Today we're on a tour of the barns! We're in the poultry barn and you're lagging behind the tour group checking out the chickens in all their clucking glory. Aren't there some fascinating beauties, by the way? I'm always amazed by the variety of chickens - some of them so fancy! Which one of your classmate's names are you stunned to find attached to that prize-winning rooster over there against the far wall strutting his stuff for the hens?

(Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!) Although, anyone who wants to join in is welcome... 'specially when ya'll know so many of our classmates! heh...

Hutch - if my dog has recovered enough to feel we can get to the fair tomorrow and don't need to make a trip to the veterinarian instead, perhaps we'll see you there. Kel and I are meeting a couple of other friends there in the morning. Good eatin'!!!


Robert, you were my 5000th visitor! Who'd have ever thought that when I started this run last November and started this blog, I'd even have 5000 hits at this little site? Thanks for the visits everyone! Hope you keep on stopping by!

Going back to tend to my very sick puppy...



Next! If you walked through the arts and crafts exhibits at the MN State Fair and saw a homebaked or hand crafted prize-winning item there by one of your former classmates, who's name would surprise you the least

(Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!) Although, anyone who wants to join in is welcome... 'specially when ya'll know so many of our classmates! heh...



(See bulleted list at bottom for condensed version of this post!) Because we aim to please! :)

Well, my shoes are, as yet, still wet. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to run by the end of the weekend. Today you still have a walker on your hands. I hope nobody has a problem with that. I not only walked but push mowed some of the lawn today. Tomorrow I'll try the towels in the shoes and the shoes in the dryer trick from Zippy...

And dad rode (you know it's been a long day when it takes you five minutes to spell the word rode) the tractor. He had no problems with the mower blades stopping. I swear that man is magic.

But before I got around to the mowing, I met Mystic Marge at our Postal place for a writing session. I promise to get those things posted to the new site this next week. I will take time for that when Keli is settled in school and after I get my fix of the State Fair and after Keith's follow-up doc appointment and ... soon. Promise. And Marge will get trained in too. But she's moving into her new digs ya know. She's quite busy. Soon.

So we wrote. And it was good. Because it had been a couple of weeks. And we drank coffee and ate danishes (that was for Kel and if she ever read my blog, I would have made her laugh, but she doesn't - woe is me).

But even before I met Maniacal Marge, I had Keli drive me to the old hometown because she is practicing her driving! And she is doing very well at it. Kudos to her.

So after writing, we went to Tarzhay where we got a couple of things, and then to a couple of home improvement stores where I had to get a couple of things and return a couple of things. And then the kiddo drove us home where Dad and I worked on the mowing, as I said. And there was much walking and rejoicing.

Then Kel drove me back to the old hometown again where I had a lovely massage.

And then it became my special in-between birthdays birthday or something because I got one of these! Yes indeedy-do! I'm set for miles and miles of bad weather running now boys and girls... Season two good to go... I'm so spoiled (and excited!).

Then Kel drove back to our neck of the woods and a party she was attending. It's the last weekend of summer break for her so her friends are having a bonfire tonight. That's where she is spending her last hurrah.

So I headed off to the cities movin and groovin to some of my favorite tunes (I find Michael Buble is always a fun sing along with the windows down on the freeway - fellow twin citians be watching for me on Friday and Sunday nights) to pick up my honey and now I'm off to dream land right after I post a late-night question for the Hutchster...

Today's miles: 4.17
Total so far: 244.14
Still to go for goal: 255.86

Today in condensed version... for you skimmers :)

  • Rode

  • Wrote

  • Shopped

  • Rode

  • Mowed

  • Walkin' & Rejoicin'

  • Rode some more

  • Rubbed

  • Received and thus rejoiced

  • Rode

  • Moved and Grooved along the 494 corridor

  • Blogged - like duh
  • 8.26.2004

    Writing Topics Wanted!

    I'm finally meeting with my writing buddy Magical Mystery Tour Marge tomorrow after a couple weeks of hiatus, so if anyone has any special writing topics for us, please speak now! Leave them in our comments here! We'd love to hear from you...

    This one is for Murphy...

    Well, since my shoes are soaked and Hutch says No More Excuses, I suppose ya'll are going to have to let me get my mileage some other way besides running. And since you are such kind and wonderful people, you'll allow that, huh?

    So today I strapped on walking shoes and got my miles by walking - every where I could.

    Today's miles: 4.2
    Total so far: 239.97
    Still to go for goal: 260.03

    And I'm devoting the miles to Murphy today. And here's why...

  • The day was a good one. I got several things accomplished. I did some errand running. I stopped at a home improvement store because I'm doing some things to improve the home. While at home on another day I made a count of cabinet doors because I'm putting new knobs on them and had written down just how many knobs I needed to buy. So when I got to the store I went to pull out the list and guess what? No list. So I sat there in the parking lot and drew a little diagram. I've lived in this house for eight years, you'd think I could remember how many cabinets there are. Got home and I'd missed one. One knob short of a full deck. :)

  • The electrician came today. He had several projects to work on. Went to put in the new lights. I bought a couple different kinds. Two to be exact. Two kinds of lights by the same manufacturer. I read the box... light bulb included. He went to install them, and only one type came with the bulb, not both. Ack. :)

  • Tomorrow morning the garbage truck comes to pick up the trash. I missed it last week and the trash can is now very heavy and full because of it. So tonight I emptied garbages around the house, strapped a bungie on the lid of the can, loaded it into the trailer my dad gave us for the tractor, and hitched it on up. It had gotten dark by the time I did all of this, but that's okay, the tractor has a light! Besides, it was raining earlier in the evening and that wouldn't have made for a very fun ride. I got the recycling box wedged into the trailer beside the trashcan and started off down the road.

    It was a beautiful night... There was still a bit of red off on the western horizon. Looking straight above me there was a circular opening in the clouds - a clearing through which you could see the heavenly bodies. The humidity was lower, the temperature had dropped, the bugs were gone. Like I said, it was a beautiful night. I was about two-thirds of the way to the end of the road where I leave the trash when it happened. Yep. I ran out of gas. The tractor died. The lights went out. Silence. Murphy said it was time to put some more mileage on that pedometer. Even if I was wearing my hiking boots. Dognabbit. So I began to walk. That's when it started to rain. Not a lot. Just a couple of drops. Just so Murphy could remind me who was in charge. Again. For the umteempth time today.

    I put the mostly full gas can in the back of the car, got the kid off the phone and computer and loaded into the car with me and we drove out to the tractor. I filled the tank, turned the car around and sent Kel and the car back to the house so I could continue on my way.

  • I finished my task without any more incidents. And so far, I've had no further incidents the rest of the evening. But I'm knocking on wood. Because knowing Murphy, he isn't finished with me yet.

    Rainy day/Sunny photos...

    I haven't posted any photos in the last several days, so on this very rainy afternoon in my little town, I thought I'd send up a couple of bright and cheery faces to the blogosphere...

     Posted by Hello
    Here is Kel and her best friend...

     Posted by Hello
    One of my beautiful nieces enjoying a day at the pool... it was sunny and warm that day! She is a tough photo subject because she likes to duck and take cover when she sees the camera coming, but Grampa captured her this time! Surprise!

     Posted by Hello
    This lovely niece (the youngest of all my girls) is also the giggliest silliest. And it isn't just because she is the youngest. It's definitely her disposition to be silly. And we like her that way. Definitely.


    Hmm... thinking, thinking...

    Okay. Got one! If you walked through the arts and crafts exhibits at the MN State Fair and saw a homebaked or hand crafted prize-winning item there by one of your former classmates, who's name would surprise you the most (use initials if you like)? Be prepared for related questions in days to come cuz this one is fun!

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!) Although, anyone who wants to join in is welcome... 'specially when ya'll know so many of our classmates! heh...

    It's Starting to Come Back to Me...

    With Keith in the hospital that week, and being busy much of the past week, and starting out the month with over ten miles to go before I hit that Duck Day, I'm starting to see where the days went this month and why my miles are so low.

    I need to kick some butt so I can get going and hit the halfway point at least. That's my new goal for the end of this month... a halfway target. I didn't award myself the quarter of the way dancing chicken this time. Maybe the dancing chicken will be my halfway reward...

    But today will NOT be the day I begin the butt-kicking because both my pairs of running shoes are totally soaked and squishy from yesterday's run. Kel wore the old pair and I was wearing the newer pair. *sigh* I'm talking still drippy soaked. Could take weeks to dry out soaked. Would definitely give me blisters soaked. Glad the rain came at the end of our run because blisters would have ensued had I run in them any longer than I did soaked.

    Ha! Mileage stuff...

    How come nobody caught me on the mileage stuff?

    When I did that mileage update the other day, I jumped from 230.17 to 270.23 when I added four tenths of a mile! WOW! And nobody corrected me! Whattup with that? So here I go correcting myself again. 230.17 plus .4 equals 230.57... That's what the total should have been for that day. Ack. So much for getting close to three hundred miles by the end of this month. What did I DO this month? I'm going to have to investigate... Ya'll go on about your business while I do that. I've got corrections to make.



