Hey Dad! Look what I had working this evening!!! AND how clean and shiny??? 
But might I ask whatever possessed you to hook up that damn switch in the seat again???

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Luckily when I did start to get out of my seat so I could attach the bungie to the grass chute I was moving slowly and carefully and sat back down really fast when the blades began to falter. Then I drove back up to the house, stuck my DEET covered fingers in my mouth and whistled. LOUD. 'Cuz I've got big brothers and learned that cool trick when I was a kid and I'm cool like that.
Keith heard me and came running outside to figure out what was going on. I had him hook up the bungie and get me my cell phone in case I had any incidents (like getting stuck) in which he'd have to come out and help me so I could call the house since I wouldn't be able to get off the tractor and push myself out.
And it was a totally successful mow! Aside from the push mowing which I'll have to do when I get back tomorrow, I'm done! It didn't quit on me at all. I didn't get stuck once and I never accidently hit the reverse pedal. Yahoo!
And Kathy, the drink of choice in MY cup holder happens to be 40% DEET. heh. Take that suckers.

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