Kel and I came into the old hometown today. We didn't plan to run or anything, (I'm here right now, posting from the folks' computer, that's why the present tense), just thought we would stop at the folks' house and go to the favorite coffee shop with our books to hang out for a bit and then ???

So anyway, we're driving down the highway and a construction sign says, "Exit 1 Closed, Take Alternate Route". I hadn't planned on taking Exit 1 anyway, but I wondered in the back of my mind why it was closed. Then I see a State Patrol car and I slowed down automatically. I wasn't speeding, it was just a natural reaction. Then a little further up the road, there were three (3!) more State Patrol cars in the turn around just prior to my exit. I pointed them out to Kel and mentioned that they must be trying to get people slowed down because of Exit 1 being closed.

She said, "Oh - for Bush?"

I took my exit noticing there was another cop at the bottom of the exit, then another at the top and was thinking about her comment. As I turned right to head in the normal direction toward the folks' place, I realized that dubya was planning a visit to my hometown, complete with a speech at the bandshell to rally the local Republicans "by invitation only".

"Oh, that's probably why they closed down the exit... because the Pres is here this afternoon." I said stupidly.

"That's what I just said."

"Oh. Yeah. That's what you meant. I bet you're right. They probably closed it off for secur... oh crap..." and that's when traffic stopped. It wasn't bad. It didn't take us too long to get through.

And his speech was over and he was out of town a little while later and headed to the Twin Cities.

And then Grandpa was taking Kel off to a great spot to do some driving practice.

They were back about half an hour later.

"How did practice go?"

"We've been sitting in traffic the whole time. We got about three blocks from here. Nobody has managed to get out of town yet from dubya's visit."


"Grandpa decided we'd better just come back home because by the time we got there we would both be so stressed out that our practice time wouldn't be worth very much and I told him that I agreed because I was already really stressed out."

I'd just like to know Why on Earth would GWB want to come here???

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