    (Outraged) Can you believe that adult admission to the Great Minnesota Get Together is $9 this year??? Get some sort of discount ticket if you can! (Don't they realize how much that increase bites into our food purchases???)

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!) Although, anyone who wants to join in is welcome...

    Running in the Rain... for Delores

    Today I ran for my mom's cousin Delores who passed away earlier this summer after battling cancer.

    Keli ran with me again this evening and we again did the loop in the old hometown because it is Kel's favorite route. It started out hot and humid. We ran east and away from the sun in the late afternoon. But as we turned north and then began coming around to the west, we saw some dark clouds and I began to wonder if we wouldn't get rained on.

    Coming down the hill past the housing development that housed some of my classmates back in the day (JL, JR, BR if you are following along, Hutch - and to name the few that I know about, all guys), it got even darker. Half a mile further along and there was a rumble in the sky. "Thunder!" Kel said.

    "Nah, airplanes..." I disagreed. She argued with me, but there were indeed a couple of planes in the sky at the time and I stuck with my argument, even though I doubted it myself.

    A quarter of a mile further up the road, the first sploppy drops of rain began to fall.

    "It's raining!" she said.

    "Nah, it's a figment of your imagination!" I cried...

    "WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME?" she shouted as I continued down the road and she stopped dead in her tracks looking at me slack-jawed.

    I began to laugh, "I was just joking!" I had to stop so she could hear me. "How can I not believe you when the proof is falling on my head?"

    "How could you not believe me when the proof was rumbling up in the sky?"

    We began to run again and within minutes the individual sploppy drops had become and absolute deluge. We were soaked within seconds of this downpour. We ran another three quarters of a mile up a couple of great hills when we saw my dad coming towards us in his little car. He stopped to see if we wanted a ride, but we were so wet by then, and only another quarter or half mile from there place, so we continued on.

    It actually felt great to be cooled off by the rain. And it had been so warm that the rain only took the temperature down a slight bit. Just enough really. It was a wonderful run. That reminds me. I must go get our running stuff out of the car to get it washed out and the shoes out to dry so they are ready for tomorrow. I only have six days left to get to my self-imposed goal of 300 miles. I can definitely make it, but I'd like dry shoes to do it in.

    Today's miles: 5.2
    Total so far: 235.77
    Still to go for goal: 264.23



    Was the headless woman real? and did you ever go see her in the exhibits at the fair? I did, and I seem to remember going there by myself because I'd gotten seperated from my friends at the time and I had been hearing all of the guys talking about having seen her so I thought I'd better see what all of this talk was about.

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!) Although, anyone who wants to join in is welcome...

    Who Says You Can't Go Back?

    Kel had a great day yesterday. She went back in time to her very childhood. My Gray Street buddy and I had daughters about the same age and when they were little, we had them in daycare together when we were working, prior to the girls going to school. Every so often, Carolyn and her daughter Mel, stop by to visit their "daycare teacher" (she was so much more than a babysitter after having been a Montesori teacher prior to opening up her daycare). When they do, they all talk about getting Kel and Mel and another of her girls from their time, Claire, together for a reunion.

    It finally happened yesterday. Carolyn and I dropped Kel and Mel off around 9 in the morning to spend the day with their Margie. We stuck around for just a bit and reminisced about rules of the daycare and the different personalities of the kids who were there when our girls were. And about our girls personalities at the time. Margie hadn't changed a bit. Things were still the same around the house.

    Then Carolyn and I set out for our own day. We headed out for Starbucks and had a little sustenance for breakfast to get ourselves rolling and from there we were off to the megamall. She needed to do some shopping for Mel's Sweet 16 birthday. When lunchtime rolled around, we were off to The Cheesecake Factory at Southdale. We were really good, though. We only had lunch. By the time we finished our main course, we had no room for dessert. Then we thought we'd have a peek around that mall just to see what they had. We ended up staying there a couple more hours because they had such great stores there, too.

    We got stuck in rainstorms and traffic on the way back to Margie's to pick the girls back up so we were a little late, but they had made us a new craft to hang on our refrigerator alongside countless others from the years gone by and they'd had many laughs and much fun. E-mail addresses were exchanged and promises to do it again much sooner. Claire had only gotten to stay a short while, so they'll do it sometime when she can be there longer.

    Tuesday is Chooseday...

    tuesday is chooseday

    either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

      Would you rather:
    1. lose your keys OR your wallet?
    2. I have backups to this and ways of getting to them with no problem. With the wallet, my life is in there and it would be much more complicated getting it replaced and taken care of.

    3. run your fingers down a chalkboard 15 times in a row OR lick ten feet of sidewalk?
    4. I've never been bothered by the whole chalkboard/fingernail thing like so many others have. But I don't think a person would have a tongue left after licking a sidewalk... and then there's the whole issue of what ends up on a sidewalk that you'd be licking up.

    5. referee a WWE wrestling cage match OR get in a fist fight with your mother-in-law?
    6. My MIL is da kewlest...

    7. be the inspiration for the movie "deliverance" OR the movie "gigli"?
    8. I've never seen either of these movies, and I'm pretty certain I wouldn't want to be the inspiration for either one of them. Gigli was the bennifer bomb, right? I know nothing about it.



    Which so you enjoy more - the Minnesota or the Iowa State Fair? There is the butter cow, after all... I realize it's gonna be hard to compete with that. Does Iowa have the giant slide? Or Miss Martha's cookies? Or the haunted house? Or Paul Douglas? :) Sorry this is so late. I'm sure you're already asleep...

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)


    Our little house is mourning the loss of Joe.

    Yes, we awakened yesterday to find that he was gone. We knew that he was ill. In fact, just the night before, we stopped by a booth at the MOA to ask a young man what his opinion was of the life expectancy of a Betta fish. Because you see, Joe was our (Keli's) Betta.

    In his younger days, Joe was a beautiful little blue Betta. But recently, he'd gotten a little, um, off... color that is. Kind of like
    this, maybe? With some blue still around the edges. It was a sad thing. Then a few days ago when I tried to feed him, Joe didn't want to eat anymore. That's when we asked the young man at the mall who was selling Bettas in tiny little vases with bamboo plants how long they typically lived.

    He looked at us rather sadly, like he knew why we were asking. He pointed to the Bettas in the really small vases and said, "Well, the ones in the tiny vase will live on average one to two years. But the ones in the larger vase tend to live less than a year. I don't know why, but they seem to do better the smaller the container they are in... As sad as they look and as that seems."

    "Wow. That's interesting. Thanks a lot..."

    We wandered away and I looked at Kel. She looked at me and our eyes got wide. The vase that our Joe was in was about twenty times bigger than the bigger sized one he pointed to!

    "We should move him!" she said to me.

    "We'll find him something smaller this weekend." I said to her.

    We finished our shopping and went to get Keith. When I got up in the morning yesterday and went in the kitchen, I checked on Joe like I always do when I'm at the sink and I couldn't find him. I thought perhaps she had gotten up in the middle of the night and moved him herself. After moving the plant around in the jar searching among the roots, I finally spotted him lying at the bottom, blending with the glass beads, looking quite blue again. Poor Joe. Poor Kel.

    We don't know how old he was when he came to live with us, but he lived here for ten months and we knew nothing about Bettas prior to his arrival after our winning him in the silent auction at her school. It was a tricky ride home that night, too! And first he went to a party at her friend's house - he's lucky he made it home alive!

    He was loved. Wish we had a photo of him. RIP Joe!


    Mileage update...

    because every little bit is important!

    I actually drove the loop Kel and I ran yesterday and had guessed at the miles on when I wrote the post last night. Well, I shorted us a few tenths of a mile so I am updating here to correct that slight underage. Would I have corrected it had I been over with the guess? You bet. But probably within the original post and without announcing it. I just wanted to let you know why my mileage had suddenly jumped up a bit, in case anyone were that observant (as if anyone pays that close of attention!).

    Today's miles: +.4
    Total so far: 230.57
    Still to go for goal: 269.43

    Did a lot of running around today... Went to the old hometown and the favorite coffee shop there, drove yesterday's running route, stopped at the folks' house where we visited with Dad for a bit, he had a phone call from mom who happened to be at the big event of the weekend for the area - Pepper Festival.

    This festival boasts things such as a hot pepper eating contest, spaghetti eating contest, talent contest, street dances, foot races, carnival, a king and queen are chosen along with princesses who then ride around in parades where they are known to dance the macarena among other things on a float bearing a giant pepper. Gallons of spaghetti and meatball and hot dago sandwiches and raviolli and other delectible Italian dishes are served up over the course of the three day event to hundreds of people who claim to be Italian for the duration of the festival...

