Day one down... day two under way...

He made it through the first 24 hours of testing with flying colors. Unfortunately he hasn't given them anything great on the monitors from a testing point of view, which means they might make him stay awake all night again tonight, but he made it through the first night without difficulty. Of course, each night would get worse.

He doesn't look too bad after having to be awake all night the first night. Nurse Cratchet designed this test methinks... He's holding up some of the computer stuff showing how he's "hardwired" directly to the computer. His nurse Joe (a former computer guy himself) had renamed him Borg because of this latest development and said that each time Keith awoke he'd have a new body part made of metal...

cyborg(cy·borg)(sbĂ´rg)n. A human who has certain physiological processes aided or controlled by mechanical or electronic devices.
a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices; "a cyborg is a cybernetic organism"
Main Entry: cy·borg
Pronunciation: 'sI-"bo(&)rg
Function: noun
: a bionic human

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Here he is wired up for the test that is happening all week. The red marks are simply from the marker they used to draw on him to let them know where to put the little "plugs." Kel says she thinks he looks like a science experiment from the middle ages. Something for Mystery Science Theater perhaps??? heh... A nice shot of his surgical scar here, too!

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My mom came along with me today when I went to visit him. We arrived when he was having his lunch so we went up and had lunch in the hospital cafeteria. I'll know my way around the place pretty well by the end of the week. It's a nice place. They have several of the Charles Schultz statues around there - there is a Lucy right up on the floor Keith is on and a Charlie Brown down in the lobby. I'm sure there is a Snoopy around there somewhere, but I haven't stumbled across him yet. They have done a couple of the other characters in the past few years, too. I think Linus is around town, Snoopy's doghouse, someone else perhaps? I'm going to charge up the battery and maybe get a couple more shots in the coming days to put up.

With all of the extra running around I haven't gotten a chance to run, but it sounded like another friend of his would be stopping to visit him tonight and that means I definitely won't make another trip that direction, so I will probably take a run instead since I know I won't be heading into the cities. Last night it was up in the air whether I was going to drive that direction or not, so I didn't want to change and take the time to run not knowing.

Kel is having another good week with drill practice. She really seems to be enjoying her section this year. Three out of the four of them are getting together tonight for a movie even. This is good.

I have a Relay follow up meeting in a couple of nights. We'll get our plaque and any incentive prizes won.

Congratulations Marvelous Marge! You'll be moving into your new home at the end of the week and we'll have to miss our writing date because of it, but I can't imagine a more exciting reason to miss! Speaking of Marge, she was agreeable with the whole writing blog thing (did I say this already?) so we're going to get going on this and will post more as it is updated enough...

Can't wait to catch up with other blogs. Should have some time tonight maybe after running and getting Kel back from the movie if the computer isn't totally monopolized... heh, right.

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