A Few More Bullets...

  • Anybirthday(dot)com used to be a great service. But like all free services, they added a paid extension to their website and sank right into the gutter. Now the free part just sucks. At least that's my experience. I went there to luck up a birthday and an hour after entering the search criteria, it is still cranking away. Searching. Didn't use to take that long. It used to be quick. But I'm not using their Plus service. 'Cuz I'm cheap like that. And don't tell me every web site has gotta make a living. They had advertisements for their other for pay stuff on there when they were a freebie only thing. I think.

  • Keith goes into the hospital for his tests on Monday morning. He's had updates finally after talking with the nurse who normally sets all of this up (she had been on vacation). He can have visitors any time and all of the time. She said the most difficult thing to fight during this week is boredom. And she couldn't stress that enough. But he thinks his boredom genes were wiped out when he fought the brain tumor. He says he is incapable of becoming bored. I still haven't found him a Rubik's cube, but as he says he has solved it once in the past, that's okay. I told him that was prior to having some of his brain removed and challenged him to solving it again now. But I'm betting Mr. Smarty would have it done quickly the first day. He has a VCR/TV in the room, but he's really not a movie/TV guy, as he said. Does anyone else have any further suggestions to add to the great ones he's gotten already?

  • Hutch? Can I just say I'm totally jealous? Happy Birthday to you indeed!!!

  • Writing went well with our pile of little papers in the middle of the table from which Maniacal Mannered Marge plucked out topics for us to do our timed exercises... We got through a record five topics before I had to dash off to get Keli to field show practice. She didn't seem to have any arguments about the writing practice blog, so once we get the details figured out on how she'll get her writings into the blog (she's never blogged before), we'll get it online and connected to this somehow for anyone who might be interested in checking in on ideas they have submitted (or just laughing at our practice - sometimes we get a little goofy on caffeine). Thanks again for the topics you sent! And I see we've received another since then... I'll have to have a special place for them to be submitted so they all get dumped to the same spot and I don't lose any. Maybe when I get the other blog public.

  • Didn't get any mileage on the swimsuit yesterday, alas... Did get some more mileage on the running shoes instead, though. That wouldn't have happened without the cancellation on our other plans, so it all worked out okay. Although I would have rather had the chance to catch up with Pooh. Soon! Maybe Hutch will be able to join us that day with a little advanced warning.

  • My lilacs are starting to bloom again. Nothing like a long enough summer to get two blooms from one plant! I thought perhaps I would see three sets of nestlings from one pair of Eastern Wood Peewee's, too. But they took off after just two.

  • Got to visit with a paternal Uncle and his wife last night. It was great to see them again. Last time they were in town was their surprise visit for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary bash a couple of years ago when you could have knocked me over with a feather as I caught sight of them. This time they are here for his 45th High School class reunion at Kel's school. He went to the hometown's big rival too! It was fun to look at his yearbook last night and see how little things have changed about that book in the basics with Kel's current annual.

  • So ends this installment of more random bullets... Time to shower and brush the sweaters off my teeth. Cappuccino tastes good while I'm drinking it, but afterwords? Meh... not so much.

    But first, I'll post yesterday's mileage...

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