    Anyway, mom wanted dad to come up and join her for lunch there, and since we were visiting with him, he asked if we'd give him a ride so he wouldn't have to find a place to park. He could just ride home with her. So we did that next, then hit the Bullseye store, then the grocery store before finally heading home. I love small town celebrations! :)

    Now I'm going to make a non-meat meat pie for dinner...


    Have you ever personally known any of the girls who've sat in the dairy barn having their heads carved out of butter?

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)


    For Hilary...

    Today I ran for Hilary. Hilary was one of Dana's beautiful Sistahs and she gracefully passed away on August 8.

    Today's miles: 4.8
    Total so far: 230.17
    Still to go for goal: 269.83

    We did the loop in the old hometown today but we did it backwards. I told Kel that we wouldn't have the big hill to worry about if we did it that way. Unfortunately, I forgot about three other considerable hills that we did have to worry about instead. Funny how the downhills don't stick in the memory the way the uphills do... until they become uphills, that is.

    I suppose things will be quiet in blogland again during the weekend. We'll be off to the big city in the morning. We'll go to the co-op and the coffee shop. We'll wander around a bit. We're just hoping we don't wake up to frost. Our hot tub is still on the blink and waiting for the electrician's arrival late this week; a frozen night could mean a few split hoses in the works and that would be a bad thing...

    It's after midnight and technically Saturday already, I'm going to back the time up a little so this will show as a Friday post, then I'm going to post Saturday's Question for Hutch in case I'm a busy girl tomorrow...

    Food on a Stick

    So I've been asking Hutch some questions recently about the Great Minnesota Get Together and I thought I'd let ya'll know about some of the fabulous food on a stick that makes the fair a culinary delight for one and all. You might even want to travel far and wide to head to my neighboring state (my own fair state's fair - pun intended is over for the year, alas) next week and check it out yourself! August 26 - Labor Day, 2004!

    You can find:

  • cajun seasoned alligator sausage on-a-stick

  • The Cob Dog, battered and deep fried corn on the cob on-a-stick with dipping sauces

  • chicken on-a-stick

  • cheese on-a-stick

  • pork chops on-a-stick

  • chicken breast on-a-stick

  • oriental lemon chicken on-a-stick

  • teriyaki ostrich on-a-stick

  • Dogzilla corn dogs on-a-stick

  • cheese cubes on-a-stick in fontina, gouda, havarti, cheddar, Swiss, and pepper jack flavors

  • Cheese and fruit kabobs

  • fried Swiss cheese on-a-stick

  • fried jalapeno pepper cheese on-a-stick

  • maple smoked pork tenders on-a-stick

  • salmon on-a-stick

  • WALLEYE on-a-stick

  • catfish on-a-stick

  • mini calzones on-a-stick

  • pizza on-a-stick

  • egg roll on-a-stick

  • Peking chicken on-a-stick

  • shrimp toast on-a-stick

  • fried rice on-a-stick

  • breakfast reuben on-a-stick

  • sausage on-a-stick

  • whole dill pickles on-a-stick

  • Poncho Dog on-a-stick

  • Spudsters on-a-stick

  • Scotch Eggs on-a-stick (hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, rolled in bread crumbs, deep fried)

  • Scotch Meatball on-a-stick

  • meatball on-a-stick

  • batter dipped and deep fried hot dogs on-a-stick (6", 12", 18")

  • vegetable kabobs qualify as well, even though they aren't called "on a stick"

  • And for dessert:

  • chocolate covered cheesecake (vanilla or key lime!)

  • cotton candy on-a-stick

  • caramel apples on-a-stick

  • candy apples on-a-stick

  • Nut rolls dipped in chocolate and served on-a-stick

  • batter dipped, deep fried candy bars on-a-stick (Snickers, Milky Way, Three Musketeers)

  • fudgie pasties on-a-stick

  • Belgian waffles on-a-stick dipped in swiss chocolate, and topped with choices of whipped topping, crunch coating, or strawberries

  • taffy pop on-a-stick

  • frozen key lime pie dipped in chocolate on-a-stick

  • ice cream on-a-stick

  • I might have to go check out the fried rice on a stick because I just HAVE to see how they manage that one...

    If you haven't been to your own State Fair lately, do you see what you are missing out on??? I ask you, WHY on earth NOT?

    Q4H! X2!

    What shows have you seen at the Fair Grandstand (Iowa and Minnesota please)?

    Do you ride the carni rides while you are there?

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

    Mad City...

    Missed out on Thursday's posting adventures because Keli and I made a mad dash to Mad City (Madison). While I was gone, I missed out on Mark's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Mark!

    ALL of her friends (yes EVERYBODY who's ANYBODY I tell you!) got to go to Indianapolis for GenCon (The Best Four Days in Gaming) and her cold, heartless, cruel mother would not let her go! (Wow - if you clicked on that link, you might have seen their exciting guests of honor - David Carradine from Kung Fu; Walter Koenig from the original Star Trek series, he was one of my favorite characters; Gil Gerard, Mr. Buck Rogers himself! Erin Gray, also from Buck Rogers; Marc Singer, Beast Master - remember him? Heck I should have taken her to this thing! Woohoo!!! Tanya Roberts from Beastmaster and Charlie's Angels; Herbert Jefferson Jr. From Battlestar Gallactica; Richard Hatch, also from Battlestar Gallactica; Linda Blair from the Exorcist! and more!)

    Okay... she asked me on the phone from Colorado in the middle of her month-long stay... if she could get in a car with four or however many other teenagers and drive to Indianapolis and stay in a hotel for a gaming convention of which I knew nothing and truly, at that time, she really knew nothing either, other than her friends were going. She isn't really much of a gamer, she just wanted to go... so sue me. Madison was our way of getting out and having a little fun together away from home since we had no vacation as a family this year. Madison is one of our favorite places.

    We drove the four hours down there, did some shopping on State Street, ate dinner at our favorite Tutto Pasta, and drove the four hours back. We had a lot of laughs in the time it took us to do all of that. And I was only a little clumsy. What was up with that? I guess I was so busy looking around at all of the sights (people watching can be fun on State Street and there was a lot of construction going on, so I had to be looking up a lot), that I wasn't looking at the ground enough. I stepped on the edge of the sidewalk and turned my ankle nearly falling into a spot in the sidewalk where they had a tree planted... I fell of a curb and into the street, causing my daughter to hold me like an old woman and us both to laugh like silly people every time we crossed the street after that... I stumbled down a six inch ramp in the parking garage and stumbled back up it again when I ran to the car to get the parking ticket to do the prepay thing... It was one of those days. She blames the shoes I was wearing.

    I was disappointed to find that my (our?) favorite ice cream parlor was gone (Chocolate Coyote ~ correct me on the name those of you who know better - I know it ended with Coyote)! Replaced by an upscale but stupid women's fashion store. We walked into it and then turned and walked back out again when we saw just how stupid.

    State Street has undergone a lot of changes since our last visit. We were quite shocked. Gone were the fountains that we frequently saw little kids climbing in (and not so frequently, people in need of a wash-up). It was too chilly of a day to head over to Menona Terrace, but we wanted to.

    We considered it a successful trip since Keli found a white skirt and she's wanted one and looked for one on every trip down there that we've ever made. At first she saw the price of it and balked, but then I saw the sign that everything on that rack was 50% off and she became happy. It was in an Indian designs store where they had some beautiful things. She also went to Urban Outfitters hoping to find the bracelet she had seen a few days earlier at their Mall of America store when she had no money to purchase it, but they didn't have it in the color she wanted. We will probably head that direction today when we pick Keith up from his place for the weekend.

    So that was our excitement yesterday! I didn't get a run in. But that will come today before the next big thrill... And now for Hutch's make up question of the day. Stay tuned... I should have saved the state fair questions for next week when the fair is actually going on, but I'm on a roll... They may last through the entire ten days then and still carry me through now, too.


    What'll keep me up tonight...

    Sad to say, the thing that will probably keep me awake all night tonight is...

    What was on my trapper keeper? I can't remember. But it might have been a sad-eyed puppy dog. That seems to stick in my mind. I know it wasn't the unicorn I've been hearing so many others "talk" about in their blog comments...

    Do you remember what was on your trapper keeper?

    And here's a travesty for you... in our local schools, they have been posting the school supplies lists in the newspapers for all of the schools and the very last line on all of the supply lists have been "NO TRAPPER KEEPERS". How do they expect these kids to be cool?


    Kel and I came into the old hometown today. We didn't plan to run or anything, (I'm here right now, posting from the folks' computer, that's why the present tense), just thought we would stop at the folks' house and go to the favorite coffee shop with our books to hang out for a bit and then ???

    So anyway, we're driving down the highway and a construction sign says, "Exit 1 Closed, Take Alternate Route". I hadn't planned on taking Exit 1 anyway, but I wondered in the back of my mind why it was closed. Then I see a State Patrol car and I slowed down automatically. I wasn't speeding, it was just a natural reaction. Then a little further up the road, there were three (3!) more State Patrol cars in the turn around just prior to my exit. I pointed them out to Kel and mentioned that they must be trying to get people slowed down because of Exit 1 being closed.

