. I can take care of these myself.

And next week we have an electrician coming to take a look at the dishwasher, hot tub and lights that are on the list. We hadn’t given the dying spare refrigerator/freezer much consideration in the thought process, but I think I may have him look at this, too… We’ve scoped out some dishwashers in case we have to replace it. They’ve come a long way in eight years. But so have prices.

Okay. Better run. Have to clean out under the sinks before his arrival and get some other things done.

Here are yesterday’s run stats. Would have reported them last night but I wasn’t granted access to my own computer. *cough* And that was after taking my daughter to a movie (Little Black Book). It made us both want to run out and buy a bunch of Carly Simon music. :)

Today's miles: 4.9
Total so far: 215.37
Still to go for goal: 284.63

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