    She said, "Oh - for Bush?"

    I took my exit noticing there was another cop at the bottom of the exit, then another at the top and was thinking about her comment. As I turned right to head in the normal direction toward the folks' place, I realized that dubya was planning a visit to my hometown, complete with a speech at the bandshell to rally the local Republicans "by invitation only".

    "Oh, that's probably why they closed down the exit... because the Pres is here this afternoon." I said stupidly.

    "That's what I just said."

    "Oh. Yeah. That's what you meant. I bet you're right. They probably closed it off for secur... oh crap..." and that's when traffic stopped. It wasn't bad. It didn't take us too long to get through.

    And his speech was over and he was out of town a little while later and headed to the Twin Cities.

    And then Grandpa was taking Kel off to a great spot to do some driving practice.

    They were back about half an hour later.

    "How did practice go?"

    "We've been sitting in traffic the whole time. We got about three blocks from here. Nobody has managed to get out of town yet from dubya's visit."


    "Grandpa decided we'd better just come back home because by the time we got there we would both be so stressed out that our practice time wouldn't be worth very much and I told him that I agreed because I was already really stressed out."

    I'd just like to know Why on Earth would GWB want to come here???


    What is your favorite food on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair? :)

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)


    The 80's

    Found this over at one of the blogs I was surfing through this morning... given the nostalgic nature of many of my thoughts and posts recently in thinking about class reunions of late, I thought it would be kind of fun to put it here seeing as how I graduated in '83.

    Kel, while loving much of the retro stuff, hasn't had a big love of the 80's. I made a comment one day about having to give us a break because everything about the 80's was sadly ugly. She thought that was pretty funny, and also pretty fair. They had an '80's day at school not long before the end of her school year. I managed to find her a pair of my old Brittania jeans which we pinned at the bottom, some lacy socks, a polo shirt to flip the collar on and other assorted things. It worked. She loves the leg warmers look. Lucky for her those are back in style. We watched Flashdance not long ago. She wants to cut up a sweatshirt ala Jennifer Beals...

    The ultimate check list to see if you're stuck in the 1980's. Give yourself 1 point for everything you relate to...

    1. Your fondest childhood memory is when Skippy got his head stuck in the banister
    2. You relax by putting on your legwarmers and dancing to the "Footloose" soundtrack ["Footloose" by Kenny Loggins, "Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler, "Girl Gets Around" by Sammy Hagar, "Let's Hear It For the Boy" by Deneice Williams]
    3. you think the two Coreys are "totally awesome"
    4. you're still bitter that Wham! broke up
    5. Punky Brewster is your hero
    6. you type all of your term papers on a Commodore 64
    7. you still resent your parents for not installing a dumbwaiter in your house like Webster's
    8. the only video games you play are Frogger and Pac Man
    9. you're building your own Clockwork Smurf
    10. your summer attire is Jellies and Jams
    11. A-Ha's "Take on Me" is still your favorite video
    12. you consider yourself truly outrageous, much like Jem and the Holograms
    13. you wonder why more people don't wear high heels, Jordache jeans, and lacy ankle socks
    14. you call all motorcycle cops "Ponch"
    15. every time you go to the beach you look for Snorks
    16. you're still upset Madonna and Sean broke up
    17. you know who Stinky Sullivan is
    18. you work out with "Get in Shape Girl"
    19. you want to be Molly Ringwald when you grow up
    20. you enjoy "dancing on the ceiling" and "wearing your sunglasses at night"
    21. you know who Loverboy is
    22. you think there should be a Kids Incorporated original cast reunion
    23. you think of Janet Jackson as "that girl who used to date Willis"
    24. you can sing the theme song to Small Wonder
    25. every time you see a fountain you want to dance around it and yell "Fame!"
    26. you still have a shoebox full of Garbage Pail Kid cards
    27. you petition Congress to make "Born in the USA" the national anthem
    28. you still use your Snoopy Sno-Cone machine
    29. you know it's not "comma, comma, comma" it's karma
    30. you stay up nights wondering what Bastian's mother's name was in "The Neverending Story"
    31. you have nightmares about the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak
    32. you still practice your Care Bear Stare
    33. you know that "girls just wanna have fuh-un"
    34. you can name all The Gummy Bears [Let's see... Sunny, and...]
    35. you harbor a secret dream of being slimed by Alistair
    36. you can do the Safety Dance
    37. in your spare time you are writing "The Breakfast Club 2"
    38. you like to "connect the dots, la la la la!"
    39. someone mentions Jennifer Beals and you don't say "Who?"
    40. your prized possesion is a collection of "Return of the Jedi" Shrinky Dinks
    41. you know whose number is 867-5309
    42. you get depressed thinking about Anthony Michael Hall's career
    43. you're starting a write-in campaign to MTV to bring back Remote Control
    44. you drink Diet Coke because Max Headroom told you to
    45. you consider Jo vs. Blair the major philosophical conflict of the 20th century
    46. you have a duck phone and ride around your house on a little train
    47. you want to be one of the Solid Gold Dancers
    48. you still watch things on Beta
    49. you want to change your name to Rio and dance on the sand
    50. you know that "Weird Science" was a movie before a tv show
    51. your favorite proverb is "some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on"
    52. you always waited for the Sweet Pickles Bus to visit your house
    53. your favorite party game is Hungry Hungry Hippos
    54. you saw the New Kids on the Block when they were Tiffany's opening act
    55. you liked Tom Hanks better when he was a crossdresser
    56. you know which Hollywood Square Jm J Bullock was in
    57. you practice getting in and out of your car through the windows
    58. you have the tendency to turn up the collar of your polo/Izod Alligator shirts
    59. you're still wondering who really was the boss
    60. you know what the "P" in "Alex P. Keaton" stands for
    61. you keep asking your teachers if instead of the quiz you can take the physical challenge
    62. you organize weekend tournaments of TV tag
    63. you still drink Tab [And have lived to tell about it.]
    64. when you watch "Terminator 2" you wonder where Vincent is
    65. you know ALF's real name
    66. you never go out for on the town without frosted blue eyeshadow and feathered bangs
    67. you can name all of the Thundercats
    68. you got a hankerin' for a hunk of cheese
    69. everything in your wardrobe is either pastel or fluorescent
    70. your musical inspiration is Sonny Mann
    71. sometimes you just want to shout, shout, let it all out
    72. you're planning a dream vacation to Mepos
    73. you use your Speak and Spell to phone home
    74. you know the original members of Menudo
    75. sometimes out of the blue you just got to shake your love
    76. when you're stuck in traffic you tell your car to engage Turbo Boost and are surprised when it doesn't talk back
    77. you remember when Vanessa sang Kareoke to "Locomotion"
    78. you know that Mr. Steele functions best in an advisory capacity.
    79. people are constantly gagging you with spoons
    80. your idea of appreciating ancient cultures is "Walk Like an Egyptian"
    81. the only thing you know about the Nazis is that they threw Indy to the snakes
    82. you still use your hair crimper before going out on a hot date
    83. you hatch plots to break Murdock out of VA hospital
    84. You remember with pain the sad day when the Green Machine hit the streets and made your old Big Wheel obsolete
    85. you have "We Are the World" on a 45
    86. you're still sending death threats to Mr. Rubik
    87. you can feel St. Elmo's fire burnin' in you
    88. you watch NYPD Blue thinking, "Well, they're no Crockett and Tubbs, that's for sure"
    89. You remember when film critics raved that no movie could ever possibly get better special effects than those in the movie TRON
    90. Two words: Trapper Keeper.
    91. You remember when there was only "G, PG and R", none of this PG-13 crap
    92. Wonder twin powers, activate . . . form of a an iceberg, shape of a hammer

    How did you do?


    What is your favorite food at the Minnesota State Fair?

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

    We did it! For Eric...

    Keli and I ran to Alva's house! And it was a hot and muggy day for it. Of course, we had to run at the worst time for it - right around 2 pm when the sun seems at it's blisteringly worst on the pavement. But I had that dentist appointment this morning, and didn't get back to the old hometown until nearly 1.

    So we ran up and visited Alva, which was fun because she was there this time. And she gave us cold water, which we desperately needed. And we laughed and chatted with her. Then we ran back to the folks' house.

    Now I'm tired enough for a nap. I think I just might take one.

    Today's run was for Eric, the honorary co-chair of this year's Relay for Life. He had just received the devastating news on the day of the Relay that there was nothing more they could do for his leukemia and he and his young wife knew that he had literally weeks at the most left to live because he stopped all treatments at that time. He came to the opening ceremonies that night and gave a beautifully moving and uplifting speech just the same. He died only days later. It's people like Eric who make me keep running and asking all of you to keep opening your hearts and your wallets to the American Cancer Society. I don't even care if you give it through me and my Relay for Life efforts. Just keep giving until they find a cure. Because I know that they will... and won't it be cool to know that you were one of the people who helped them do that?!

    But I'd appreciate it muchly if you donate it through my Relay team! You can do that through the paypal button on this site! :)

    Today's miles: 5.0
    Total so far: 225.37
    Still to go for goal: 274.63

    Okay. First a shower, then that nap.

    Tuesday is Chooseday! Play along!!!

    tuesday is chooseday

    either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

      Would you rather:
    1. have a laugh that sounds like a seagull OR a walrus?

    2. I think I've already got the walrus thing covered some of the time (or seal at the very least...) so stretch it out to all of the time and it isn't much different. That seagull thing would have people covering their ears and giving them a headache and that would be no good at all.

    3. wake up after surgery and find that they've accidentally given you a nose job that looks like barbra streisand OR breasts that look like dolly parton?

    4. Yeah, well... Anybody who knows me personally already knows the answer to this one and why so we don't need to even go further into detail here. Give me Babs nose any day!!!!!

    5. memorize the bible OR the first harry potter book in klingon?

    6. Wouldn't that be kewl? What an awesome nerd geek I'd be! And then I'd totally want to memorize the entire LOTR trilogy in Elvish, too!

    7. have a skull the size and shape of a basketball OR a football?

    8. That would be funny! I'd look like Hey Arnold! :)

    On the Road... for Real!

    Tonight's run was for Paul C... He was a dear friend of Keith and his family. After his death from cancer a couple of years ago, Keith dreamed that he saw Paul out in our field just beyond the woods flying a kite. When Keith and his brothers were younger, Paul would fly kites with them... In the dream, Keith knew that Paul had died and so he went to him and asked him how it was for him now after death and if he was happy and comfortable wherever he was now. If I remember the dream okay, Paul looked at him and smiled peacefully and kept on flying the kite, giving Keith the greatest feeling of serenity and comfort.

    Today's miles: 5.0
    Total so far: 220.37
    Still to go for goal: 279.63

    I had a fun run tonight. I went to the old hometown again so Kel could drive with grandma as I said. Then grandma dropped her off at the movie theater where she met some friends for Alien vs. Predator... her review - a total boys movie and not something she would have chosen had her friends not been going.

    My dad had a class reunion meeting (his 55th reunion) scheduled for 7. I assumed (heh) I knew where the meeting was being held since it wasn't at their house and decided it would be fun to drop in on them during my run. So I headed that direction. I thought I'd just run to Alva's house, knock on the door, request a drink of water and say hello to the reunion committee, getting pats on the back for my hard work (cuz I knew they'd be impressed thinking it was such a long way for me to run - it wasn't really), then I'd turn around and run back to the folks' house. So I put on the headphones and headed out. I was jamming along to Petty and smiling at my cleverness all the way there.

    So I get to Alva's house and it's deserted. There isn't a car in the driveway, the garage door is shut tight and I can tell I've got the wrong location for the meeting. So I turn around and start the return journey anyway.

    It was still a really fun run. I had a dog nearly give me a heart attack in its absolute exuberance and overwhelming joy to see me coming down its street. I've never seen a dog so happy to see a person. A larger dog. Unleashed and unfenced. Yep. It jumped up on me after running straight at me full speed. I didn't notice until after it jumped that its tail was wagging wildly and it was actually grinning, not barring its teeth to attack.

    Then we watched some great olympic coverage of swimming and gymnastics, both of which I love. I'd love it more to see more all around world coverage, though, rather than American-centered coverage. I understand it, but I still prefer to see more of all of the nations covered.

    On the drive home, Kel convinced me to let her drive on the road for the last couple of miles. It was late and there weren't any other cars on the road. She has to get on the road for some practice soon, so there she goes. It went well. She was slow and careful and in her lane and I didn't freak out. That was important.

    Tomorrow I'm off to the dentist for a cleaning in the morning. I'm hoping to get her out of bed on time to head back to the hometown then, too. Maybe for some more practice. Our time is running out. According to the driving school contract, (did I write this already? deja vu) she has to sign up for the behind the wheel by next week. Ack.

    And she wants to run that 5 mile course with me tomorrow, too. She wants to run to Alva's with me. :)


    Heading Out...

    Operation Faucet Replacement: complete and successful... Thanks Dad! :)

    Kel and I are on our way to the old hometown now. There she will undergo some more driving practice with calm, cool and collected grandma and I will take a run. Reminder to self: grab some AA batteries before dashing out the door because the CD player died yesterday only a quarter of a mile from the house...

    We have less than a week to call and schedule behind the wheel sessions with the driving school. Ack. I wonder if I can request that they make them as far in the future as possible since she's had so little practice so far. I would think they would prefer that as well.

    Sounds like the kiddo is ready to go. Must leave. Hope to be back with follow-up post tonight.


    Wow. It's been 11 days since the last Question for Hutch. So tell me, did you think I forgot all about it?

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

    For Ed S number 2!

    Yesterday's run was for KathyK's Grandpa Ed. It is the second Ed S on my list (after Krush's Ed S at the end of July...).

    Fast entry this morning to report on yesterday’s run before Dad arrives. Have a few irons in the fire around here before then, too.

    He’s on his way to work on a few projects (no, Hutch you can’t have him – he only has time to be MY dad… heh… My brothers are lucky they get to share time). We finally bought replacement faucets for the kitchen and the master bath. Remember the death watch?

    We also picked up replacement fan parts for the fan in the screened porch. I took a ladder out there one day in the summer of 2003 (maybe even 2002!) while it was running and tangled with it, bending one of the support brackets holding a blade on. While I bent it back into shape pretty well, we never dared run the fan on more than low speed or the thing wobbled scarily. I can take care of these myself.

    And next week we have an electrician coming to take a look at the dishwasher, hot tub and lights that are on the list. We hadn’t given the dying spare refrigerator/freezer much consideration in the thought process, but I think I may have him look at this, too… We’ve scoped out some dishwashers in case we have to replace it. They’ve come a long way in eight years. But so have prices.

    Okay. Better run. Have to clean out under the sinks before his arrival and get some other things done.

    Here are yesterday’s run stats. Would have reported them last night but I wasn’t granted access to my own computer. *cough* And that was after taking my daughter to a movie (Little Black Book). It made us both want to run out and buy a bunch of Carly Simon music. :)

    Today's miles: 4.9
    Total so far: 215.37
    Still to go for goal: 284.63


    Peaceful Slumber

    I slept! Some glorious several hours! Until Kel woke me up to say she was going to be going for coffee with some friends if that was okay with me. But that was around 9 and after several wonderful hours. It is a beautiful morning and I wouldn't have wanted to sleep any later than that anyway. So I tossed on some jeans and a t-shirt and went out into the garden to do some more weeding (it's neverending, but a nice therapeutic thing to do - specially early in the morning) so I would be a parental presence when friends arrived.

    I don't know too many from this group and wanted to meet more of them if anyone was with Brit. I have met her a few times. Kel came out and chatted with me while I worked. After a while the neighbors' dog began to bark and Kel asked if that was Brit coming. We can't see anyone coming down the road through the forest, but I could hear her car... definitely. :) "Sounds like it." She laughed. She emerged through the trees a minute later.

    I then came in and asked Keith if he was going to get his lazy butt (heh) ready so we could go get our usual Saturday morning coffee soon too. That's what he's doing now. We'll head a different direction than the kids probably did. Kel didn't know which coffee house they were going to, but I doubt they were on the way to my old hometown. I'll take him that way.

    So I've been thinking about adding Google Adserve to the site. I know I don't get a whole lot of traffic with my loyal three readers, but if those three loyal readers clicked on the ads or used the new Google search function here often enough and went to the ads THAT brought up, it could generate a little money that I could then apply toward the Relay (paying taxes on that money first, of course grumble grumble)... but just one more thought I had about how to raise funds for the EXCELLENT cause that is the Relay for Life. THOUGHTS?

    Okay. Keith is ready to roll. We're off for mochas. Hope people are enjoying their weekends. I'm not the only one actually posting on a Saturday!


    For Sam C...

    Woot! Even on no sleep I put in the mileage that I was afraid I wouldn't get to. Today's miles are for my dear friend KathyK's Grandpa Sam...

    Today's miles: 3.5
    Total so far: 210.47
    Still to go for goal: 289.53

    While I ran, Kel went and did some practice driving in a parking lot with her Grandma. This was a good thing. I am totally stressing over this whole thing. Everytime she gets behind the wheel with me, I flip out. I just can't handle it. Grandma? Didn't stress out. They got along much better. Phew. Thank doG. And where was this parking lot? The local Catholic church. Yep. I think Grandma knows what she's doing.

    Prior to the running/driving we had the event at the school where we saw the field show as it stands at this point and had some eats afterward. Kel's solo went well (nope, she isn't on a box yet - have I mentioned this?) and they've learned an incredible amount in ten days. Grandma and Grandpa, eldest brother's wife and daughter, joined Keith and I in the audience. Kel's best friend was in attendance along with her sister and dad. Other friends of hers were there to watch. Lots of parents and grandparents were in the crowd. It was a great turnout, and a great show.

    Grandpa got a close up of Kel in the midst of the whole band before the show kicked off. As you can see, nobody is holding any band instruments. That's because every one of them is going to be starting out with a flag at the beginning of the show. They aren't practicing with the finished product yet, so you see them with flag poles right now, and section leaders have flags on their poles... The kids just learned this part of the drill two days ago... and only put it to music today. Posted by Hello

    Here are the Mellophones moving across the front of the field at one point in the show. The two experienced marchers are facing front like the majority of the marchers behind them... The two newbies are looking back. This was the first thing Kel said when she saw it. I told her that at least she and the girl next to her were on the same foot at this point. :) They hadn't been for much of the show.  Posted by Hello

    The food? Amazing. We didn't eat any brats (Wisconsinites always have brats at a cookout) being vegetarians so I can't speak to these, my sis-in-law and neice skipped the burgers, so I guess those weren't so hot, but the corn-on-the-cob was the best I think I've ever eaten. It was amazing. And the baked potatoes were fabulous, too. Good eats. I think my folks ate the brats and didn't complain, so I suppose that is good. I'm waiting on an e-mail from my dad with a couple of photos of Kel out in the field. We had bad positions in the crowd for him to take pix, but he did get a couple. I'll add them to the post once they arrive.

    Now bring on the competitions. Okay, give them several weeks more practice, which they won't have - they'll only have a couple of weeks of school practice before the very first, so that one will be... interesting. Probably not a great score unless he is planning on scheduling some more rehearsals before then outside of what is set up already. Time will tell. In the meantime, their band director heads to Korea for a karate' competition (he's a black belt and is off to break some bricks... :) )!

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to sleep tonight. Yep. At least an hour or two. ;)

    My skin hurts...

    and my family is sick of hearing me whine about it. So now all of you get to hear it. But only this once. One little six square inch patch in the center of my back hurts like when you get a fever. I just put some bacitracin on it. Maybe that will help (except that the stuff expired about five years ago, so meh?)... Don't know why it hurts. Doesn't look any different than any of the rest of the skin on my body according to everyone I've made look at it (about four people now). So I'm sure it's nothing and will go away on its own eventually.

    We're heading out to the field show performance in just a bit. Or at least I am. Keith may not. We'll see.

    Dad was here when I returned with Keith from the hospital at around 10:30 this morning. He was on the tractor mowing. I changed into my work duds (complete with straw cowboy hat) and grabbed the push mower to finish the hand mowing around the house, in the dog kennel and in the impossible to tractor-mow areas. We finished up close to the same time.

    He then grabbed the new mailbox I purchased early this week and he and Keith drove out to the road and replaced our smashed-in one. Someone decided to beat up our box over the weekend. Looks like they took a tire iron or crowbar to it. They managed to puncture the top of it four or five times. The box is attached to a wooden frame with two other boxes and ours was the only one hit. Did I write about this already? I think it was deliberate against us. I sound paranoid, I know. It's a silly way to take out anger against a teenager. Especially when the teenager doesn't have to deal with the results and it's just a mom home dealing with the broken box and the rain and the door that doesn't shut and a dad who is in the hospital all week. It sucked, to put it mildly. But it's fixed now. Let's hope it lasts. Thanks Dad.

    So the yard looks great and I'm clean and still awake and almost ready to go off to the field show. Guess I'll go finish up for that.

    Glad it warmed up around here today. It's a beautiful day! Beautiful enough for a run if I can get up the energy after the show. There is excitement going on in the old hometown... a flasher wearing a pillowcase over his head with holes cut out for his eyes has been spotted in the early morning exposing himself to women out on their jogs. Why does this remind me of the Unknown Comic of the Gong Show days??? :D Makes me want to start running with a clapper that I could use to hit the gong with if he makes an appearance! heh... okay. I'm going...

    Hope everyone is having a great day. Enjoy the weekend. Stop by. Maybe I'll actually get a chance to blog once in a while and can post some mileage.

    It's true...

    I haven't gotten a single mile in all this week while Keith has been in the hospital.

    But tomorrow? - or rather later today? I'm going to get some distance in. I'm having one of those nights. So I may not be getting sleep tonight, but I will be putting some distance on the mileage meter during the daylight hours later.

    Kel and I watched 13 Going on 30 earlier. Cute movie. It has Mark Ruffalo as a male lead... He's from Wisconsin don'tcha know... He had a brain tumor, too. And he's hot. :)

    Getting hotel reservations made for the field show overnights coming up in October. Well, actually Mom got those reservations made... Thanks mom! My favorite month approacheth! I love this time of year! Later this afternoon, the band will be on the field showing us what they have been knocking themselves out to learn over the past two weeks, unveiling the show they are all so excited about this year.

    Going to pick Keith up at the hospital in a few hours. Glad that's over with and I know he is too. He did finally get to watch Ferris Beuller's Day Off all of the way through, though! He joins the ranks of all the rest of the real world! :) Now he'll know what she's talking about when Kel starts quoting random pieces of it (as she is likely to do frequently, but it always fits the situation perfectly!).

    Guess I'll go fold some laundry and check my to do list. I'm sure there is something else I could get done before the sun rises.


    Weekend Recap...

    Phantom was most fabulous! Even though we forgot our opera glasses...

    Dinner at the folks' afterwards was quite fun, too. Much of the family was there, though SIL Bonnie had to leave because she was in need of sleep before the midnight shift and so David and Jenn left with her. Cory was off working hard again.

    Keith brought home more MST3K DVD's for us to enjoy, so enjoy we did. He and I watched The Atomic Brain Saturday night while Kel was off at the County Fair with her friends. He even made his famous malts!

    Then Sunday night he was off to prepare for the hospital stay. Kel and I rented some movies that night and watched House of Sand and Fog together.

    Another movie rented that I finally got to see last night, was Return of the King... It was so great! I'm so happy that I finally got to watch it. So Lisa, WHAT SAY YOU?!!!! :)

    Day one down... day two under way...

    He made it through the first 24 hours of testing with flying colors. Unfortunately he hasn't given them anything great on the monitors from a testing point of view, which means they might make him stay awake all night again tonight, but he made it through the first night without difficulty. Of course, each night would get worse.

    He doesn't look too bad after having to be awake all night the first night. Nurse Cratchet designed this test methinks... He's holding up some of the computer stuff showing how he's "hardwired" directly to the computer. His nurse Joe (a former computer guy himself) had renamed him Borg because of this latest development and said that each time Keith awoke he'd have a new body part made of metal...

    cyborg(cy·borg)(sbĂ´rg)n. A human who has certain physiological processes aided or controlled by mechanical or electronic devices.
    a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices; "a cyborg is a cybernetic organism"
    Main Entry: cy·borg
    Pronunciation: 'sI-"bo(&)rg
    Function: noun
    : a bionic human

     Posted by Hello

    Here he is wired up for the test that is happening all week. The red marks are simply from the marker they used to draw on him to let them know where to put the little "plugs." Kel says she thinks he looks like a science experiment from the middle ages. Something for Mystery Science Theater perhaps??? heh... A nice shot of his surgical scar here, too!

     Posted by Hello

    My mom came along with me today when I went to visit him. We arrived when he was having his lunch so we went up and had lunch in the hospital cafeteria. I'll know my way around the place pretty well by the end of the week. It's a nice place. They have several of the Charles Schultz statues around there - there is a Lucy right up on the floor Keith is on and a Charlie Brown down in the lobby. I'm sure there is a Snoopy around there somewhere, but I haven't stumbled across him yet. They have done a couple of the other characters in the past few years, too. I think Linus is around town, Snoopy's doghouse, someone else perhaps? I'm going to charge up the battery and maybe get a couple more shots in the coming days to put up.

    With all of the extra running around I haven't gotten a chance to run, but it sounded like another friend of his would be stopping to visit him tonight and that means I definitely won't make another trip that direction, so I will probably take a run instead since I know I won't be heading into the cities. Last night it was up in the air whether I was going to drive that direction or not, so I didn't want to change and take the time to run not knowing.

    Kel is having another good week with drill practice. She really seems to be enjoying her section this year. Three out of the four of them are getting together tonight for a movie even. This is good.

    I have a Relay follow up meeting in a couple of nights. We'll get our plaque and any incentive prizes won.

    Congratulations Marvelous Marge! You'll be moving into your new home at the end of the week and we'll have to miss our writing date because of it, but I can't imagine a more exciting reason to miss! Speaking of Marge, she was agreeable with the whole writing blog thing (did I say this already?) so we're going to get going on this and will post more as it is updated enough...

    Can't wait to catch up with other blogs. Should have some time tonight maybe after running and getting Kel back from the movie if the computer isn't totally monopolized... heh, right.



    Lisa from way back in grade school with red hair and strange expressions to verbalize did not say "I like ice cream" as I said earlier this week. Her expression was "I like onions!" I stand corrected by myself. I woke up to her voice in my head Thursday morning around 5 am. Another of her expressions was also blasting through my memory at that time but has since slipped back into the subconscious.

    I'll let ya'll know if it comes back, though. Until then, I'll leave you hanging on the edge of your seats.

    Another little meme thingy...

    Stolen from Lucy...

    1) First Grade Teacher: Mrs. Iverson. She was so cool – and gave me such confidence. I was a good reader and got to be a reading assistant to other kids. When they sat in front of the class to read aloud to others, I sat beside them and helped them on the words they didn’t know.
    2) Last word you said: Bear!
    3) Last song you sang: "Well it’s a marvelous night for a moon dance…" (I’ve got Michael Buble’s cd in my car and when I’m driving anywhere alone or with Kel, I crank it and I/we sing along at the top of our lungs.)
    4) Last person you hugged: Keith just now as I realized we were so busy loading the car with his stuff in a hurry to get back last night to get Kel and her friend on time from the play that we didn’t even hug hello!
    6) Last time you said “I love you": last night to Kel in the car on the way to town – she’s really having a tough couple of days after making some bad choices not using her brain so much as her heart
    8) What’s in your CD player: car – Michael Buble, bedroom – John Mayer’s Heavier Things, kitchen – Meet Joe Black soundtrack *sigh*, portable – Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s “Best Of” for running
    9) What color socks are you wearing: barefoot
    10) What’s under your bed: lots o’ dust and dog hair
    11) What time did you wake up today: 10ish for the last time
    12) Current taste: water from taking my meds and clariti*n
    13) Current hair: short but not spikey today with just a few grays still.
    14) Current clothes: just replaced my nightie with yesterday’s clothes so I could run downstairs in the room Kel and her friend slept in to look for something
    15) Current annoyance: the fact I haven’t showered yet, heh
    16) Current longing: chocolate
    17) Current desktop picture: David M. Bailey playing at the concert we attended last year with the local folk group which accompanied him and the beautiful pipe organ of the church as the backdrop behind them. It’s my own photo from the concert, but I think there is something similar on his website that I’ll link to if I can find it. You can't really see him in this photo, but the guy playing drums in the back reminds me a lot of the photo of Mark on his website. You don't have a drummer in your family who lives up in Minnesota, do you Mark?
    18) Current worry: Kel has some problems with friends.
    20) Story behind your username: I’m not really using my user name. I have a user name of KinnicChick and the story is a local thing.
    21) Current favorite article of clothing: don’t know if I can pick just one thing. I just bought a skort from title ix that is really comfy and easy. Also bought a t-shirt dress that I love that is comfy and easy. Also bought a little black dress that is kinda sexy and cute and makes me feel pretty that I’ll be wearing to Phantom tomorrow (not from Title IX). And I love my comfortable low rise levis jeans.
    22) Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: it’s always been about the hands. I fell in love with the look of Keith's hands first. I could tell they were an artist's hands. He was a woodworker and had those strong and thin hands - sensitive.
    23) Last CD that you bought: shiza, I can’t remember. Thinking… I think it was Jason Mraz’s Waiting for my Rocket to Come.
    24) Favorite place to be: Home
    25) Least favorite place: sitting in traffic.
    26) Time you wake up in the morning: when I have to. Used to be a lot later. I’m becoming an earlier riser. I wake up a lot earlier when the shades are open. Go figure.
    27) If you could play an instrument, what would it be: the piano. I do okay, but I’d be lots better with my left hand.
    28) Favorite color: green froth – the color of the walls in my office and sun room.
    29) Do you believe in an afterlife: yes, but more in a nextlife kinda way.
    30) How tall are you: 5'4'
    31) Current favorite word/saying: Not my favorite, but seemingly stuck in my vernacular at the moment... "I'm just saying..." Maybe we should call this current overused phrase and just shoot me whenever I use it...
    32) Favorite book: The English Patient and To Kill A Mockingbird and Pride and Prejudice (tie)
    33) Favorite season: Autumn
    34) One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Mr. Nederloe
    35) Favorite day: Every one
    36) Where do you want to go: Lots of places, actually.
    37) What is your career going to be like: writer for hire! Heh…
    38) How many kids do you want? just the one I’ve got
    39) What kind of car will you have: mini cooper
    40) Type a line you remember from any book: “Ma ma ma Mice Aroma” from the book of misheard song lyrics…
    41) A random lyric: "Well I won't back down, no I won't back down
    You can stand me up at the gates of hell
    But I won't back down

    Gonna stand my ground, won't be turned around
    And I'll keep this world from draggin' me down
    Gonna stand my ground and I won't back down

    Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out
    Hey I will stand my ground
    And I won't back down.

    Well I know what's right, I got just one life
    In a world that keeps on pushin' me around
    But I'll stand my ground and I won't back down

    Hey baby there ain't no easy way out
    Hey I will stand my ground
    And I won't back down
    No, I won't back down"
    Tom Petty, of course

    A good run... For Matt K...

    This one was for my dear Diva friend KathyC's Uncle Matt. And it was a great run!

    The sun was bright and there was a nice breeze (thank goodness). I'd had a couple of cups of coffee so I was slightly worried about dehydration from the caffeine so I did have a bit of water at the folks' before I took off on my determined route. Still, when I got out to the furthest point, and was on that black pavement, and seemed to be totally surrounded by tall weeds, trees, a few houses, just enough high stuff that the wind wasn't reaching me... I was HOT. And parched. Not titched, Jena, just parched - inside joke... :)

    There is a hill early in the route - a large hill (going up toward JL's housing development from our class, his parents still live there - Hutch) and while I've been running all the way up it, I've been nearly dying at the top and soon after, having to walk for a few steps once I get up there until I catch my breath. Yesterday, a great Petty song came on half a mile before the hill (quarter mile maybe) and made me smile like a dope. I've increased my pace because I really wanted to push myself on this one and I asked myself "Why the heck are you smiling?" Oh yeah, I'm crazy like that - talking to myself in my head all the time while I'm running. I'm goofy like Hutch said.

    Better yet, I answered myself. "I'm smiling because it is a gorgeous day out here and I've got kicka$$ music playing in my ears and because I'm healthy enough to be doing this. And I'm smiling because I'm about to run all the way up that damn hill. And I'm going to smile all the way up. In fact, I'm going to smile all the way through the rest of this run. People driving by me are going to think I'm nuts."

    I kicked butt on that hill. I ran up it with ease.

    Okay. That's an exaggeration. But I did run up it with a smile on my face. And it was a genuine smile. And I didn't walk at the top. I kept running. I ran nearly the entire 5.5 miles. Except the usual warmup. Which I think I walk too much of because if I walked less of that I'd probably be stronger for the run. And I walked a decent cool down, too. Because I just really enjoy that walking/practically strutting back to the house when I'm done. Grinning like an idiot.

    Is this what they mean when they talk about a runner's high? I've never really experienced that. I don't think. Unless this is it. This weird talking to myself and grinning like a dope. And enjoying the music and the day. Whatever it is, I'll just keep on doing it. Because I'm still having fun. I'll stop when it isn't fun anymore.

    Today's miles: 5.5
    Total so far: 206.97
    Still to go for goal: 293.03

    Don't know if I'll get a run in today. But maybe I should, as Lisa put it, get some miles on that new swimsuit. She's right about summer being nearly over. Maybe Kel and friend would like to go up to the folks' and go swimming for a bit today.

    Looks like rain right now, though. Only a short blip on the radar. One can hope.

    A Few More Bullets...

  • Anybirthday(dot)com used to be a great service. But like all free services, they added a paid extension to their website and sank right into the gutter. Now the free part just sucks. At least that's my experience. I went there to luck up a birthday and an hour after entering the search criteria, it is still cranking away. Searching. Didn't use to take that long. It used to be quick. But I'm not using their Plus service. 'Cuz I'm cheap like that. And don't tell me every web site has gotta make a living. They had advertisements for their other for pay stuff on there when they were a freebie only thing. I think.

  • Keith goes into the hospital for his tests on Monday morning. He's had updates finally after talking with the nurse who normally sets all of this up (she had been on vacation). He can have visitors any time and all of the time. She said the most difficult thing to fight during this week is boredom. And she couldn't stress that enough. But he thinks his boredom genes were wiped out when he fought the brain tumor. He says he is incapable of becoming bored. I still haven't found him a Rubik's cube, but as he says he has solved it once in the past, that's okay. I told him that was prior to having some of his brain removed and challenged him to solving it again now. But I'm betting Mr. Smarty would have it done quickly the first day. He has a VCR/TV in the room, but he's really not a movie/TV guy, as he said. Does anyone else have any further suggestions to add to the great ones he's gotten already?

  • Hutch? Can I just say I'm totally jealous? Happy Birthday to you indeed!!!

  • Writing went well with our pile of little papers in the middle of the table from which Maniacal Mannered Marge plucked out topics for us to do our timed exercises... We got through a record five topics before I had to dash off to get Keli to field show practice. She didn't seem to have any arguments about the writing practice blog, so once we get the details figured out on how she'll get her writings into the blog (she's never blogged before), we'll get it online and connected to this somehow for anyone who might be interested in checking in on ideas they have submitted (or just laughing at our practice - sometimes we get a little goofy on caffeine). Thanks again for the topics you sent! And I see we've received another since then... I'll have to have a special place for them to be submitted so they all get dumped to the same spot and I don't lose any. Maybe when I get the other blog public.

  • Didn't get any mileage on the swimsuit yesterday, alas... Did get some more mileage on the running shoes instead, though. That wouldn't have happened without the cancellation on our other plans, so it all worked out okay. Although I would have rather had the chance to catch up with Pooh. Soon! Maybe Hutch will be able to join us that day with a little advanced warning.

  • My lilacs are starting to bloom again. Nothing like a long enough summer to get two blooms from one plant! I thought perhaps I would see three sets of nestlings from one pair of Eastern Wood Peewee's, too. But they took off after just two.

  • Got to visit with a paternal Uncle and his wife last night. It was great to see them again. Last time they were in town was their surprise visit for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary bash a couple of years ago when you could have knocked me over with a feather as I caught sight of them. This time they are here for his 45th High School class reunion at Kel's school. He went to the hometown's big rival too! It was fun to look at his yearbook last night and see how little things have changed about that book in the basics with Kel's current annual.

  • So ends this installment of more random bullets... Time to shower and brush the sweaters off my teeth. Cappuccino tastes good while I'm drinking it, but afterwords? Meh... not so much.

    But first, I'll post yesterday's mileage...



    Today's miles: 3.0
    Total so far: 201.47
    Still to go for goal: 298.53

    Duck day!


    It's supposed to be a nice day tomorrow with highs in the upper 70's and sunshine... Pooh and I are meeting at 12:15 at the HS (she doesn't know where the folks' place is) to go swimming at the folks'. Would you like to join us? If you don't have anything better to do and the boys are in the mood that is. There isn't a diving board or cool toys or anything. Just one small regular slide - not at all like your really cool water park pool. Think about it. And if it appeals to you, come on up! I'm sure she'd love to see you!

    Number One with a Bullet...

  • Why does it sound like a war zone around here tonight? I suppose someone must be setting off fireworks or something. It's loud. And it isn't anywhere close to the fourth of July anymore. hmmm.

  • My daughter wasn't able to go see Bren's play tonight. It was sold out when I called at 6 pm to listen to info about tickets. Maybe tomorrow night. So she went to a party at another one of her ex-boyfriend's house instead. Have I mentioned lately that I wouldn't be 16 again for nuttin'? I don't care how social her life is. It sucks to be a teenager. I had a steady boyfriend all through high school. My life was relatively calm. And I still wouldn't go back and do it all again. Yuck.

  • I cleaned my house today. It's a Thursday thing to do. It's a good thing for a Thursday because on Friday the hubby comes home for the weekend and the house starts out in a kind of nice state this way. Doesn't stay that way for long with bringing his suitcase and a cooler and boxes and such in the door and him living out of those things for the weekend and stuff coming here from the apartment and then stuff going there from here that it's been discovered that he needed and vice-versa. But come Sunday night after I load him up and take him back over there, I can usually put things in their place relatively easily before heading to bed and start the week off in a pretty calm state. After two and a half years of this, I've almost got a routine down. Geeze, it took me long enough!

  • Kel has ended up with a really ripe sunburn after all her work in the afternoons on the field show this week (with an spf50 sunblock on). Only six more days of it before they get to perform what they've got so far for all us parents and we have the big cookout. The kids knock themselves out for two weeks learning as much of the show as they can and then show their stuff. Then when school starts they work on it some more during a class on marching an hour a day during the fall quarter. They'll have one competition in September about mid-month. That will be the first. Then nearly every weekend in October they'll travel around the state doing other competitions. It's my favorite month of the year. I love following them around, videotaping and predicting scores and winners. The show promises to be a good one this year. And Kel is a nervous wreck because she has a solo and will be front and has to stand up on a box to perform it and that's much more "in your face" than the little two note show opener solo she did last year.

  • Mom treated me to a new swimsuit the other day. And I get to test it out in the pool tomorrow when I meet up with Pooh (not poo, Pooh!) at the folks' and go swimming with her during her lunch break from work.

  • Russell Stover S'mores are da bomb! (and very dangerous - eat with caution... buy them singles if you can or have someone else buy them and dole them out to you if possible).

  • Kel and I watched Stand By Me last night. We laughed a lot. It's a good old movie. I had remembered this from back in the mid 80's when I saw it in the theater, of course. Kel was skeptical in looking at the dvd packaging. I told her I was going to watch it and asked if she wanted to watch it with me. "Is that the one about the boys?" But she did join me and she did enjoy it. Most enjoyable? The music. Halfway through after loving everything heard so far she finally turned to me and said, "We have got to get this soundtrack." Yep, I raised a kid with well-rounded musical tastes... She's an eclectic one. And she's loading it all on her iPod.

  • Heard today that Ralph Fiennes, one of my favorite actors (well he's certainly not hard to look at!) will be playing Lord Voldemort in the next Harry Potter! I thought it sounded like a great match... He's played a couple of evil guys already (in Schindler's List and Red Dragon).

  • Well, that's enough of the random bullets for tonight. Stay tuned for Q4H. Then I'm gonna go do some of my own writing before I have to go get Kel from the party. I didn't make her find her own ride tonight. I should have. I'm sure someone could have gotten her home. I didn't like the immediate options available, however.

    Last Chance!

    Get those writing ideas in quick! Ms. Marvelous Magical Marge and I are meeting at 8 am and if I'm going to get them printed and take them along with us, I'll need your writing topics ASAP!

    I've gotten some ideas from Ken and from Ziggy (aka my mom) so far, but I'd love even more! I slapped together a quick blog this afternoon that we can put the stuff we dash off out on if Mystical Miraculous Marge agrees to it and we decide to share the fun.

    Keeping in mind this is just our "what we toss together in ten minutes" based on whatever topic we turn up. Throw out a topic and say "Go"... write for ten minutes keeping our pens moving and letting whatever come bubbling up from that topic flow out of the pen... You never know what you're going to get. And it is totally unedited... I'll keep you posted on that.

    If you have a word, phrase or idea for us to write about at our favorite writing haunt, please comment NOW!



    So, you prefer the multiple choice questions... okay, I'll come up with something easier tonight. Although I did just give you the easiest question ever the other day, if you'll recall... Ooooh! I found a multiple choice question the MINUTE SECOND I opened up The Little Book of Stupid Questions! It must be fate because there aren't very many multiple choice questions in there! :) I guess it was meant for you.

    And anyone else who wants to answer, please feel free. That was pretty fun yesterday! Especially since you all knew just who I was talking 'bout! You had me in stitches. Okay, here we go...

    Given the choice between the following occupations, which would you select, assuming they all received the same level of compensation:

  • a highly successful professional magician

  • a highly successful professional ice skater

  • a highly successful professional clown

  • a highly successful professional exercise guru

  • (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

    The Rain in Spain...

    Yesterday's super-duper buttered microwave popcorn that's been sitting on the counter in a bowl is pretty soggy and disgusting this evening. It tends to stick in the teeth a lot.

    The SCVST production of My Fair Lady is fabbo. If you are in this area, go see it. Eliza is wonderful, Freddy has a terrific singing voice, I could have listened to him sing all night (pun intended - I could have danced all night...), and of course, Kel's school mates Bren, Rusty and Laura were all in the show making it really fun to watch for me. GREAT JOB GANG!!! The first half was a little painful, not from the aspect of a bad show - it was great - but because I got there later and didn't have my ticket yet. I had to take what they gave me when I bought it. I ended up behind a rather tall gal, and beside another gal who had just had a smoke right before she came in and she came straight from the farm to the show, too. I think a lot of people at the theater tonight came in from the fields to attend. It was a ripe audience. That's what happens in this small town sometimes I think.

    Anyway, I scoped out an empty seat on the aisle and two rows forward for the second half and moved up during intermission. I had a clear view of the whole stage and much cleaner air. The old gentleman to my left kept covering his nose and mouth through the first half too. I think he thought it was me. That was just sad. I was looking and smellin' good and that man thought it was me!

    Well, now I wait for the kiddo to get home from another night out (she has quite the social life, don'tcha know) and then I get to go to bed. Tomorrow night she gets to see the play. Wait 'til she hears I'm going to make her come home afterward. She'll be torked, but I didn't get home until 11 and I came straight home. I have to get up early Friday morning and she's been out with friends and such all week. She'll survive.

    Keep those writing ideas coming! What we don't get to this week, we'll use in the weeks to come! Thanks...

    oooh. I need to do a Q4H! And she likes multiple choice. Putting on the thinking cap...